Hon. President: Anthony Dove F.R.S.A.

Editor: Daniel Bexfield.Volume 13/04
Assistant: Michael Golding.February/March 2003


Front cover1
Two kings not worth a crown by Edward Daw3
2002 in Retrospect - and a great rarity by Timothy Kent4
Coffin-end tablespoon - or is it?5
A variation in the duty head by Richard Stagg 6
A child's puritan spoon by John Sutcliffe7
17th century silver fork/spoons by Cathy Chivers 8/9
In the manner of Paul De Lamerie by David Whitbread10
An unusual Birmingham caddy spoon by Ian McAlpine11
The uncrowned leopards head at the London assay office by A. Dove12
The Griffin collection - part VI13
Pellets galore! by Derek Fry14
Improving your spoons - part one by Bill Gillham15
Alexander Cameron of Dundee & Newcastle assay office by E. Daw16
David Whitbread writes:17
Book Review - Sussex Silver and its Makers - review by Eric Smith18/19
Roland Kirk looking for confirmation on his attributions20
Paul Holmes requires help identifying a mark20
Two new websites20
Glasgow - who is maker 'CC' circa 1775/80? by Richard Jonas21
Silver or 18ct white gold? - reply by Anthony Dove22
A plea for information22
Free Tickets - for the BADA Antiques & Fine Art Fair23
Review - Thomas Roddick & Medcalf sale - 29th Oct. 200225/26/27
Review - Thomas Roddick & Medcalf sale - continued28/29/30/31
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  • Charles I silver Lion Sejant spoon, with pricked date 1631, ascribed to John Shinner of Plymouth, fined by the Wardens of the London Goldsmiths' Company in 1633.
  • William & Mary silver Trefid spoon with die-struck decorative finial, circa 1690 by Richard Sweet II of Chard, Somerset, the die common to several members of the Sweet family.
  • Charles I silver Apostle spoon, Exeter circa 1635 by John Lavers, the gilt finial (which has never been equipped with a nimbus) representing St. Matthew with money-bag.
    Courtesy of Messrs. J H Bourdon-Smith Ltd, of 24 Mason's Yard, London.


  • The Finial, February/March 2003

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