Roland Kirk has two spoons that he would like confirmation on his attributions: the first one, a fiddle pattern teaspoon, marked 'J&W Moir', 15.5cm long, 23g in weight. He says "I believe to be American however the only book I have - 'Old Silver English American Foreign by Seymour & Wyler' does not list Moir. Do you think that the members of the Silver Spoon Club could help?" (I do. Ed.)

The second spoon is a fiddle pattern tablespoon, with four marks; a head, 'G', lion passant and an incuse 'D', 23cm long and weighs 49g. He says "I bought it about 25 years ago and at that time it was said to be West Indies, subsequently there were suggestions that it might be Quebec, has anyone any ideas?"


Paul Holmes requires help identifying this fiddle pattern teaspoon.
There are three marks, two 'anchors' and 'WC'. Any help will be gratefully received.


Two New Websites

Two members have recently been working very hard compiling there own website, concentrating on Silver Spoons.

There is plenty to read and look at these two sites, so go and log on and have a surf.

The web addresses are:


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