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117.A. E. Jones silver spoon, Birmingham 1926, in a fitted case. L-13.5cm: W-20g. ~ this is a nice example of the silversmith's work, the case is not original to the spoon but fits nicely. The 'A' of 'A.E.J' has not been struck properly so is not visible, good condition. Est. 300-340.290

118.Victorian silver dessert fork, London 1856 by Francis Higgins. The pattern is of a basket weave and rope-tied design, similar to the Napier pattern mentioned in Lot109 of the Martin Gubbins Collection sale. L-16.5cm: W-40g. ~ a nice fork and in good condition. Est. 25-35.23

119.18th century silver Hanoverian pattern snuff spoon, c. 1740 by Nathaniel Underwood. L-8cm; W-3g. ~ due to the style of this spoon, I would say that it has come from an etui as its fairly flat, the makers mark has been lightly struck but is readable one is not, nice spoon. Est. 65-75.65

120.Pair of Sheffield silver bright-cut Old English with Shoulders teaspoons, c. 1800 by Richard Jewesson. L-12.5cm; W-19g. ~ both in fine condition. Est. 45-55.45

121.Pair of 18th century picture back and front teaspoons. The front showing a cherub picking fruit from a bough amid scrolls. L-11.5cm; W-36g. ~ just marked with a lion passant, nice spoons, one bowl has a few scratches. Est. 55-65.45

122.Irish silver Hanoverian pattern silver tablespoon, Dublin 1762 by John Pittar. L-22.7cm; W-68g. ~ nice marks. Est. 80-90.80

123.Irish silver fiddle pattern tablespoon, Dublin 1862 by 'JS'. L-22.5cm; W-70g. ~ a clean spoon with good marks. Est. 55-65.50

124.George III silver Old English Bead pattern tablespoon, London 1779 by Joseph Steward? L-22cm; W-66g. ~ a very nice example with good marks. Est. 60-70.50

125.George III silver fiddle thread & shell pattern tablespoon, London 1792 by William Eley and William Fearn. L-22cm; W-81g. ~ a nice weight, lion mark worn. Est. 50-55.50

126.George III silver Old English bright-cut spoon tablespoon with incuse duty mark, London 1785 by Charles Houghman. L-22cm; W-82g. ~ very thick gauged stem, lovely bright cut decoration, good marks, I like it. Est. 65-75.50

127.Glasgow 18th century silver Old English pattern, bottom marked tablespoon, circa 1750 by 'JL'. L-22cm; W-71g. ~ nice spoon, clear marks. Est. 75-85.75

128.George IV silver Fiddle Thread & Shell pattern tablespoon, London 1828 by Benjamin Davis. L-22.5cm; W-93g. ~ nice shells, bowl a little out of shape. Est. 50-60.50.

129.Newcastle silver fiddle & shell pattern caddy spoon with very large shell bowl, 1807 by John Walton. L-10cm; W-14g. ~ a few black spots but a nice spoon with no splits. Est. 160-180.160

130.George III silver Hanoverian silver tablespoon, London 1767 by E. Tookey. L-20.5cm; W-57g. ~ excellent marks, contemporary initials on one side of stem, later monogram on the other, typical ware to tip of bowl. Est. 70-80.70

131.Queen Anne Britannia standard silver Hanoverian Rattail tablespoon, London 1714 by W. Scarlett. L-20cm; W- 52g. ~ bowl has been tided up at some point its life. Est. 110-125.110

132.George III silver Old English tablespoon with incuse duty mark, London 1784 by George Smith. L-21.5cm; W-73g. ~ a very nice spoon & marks with thick gauge stem. Est. 55-65.45

133.Irish silver Celtic Point with Irish star bright-cut decoration, Dublin 1804 by 'IP'? L-24cm; W-72g. ~ nice decoration. Est. 100-120.100

134.George III silver caddy spoon of shovel shape, Birmingham 1814 by 'WP'. L-8.5cm; W-8g. ~ scoop very nicely engraved, the hollow handle with dent to it. Est. 90-100.90

135.18th century silver picture back Hanoverian pattern teaspoon showing a vase of flowers, circa 1760 by 'WJ'. L-11cm; W-9g. ~ nice spoon. Est. 65-75.55

136.18th century silver picture back Hanoverian pattern teaspoon showing a vase of flowers (different from the one above), c.1760 by 'T.D'. L-11.5cm; W-11g. ~ nice spoon. Est. 45-55.35

137.18th century silver Hanoverian pattern teaspoon with double drop foot, circa 1740 by Marmaduke Daintry. L-11.5cm, W-12g. ~ bowl has been tided up. Est. 30-35.30

138.James II silver Trefid with ears, London 1685, makers mark unreadable, contemporary initials and remains of decoration on the bowl and stem. L-29cm; W-49g. ~ This spoon is far from mint but gives someone a chance to own a cheap trefid. Est. 290-320.290

139.George III silver Old English pattern Basting spoon, London 1799 by William Sumner I, with contemporary crest of a stags head with a sun burst between the antlers. L-29.5cm; W-106g. ~ spoon in superb condition with a very low reserve, no faults. Est. 150-20075

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