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95.George IV silver fiddle pattern caddy spoon, London 1825 by William Eley. L-10cm; W-19g. ~ a tiny nick to one side of bowl, other than that a clean spoon. Est. 40-45.35

96.Set of 3 silver Game Skewers, London 1872 by William Summers. L-12.5cm; W-29g. ~ only one of the skewers are hallmarked, nice condition. Est. 120-130.110

97.Pair of Victorian silver bright-cut sugar tongs, Exeter 1875 by Joseph Williams & Co. of Bristol. L-13.5cm; W-41g. ~ a clean pair of tongs, condition good. Est. 30-35.25

98.A colonial? fiddle pattern teaspoon, circa 1820, with spurious marks, makers mark either Conjoined 'IP' or 'P'. L-13.5cm; W-25g. ~ interesting spoon, condition good. Est. 25-35.20

99.A rare bottom marked Birmingham Old English teaspoon by Edward Sawyer. L-12cm; W-15g. ~ unusual for Birmingham piece this lacks a date letter; This spoon cane from the Martin Gubbin's Collection, ticket stating 'Bought from S.L. & HWH 5 - B'ham 1778'. Est. 45-55.35

100.Silver sifter spoon, Sheffield 1912 by Robert Pringle. L-12cm; W-22g. ~ a pretty sifter spoon with unusual piecing, condition good. Est. 40-50.35

101.Dundee silver fiddle pattern Toddy ladle by Alexander Cameron with Edinburgh marks for 1833. L-16cm; W-40g. ~ good condition, nice marks, a few black spots in bowl. Est. 60-70.45

102.Dundee silver fiddle pattern Dessert spoon by Alexander Cameron with Edinburgh marks for 1836. L-17.5cm; W-38g. ~ nice marks, lovely spoon. Est. 35-40.28

103.Aberdeen silver fiddle pattern Toddy ladle by George Jamieson with Edinburgh marks for 1842. L-16cm; W-32g. ~ excellent marks, good condition. Est. 60-70.45

104.George II silver Rattail Hanoverian tablespoon, London 1738, poss. Thomas Marry II, L-20cm; W-50g. ~ marks clear except for date letter and leopard's head, a nice spoon. Est. 45-55.40

105.2 Chester silver fiddle pattern teaspoons, 1836, by John Sutter of Liverpool. L-14cm; W-39g. ~ excellent marks but no leopards head, nice spoons but have been used. Est. 35-45.30

106.George III silver Old English bright-cut Caddy spoon with trifurcated handle and deep shell bowl, London 1787 by 'W.B'. L-9cm; W-12g. ~ nice condition. Est. 150-175.150

107.George III silver Old English Thread pattern caddy spoon with engraved shield shaped bowl, Birm. 1800 by Joseph Taylor. L-8.5cm; W-7g. ~ good condition, ware to marks. Est. 125-145.125

108.George III silver bright-cut sugar tongs, circa 1780, makers mark 'IH' struck 4 times. L-13cm; W-39g. ~ nice condition and without repair and the spring still works. Est. 130-150.120

109.Chester silver fiddle pattern Asparagus tongs, 1847, by John Lowe with pierced blades. Engraved to outside of bow with erased lion head holding a cross, engraving to inside of bow 'To Mr Samuel Davies from his sincerely attached Daughter Caroline on his jubilee 18 March 1848'. L-27.5cm; W-220g. ~ a nice pair of tongs, condition good. Est. 325-375.300

110.18th century silver Hanoverian pattern snuff spoon, circa 1750, makers mark 'AA'. L-8cm; W-3g. ~ a nice spoon, a few black spots to stem and bowl. Est. 60-70.60

111.Banff silver Old English pattern teaspoon, circa 1795 by John Keith. L-13cm; W-12g. ~ a nice spoon. Est. 75-85.75

112.Perth silver fiddle pattern teaspoon, circa 1820 by Charles Murray. L-14cm; W-15g. ~ typical Scottish long fiddle, clean spoon, nice marks. Est. 45-55.45

113.Greenock or Paisley silver Old English Celtic Point teaspoon, circa 1790, by 'II'. L-14.5; W-16g. ~ a clean spoon. Est. 45-55.40

114.Omar Ramsden silver spoon with a ribbed or reeded straight handle and a rattail running the length of the bowl which is hamered finished. London 1922. L-17.5cm: W-55g. ~ A similar spoon is illustrated on p. 158, fig.259 in Ian Pickford's book on Silver Flatware, a very nice spoon in lovely condition with clean marks. Est. 400-450.390

115.A Guild of Handicrafts silver Seal Top spoon with fig shaped bowl, London 1933. L-16.5cm; W-65g ~the bowl has a gentle hammered finish, a lovely weight and has a good feel to it, condition excellent. Est. 300-340.295

116.An Arts & Craft silver spoon, London 1904 by G.M. Jackson & D.L. Fullerton. L-20cm: W-60g. ~ another clean and tidy spoon. Est. 300-340.290

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