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To take place on Friday 7th March 2003

Your written, email or faxed bids are invited for the following lots - bids to be with us, please, by no later than 12.00pm, on the day of sale. Please note that purchase prices are subject to a 10% buyers premium, plus VAT on the premium and 5.00 for postage & packing per consignment. See page 59 for details.

Members are welcome to come and view the lots on offer at 26 Burlington Arcade.

1.Large ornate serving spoon, with bright cut decoration & delicate gilding to bowl. Poss. Scandinavian dated on back 10/4.1911, marked J. Pettersen 830s. Length 27cm, Weight 68g. ~ a nice spoon, a little cleaning to handle needed. Est. 40-50.30

2.A Dutch .833 standard silver spoon with 'Rembrandt' embossed into the bowl with a 'head' finial, second standard. Dutch date letter for 1904; L-16.5cm; W-55g. ~ nicely embossed, clean condition. Est. 50-60.45

3.An Ornate silver Dutch spoon, with a deer finial, dolphin stem, and a lightly embossed bowl with a courting scene. Import mark for Sheffield 1901, also bears Dutch pseudo marks. L-13cm; W-26g ~ a Dutch tourist piece! Est. 45-50.40

4.French silver & enamel mustard spoon with gilt bowl, c.1890, handle enamelled with red roses, green foliage & soft white and blue back ground, French hallmarks ~ a beautiful example in perfect condition; L-12cm; W-19g (inc. enamel). Est. 45-65.30

5.German .800 silver standard teaspoon with enamelled finial of Van Dyke, gilt bowl engraved 'Anveis', c.1900; L-13cm; W 17g (inc. enamel).~ beautiful enamel. Est. 30-40.20

6.Silver and enamel 'Killarney' teaspoon. Birmingham hallmarks for 1930, & with Dublin import mark 1930; L-11cm; ~ unusual to have two sets of marks, enamel perfect. Est. 35-40.30

7.Silver, Irish Souvenir teaspoon with green enamel clover & red crown. Sheffield 1925, by S.D. Neill of Belfast; L-11.5cm. ~ condition perfect, black spot in bowl. Est. 20-25.15

8.Silver & enamel teaspoon for the 'Gold & Silver Wire Drawers', reverse has "Master SS 1932" Birm. 1932b by S.S; L-12cm. ~ gilded finial and finely detailed. Est. 20-25.12

9.Silver teaspoon, handle modelled as a sword, with coat of arms for Shropshire, reverse has on back 'from Walter to Margaret 1892.' Shef. 1891; L-12cm; W-18g ~ good quality. Est. 25-30.15

10.Silver & enamel souvenir 'St. Pierre Port, Guernsey' teaspoon, London 1903. L-11.7cm; ~ enamel perfect, good condition. Est. 20-25.15

11.Cast silver parcel gilt souvenir teaspoon for Lowestoft, ship finial, trident stem and coat of arms in bowl, Birm. 1904, by S.B & SLD . L-12cm; W-25g. ~ thick gauged spoon. Est. 30-40.20

12.Silver 'Calcutta Model Yacht Club' teaspoon, Birmingham 1928, by M&B. L-11cm; W-16g. ~ a clean spoon. Est. 15-20.12

13.Silver 'Golf Club' teaspoon, handle modelled as a golf wood and iron with ball as finial, Sheffield 1930 by F.BSLTD. L-11.7cm; W-16g. ~ unusual with the two different clubs, thick gauge. Est. 25-35.15

14.Silver teaspoon for 'The Merchants Edinburgh Golf Club', Sheffield 1935 by W.S.S. & Co. L-12.6cm; W-16g - a clean spoon. Est. 20-25.15

15.Silver Canadian teaspoon with 'axe handle' & with harbour scene and written 'Prince Rupert B.C' in bowl, handle reads, "Prince Rupert Pioneers 1906, marked Sterling. L-11.5cm; W-17g. ~ interesting spoon, bowl & stem made as two pieces, looks like a repair but its not. Est.15-20.12

16.American sterling silver 'Niagara FaIls' teaspoon, stem modelled as standing Red Indian, marked Sterling. L-10.4cm; W-16g ~ very well detailed example. Est. 20-30.15

17.Silver 'North Western Railway Volunteer Rifles' teaspoon, Sheffield 1918 by Walker & Hall. L-12cm; W-16g. ~ a clean spoon. Est. 24-30.20

18.Silver & enamel 'Miniature Rifle Club Bombay' teaspoon, Birmingham 1929 by J.A.R. L-11.8cm - red & blue enamel, good condition. Est-20-30.15

19.Indian silver teaspoon with 'Scottish coat of Arms', marks 'elephant', 'K', 'silver' 'H&C Co' for Hamilton& co. of Calcutta. L-10cm, W-10g. ~ bowl a tiny bit worn. Est. 30-40.25

20.Silver 'London Scottish, Strike Sure, S. Africa 1900-02' teaspoon, London 1937 by JW&Co. L-11.7cm; W-17g. ~ a clean spoon. Est.24-30.20

21.Six silver Kings Liverpool regimental large teaspoons, all matching but various dates, Sheffield 1902/06/08/09/11/12 by E7Co. & HE.Ld. L-15.7cm; W-167g. ~ all good. Est. 120-140.110

22.Silver 'Royal Military College' teaspoon with two rifles as the stem, gilt bowl, London 1927 by H.P. L-12.6cm; W-23g. ~ nice gauged spoon. Est.35-45.30

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