David Whitbread writes, with regard to the request for help on the marks of a set of cast teaspoons (Dec/Jan issue, p.3), I cannot offer much of use but I do have an identical spoon with the same marks.

I and the vendor - fellow member Vic Bowman - had wondered whether the two marks alongside the 'W' might be thistles but the more I study them on my example, the more I think they are flower heads, Vic's other suggestion.

No, I am not about to suggest two roses for Carlisle! I rather fear they may prove to be 19th century "pseudo" marks, but I too will be interested if one of our more knowledgeable members can come up with something. Provincially marked examples of this type of spoon do exist. I have a rather worn one of around 1750 by Isaac Cookson of Newcastle, marked 'IC' twice and lion passant, illustrated below.


The Finial, February/March 2003

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