Glasgow - Who is maker 'CC' circa 1775/80?

By Richard Jonas

Two similar Old English, feather edged, tablespoons are illustrated below together with their marks. The first spoon appears to be circa 1775/80 and is marked 'CC' twice and the Glasgow town mark twice. It is slightly heavier and longer (by 0.1" at 8.5") and the bowl is rather more oval than the second spoon. Jackson lists a maker called Charles Clyphon, with an 'earliest date mentioned' of 1774, could he have made this spoon?

The second spoon is makers mark ID plus Edinburgh marks for 1786/88; the town mark appears to be a variant and I would be interested to know how early this variant has been recorded, has anyone seen earlier examples?

The association of the second spoon with the first Glasgow spoon may mean that the maker is John Donald (earliest date 1785) of Glasgow rather than James Dempster of Edinburgh (earliest mention 1775).
If anyone can help me over these tentative attributions, I would be most grateful to hear from them through The Finial."


The Finial, February/March 2003

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