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71.Victorian silver 'Cambridge' pattern teaspoon, London. 1852 by George Adams. L-14.5cm; W-36g. ~ this is a very hard pattern to find, condition good. Est. 30-40.20

72.Exactly the same as above, Lot71.20

73.A Dutch silver spoon, with import mark for London 1920 by Berthold Muller, also with Dutch pseudo marks. L-12cm; W-20g. ~ This spoon was illustrated in the Oct/Nov 2002 Finial, page 3, nice pseudo marks. Est.

74.Pair of George III silver bright-cut sugar tongs, London 1793 by Richard Crossley. L-13.5cm; W-35g. ~ condition & decoration excellent. Est. 45-55.40

75.Victorian silver feather-edged and scalloped shell bowl salt spoon, London 1862 by Elizabeth & John Eaton. L-10cm; W-7g. ~ a lovely example. Est. 20-24.16

76.Victorian silver salt spoon, Birmingham 1881 by George Unite. L-8cm; W-5g. ~ the finial of a Scotsman holding a book, almost certainly celebrating the 50th anniversary of Sir Walter Scott's death, condition good. Est. 20-24.16

77.Irish silver Hanoverian silver teaspoon, Dublin circa 1785 by Christopher Haines. L-11.5cm; W-12g. ~ a little worn on bowl and a few knocks to side of handle near the top. Est. 20-24.18

78.Irish silver Old English Celtic Point teaspoon, Cork circa 1800 by John Toleken. L-14cm; W-14g. ~ a few soft dents to bowl with slight ware to tip. Est. 55-65.45

79.18th century silver picture back Acorn bowl teaspoon, circa 1760, marked 'S?' or '?S'. The front top of stem showing Neptune with trident, the back of bowl with a floral arrangement. L-10.8cm; W-13g. ~ a nice spoon, flowers to back of bowl a little worn. Est. 70-80.65

80.As above, Lot 79 but without any marks. Est. 35-45.30

81.Pair of George II silver picture back Hanoverian teaspoons with a flower head & foliage design, contemporary initials 'I.D', London circa 1750 by Edward Bennett. L-11.5cm; W-25g. ~ a nice pair of spoons. Est. 55-65.45

82.2 George II silver fancy back & front teaspoons with acanthus leaf to back of bowls, shell decorated pattern to front of stems. Although identical with same contemporary arms of three fleur de lys in a lozenge tha makers marks are different, one being Ann Hill, the other Jeremiah Lee, both London circa 1740. L-11.8cm, W-33g. ~ nice spoons. Est. 55-65.45

83.George I Britannia standard silver Rattail condiment spoon, London circa 1720 by William Street, initialled 'B over FI'. L-9.5cm; W-5g. ~ typical ware for this age. Est. 40-45.35

84.Victorian silver Toddy Ladle with twisted silver handle, London 1858 by George Adams. L-19cm; W-31g. ~ an unusual London toddy ladle, condition good. Est. 120-140.120

85.6 Scottish Victorian silver Beaded Celtic Point teaspoons, Glasgow 4x1886, 2x1889 by LR&Co. & T&Co., with 18ct gold mark overstruck with duty mark. L-13cm,; W-100g. ~ See The Finial, Dec/Jan 02/03 page.10 and this Finial page 22 about these spoons, condition good. Est. 75-8565

86.George III silver Old English Sifter/Straining ladle, the bowl pierced with crosses, London 1908 by Peter & William Bateman. L-13cm; W-24g. ~ nice marks and good condition. Est. 50-70.50

87.Scottish silver fiddle pattern Toddy Ladle, Edinburgh 1810 by Zeigler workshop. L-14cm; W-18g. ~ nice marks, condition good, handle a little wonky. Est. 70-90.70

88.Dumfries silver fiddle pattern tablespoon, c.1824, L-12.5cm; W-64g and a singles struck Kings pattern table fork, c. 1830, L-20cm, W-76g, both by Hinchliffe and with Glasgow hallmarks. ~ a clean & tidy spoon, fork of good gauge. Est. 130-150.130

89.Aberdeen silver fiddle pattern sugar spoon by William Jamieson with Edinburgh marks for 1839. L-15cm, W-22g. ~ very good marks, good spoon tiny dent to bowl. Est. 75-95.75

90.3 Dundee silver fiddle pattern teaspoons, by J & Wm. Marshall with retailers mark David Manson with Edinburgh hallmarks for 1827. L-14.5cm; W-60g. ~ slight ware to bowls and one with a repaired split to bowl, nice marks. Est. 75-95.75

91.Pair of fiddle pattern tablespoons, Edinburgh 1843 by Alexander Wilkie. L-23cm; W-162g. ~ a nice pair of spoons, good marks. Est. 50-70.50

92.Banff silver Old English dessert spoon, by David Izatt. L-17cm, W-29g. ~ this spoon has come from the Martin Gubbins Collection & still has ticket with purchase price of 6. - a nice clean spoon. Est. 100-120.100

93.Aberdeen silver fiddle pattern teaspoon by Alexander Grant. L-14cm; W-16g. ~ a nice spoon with good marks. Est. 35-55.35

94.4 Scottish silver Old English Beaded-Edge teaspoons, Glasgow 1866 by George Edwards & Sons. L-14.2cm; W-88g. ~ excellent condition. Est. 45-50.40

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