The Griffin Collection - Part VI

Part VI of The Griffin Collection is to be sold at Bonhams 'Fine Silver and Vertu' Sale, New Bond Street on 21st March 2002. There are a number of rare provincial Trefid spoons such as:

A William and Mary ascribed West Country trefid spoon, with ribbed rat-tail and decorated bowl back and stem front with die-stamped decoration. Prick engraved AD/ER/1619 on reverse of terminal. Marked 'FS' thrice in rectangular shield, by FRANCIS SERVANT, Bideford, c.1690. Length 19.8 cm, ~ Provenance: How of Edinburgh

A William III ascribed West Country lace back trefid spoon, with cleft terminal. Bowl backs and stem fronts die-stamped with typical "lace" decoration, prick engraved on reverse of terminal HD/MR/1703 marked thrice 'ES' in shaped shield, by EDWARD SWEET, Dunster, c.1695-1700.

A very rare William and Mary ascribed provincial trefid spoon with cleft terminal and ribbed rat-tail, scratch engraved A/RE and marked 'AM' once, 'fleur-de-lys' and 'golden fleece' by ARTHUR MANGY, Leeds, c.1690. ~ Provenance: This spoon was discovered in a cottage near Kirbymoorside in 1993. The Huguenot Mangy family were prolific silversmiths working in various Yorkshire towns. Arthur Mangy made the Leeds city mace in 1694 but was hanged on the Knavesmire in York two years later for clipping coin.

A Charles II ascribed West Country decorated trefid spoons with ribbed rat-tails, cleft terminal and guide lines on stem front, marked thrice 'WR' conjoined, probably by WILLIAM ROWE, Liskeard, c.1685. Provenance: The Treffry family of Fowey, Cornwall. Illustrated in, 'Kent's West Country Silver Spoons p.24, fig.50' & 'Silver in England, Phillipa Glanville p.152'.

A very fine Charles II ascribed provincial trefid spoon of good gauge, with ribbed rat-tail and 'ears'. Bowl back and stem front die-stamped with 'lace' decoration. Guide lines on stem front. Engraved with 'death's head' on back stem terminal. Marked 'TM' for THOMAS MANGY, York, 1677. ~ Provenance: How of Edinburgh.

For further details contact Bonhams at 101 New Bond Street, London. Tel: 020 7468 8218.


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