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23.Victorian silver fancy fruit serving spoon, London 1893 by DWJW, L-18.8cm; W-59g. ~ a Dutch style spoon. Est. 25-30.25

24.George IV silver & ivory fruit knife & fork, Birmingham 1827 by Joseph Wilmore. L-20cm (knife). ~ crack to fork handle. Est. 30-35.25

25.Plain Scottish silver sugar tongs, could be either David Greig of Perth or more prob. David Gray of Dumfries, also marked Edinburgh 1814 [no town mark], L-15cm; W-37g. ~ initialled 'E.P', nice condition. Est. 35-45.30

26.Victorian Scottish silver fancy queens pattern sugar tongs, Glasgow 1858 by David Dow, L-14.6cm; W-40g. ~ initialled 'G', clean condition. Est. 35-45.30

27.Pair of Scottish single struck Kings pattern Toddy Ladles, Edinburgh 1836 by 'A.W' prob. Alex Wotherspoon of Glasgow. L-14cm; W-60g. ~ initialled 'L', nice ladles. Est. 90-120.75

28.George IV Scottish silver Toddy Ladle, Edinburgh 1821 by George Fenwick. L-15.5cm; W-24g. ~ initialled 'A', nice ladle and marks. Est. 50-60.40

29.George III silver Old English pattern small Spice Ladle, London 1792 by Peter and Anne Bateman. L-11cm; W-10g. ~ good condition. Est. 35-45.25

30.George III silver Strainer Ladle, London 1800 by 'I.L'?, L-13.6cm; W-21g. ~ a few black marks in bowl. Est. 50-6045

31.Small silver Trefid Spoon, Sheffield 1921 by Thomas Bradbury & Sons. L-8.5cm; W-7g. ~ a sweet little spoon. Est. 18-24.12

32.A Lace-back Trefid teaspoon, Sheffield 1930 by Thomas Bradbury & Sons. L-13cm; W-23g. ~ nicely made for a modern spoon. Est. 20-25.15

33.George III silver Featheredged bottom marked old English Spoon, London 1772 by John Lampfert. ~ a comfortable spoon. Est. 35-45.30

34.Pair of Exeter Old English dessert spoons, no town mark, prob. William Welch, c1800. L-18cm; W-70g. ~ crest showing sheep on top of a cap, dent to one bowl. 55-65.45

35.3 George III silver Old English dessert spoons, London 1792 by Charles Houghman. L-17cm; W-89g. ~ crest showing flames on top a cap, soft dents to bowl. Est. 60-70.50

36.Newcastle silver fiddle pattern dessert spoon, c.1810 (no date letter) by George Murray. L-18.5cm; W-36g. ~ a deer crest, clean spoon. Est. 35-45.30

37.Irish silver fiddle dessert spoon, Dublin 1804 by William Ward. L-17.3cm; W-23g. ~ a hard to see slight split to side of bowl. Est. 40-45.40

38.George I silver Hanoverian rat-tail tablespoon, London 1726, poss. Samuel Hitchcock. L-20.6cm; W-64g. ~ pronounced rib on handle, slight dent in bowl & one in bowl. Est. 80-90.80

39.George II silver Hanoverian tablespoon, London 1748, maker 'J. King' for Jeremiah King. L-20cm; W- 57g. ~lovely marks, slight wear to tip of bowl. Est. 65-75.50

40.George III silver Old English tablespoon, London 1772 by Thomas Chawner. L-20.5cm; W-66g. ~ lovely struck bottom marked marks, slight wear to tip of bowl. Est. 60-70.45

41.George III silver Old English tablespoon, London 1768 by John Lampfert. L-21cm; W-56g. ~ very clear marks, a nice spoon. Est. 60-7045

42.George III silver bright-cut teaspoon, London 1792 by Peter & Anne Bateman. L-12.5cm; W-13g. ~ very nice marks, clean spoon. Est. 20-25.15

43.2 George III silver Feather-edged teaspoons with fluted bowls, c. 1770 makers mark 'W.S'?, L-12cm; W-25g. ~ crest: upraised arm with arrow in hand. Est. 45-55.40

44.George III silver bright-cut teaspoon with fluted bowl, London 179, makers mark poss. 'T.N'. ~ bowl has possibly been fluted at a later date. Est. 20-25.20

45.Victorian silver teaspoon engraved with birds, London 1880, maker Richard Hennell and Partner. L-13cm; W-15g. ~ a pretty spoon. Est. 20-25.20

46.Victorian silver decoratively engraved Egg spoon, London 1868, maker George Angell. L-12cm; W-16g. ~ clean spoon. Est. 20-25.20

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