Hon. President: Anthony Dove F.R.S.A.

Editor: Daniel Bexfield.Volume 14/01
Assistant: Michael Golding.August/September 2003


Front Cover1
A fleur-de-lys mark by David Whitbread3
Amendments - hallmarking of London flatware by I. McAlpine4
Robert Hamilton asks…4
Maker's mark a heart (part two) by Piers Percival5/6/7/8/9
Chelsea antiques fair - Free tickets10
Graham Bliss, can anyone help…10
Proposal for a 3rd Silver Spoon Club meeting by Chris Bell11
Introduction of double mark punches - Addendum by D. McKinley11
William Darby 'patent' teaspoons - A progress report by D. Fry12
Via Lambeth to Exeter by David Whitbread14
18th century spoon sizes and their possible uses by D. McKinley16
John Anderson, looking for help…17
The 'F' (foreign import) mark on flatware by Anthony Dove18
Oliver Griffin, looking for help…18
An odd dessert spoon? By John Anderson19
Macmillan cancer relief - world's biggest coffee morning21
John Jervis needs help…21
Results for club postal auction (11th July 2003)22
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The next postal auction - 7th November 200344
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See: Maker's Mark a Heart (Part Two) by Piers Percival, page 5.
  • A Heart maker's mark, from an apostle spoon, London 1510/11.
  • Extract from the 1532 inventory of the King's Jewel House.
  • Extract from the inventory of Robert Amadas' Counting House, 1532.


  • The Finial, August/September 2003

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