A Child's Puritan Spoon

By John Sutcliffe

I did not know whether I should address my letter to Mr Bexfield or Ed? (Daniel, please Ed.)

However, in my rather eclectic spoon collection I have a Child's Puritan Spoon. For a number of years I have been trying to identify the maker. As you can see from the photo the maker's mark is 'AG' in a heart shaped punch with a pellet between the A & G and a further 5 pellets below.

It has been suggested by various people, both in the trade and collectors, that because of the heart shaped punch, the spoon could have been made in the West Country, Holland, Ireland or the USA.

My journeys through Jackson & Grimwade have not been very enlightening save to say that there were a number of makers working in Ireland during the correct period who used heart shaped punches. However the only 'AG' that I can find is Andrew Gregory who appears not to have used this shaped punch and was working in 1670/ 1680 which is probably a bit out of period.

If as suggested by one well-known dealer the spoon was made in the USA it must have been made only a few years after the Mayflower arrived and personally I think this is highly unlikely.

I wonder whether any of our more erudite members may either know the identity of the maker or could point me in the right direction to identify him or her.


The Finial, February/March 2003

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