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123.Set of 3 Exeter silver fiddle pattern teaspoons, 1817 by George Ferris. L-14cm; W-50g. ~ condition and marks good. Est. 30-40.25

124.Pair of Sheffield silver Old English pattern tablespoon, 1823, by possibly Robert Green of Liverpool. L-22cm; W-109g. ~ good condition, reasonable marks. Est. 70-90.70

125.Small William IV silver fiddle pattern fork, London 1830 by 'LS'. L-12.7cm, W-15g. ~ marks good, tines a little worn, a sweet little form. Est. 25-35.20

126.George III silver decorated Hanoverian pattern salt spoon, London 1795, poss. by John Beldon. L-9.3cm; W-7g. ~ needs a clean, a nice spoon. Est. 35-45.30

127.Irish silver fiddle pattern oyster fork, c.1810, poss. by James Scott. L-14cm; W-27g. ~ maker's mark clear others worn, old repair to one tine, has a nice feel. Est. 25-35.20

128.Pair of Scottish oar-end pattern dessert spoons, Edinburgh 1801 by Matthew Craw. L-18.5cm; W-60g. ~ one knock to bowl, other than that good condition. Est. 45-55.35

129.Pair of Scottish silver fiddle without shoulders pattern teaspoons, Edinburgh 1812 by 'JF'. L-13.7cm; W-25g. ~ small knocks to bowls, good marks. Est. 35-45.30

130.Pair of Scottish silver bright-cut oar-end pattern teaspoons, Edinburgh, by Alex Gairdner. L-13cm; W-25g. ~ very nice bright-cutting, marks slightly worn. Est. 55-65.45

131.Aberdeen silver fiddle pattern teaspoon, c.1825 by William Whitecross. L-14.2cm; W-14g. ~ reasonable condition. Est. 30-40.30

132.Aberdeen silver fiddle pattern dessert spoon, c.1820 by George Booth. L-17.3cm; W-28g. ~ knocks to bowl and polished, marks good. Est. 40-50.40

133.Dundee silver fiddle pattern teaspoon, c.1820 by Alexander Cameron. L-14cm; W-16g. ~ reasonable condition and marks. Est. 35-45.30

134.Greenock silver Old English pattern tablespoon, c.1815, probably by James Orr. L-23.8cm, W-55g. ~ reasonable condition, minor wear to marks. Est. 80-100.80

135.Scottish silver lobster pick, Edinburgh 1927 by Hamilton & Inches. L-13cm; W-9g. ~ marks and condition good. Est. 25-35.20

136.Pair of George III silver bright-cut sugar tongs, London 1796 by John Lambe. L-13.5cm; W-28g. ~ in good condition. Est. 35-45.34

137.Victorian silver Old English pattern miniature/snuff spoon, London 1855 by 'E.O' (unascribed). L-8.6cm; W-6g. ~ a lovely little spoon. Est. 40-50.34

138.Small George III silver bottom marked Old English pattern cream ladle, London c.1770. L-9cm; W-8g. ~ marks very rubbed, unusual size, good condition, sweet. Est. 35-45.25

139.Pair Victorian silver fiddle pattern egg spoons, London 1858 by Thomas Smiley. L-12.2cm; W-29g. ~ condition good. Est. 25-35.20

140.2 matched George II silver Hanoverian rattail pattern teaspoons, c.1750, one by Isaac Callard the other 'T.W'. L-12cm; W-28g. ~ in reasonable condition for age, marks worn. Est. 30-40.30

141.2 matched George II silver Hanoverian pattern salt shovels, c.1750. L-8.5cm; W-13g. ~ marks unreadable, condition reasonable for age. Est. 50-60.44

142.Set of 4 George III silver Old English pattern teaspoons, London c.1797 (type 2 double duty mark). L-13.5cm; W-51g. ~ maker's mark unreadable, minor wear to bowl tips. Est. 30-40.30

143.2 bright-cut teaspoons. One, O.E. pattern, maker's mark only 'I.Q'; the other transitional O.E. with shoulders by William Parsons, Exeter, c.1800; L-12cm; W-21g. ~ the Exeter spoon is in good condition, the other a bit chewed. Est. 35-45.25

144.Pair of George III silver Old English pattern dessert spoons, London 1788 by George Smith & William Fearn. L-18cm; W-71g. ~ marks and condition good. Est. 50-60.48

145.George III silver scroll-back marrow scoop, London c.1770 by William Stephenson. L-22.3cm; W-48g. ~ a rare marrow scoop, condition and gauge good, marks squashed, scroll pretty good, a reasonable reserve. Est. 180-220.160

146.Edwardian silver & mother of pearl caddy spoon, Birmingham 1906 by George Unite & Sons. L-7.3cm. ~ small repair to handle joining bowl, reasonable condition. Est. 55-65.55

147.George I Britannia silver Hanoverian rattail pattern tablespoon, London 1715 by Henry Clarke. L-20cm; W-46g. ~ good marks, minor knocks to bowl, a pleasant spoon. Est. 80-100.80

148.Scottish silver Hanoverian rattail pattern tablespoon, Edinburgh 1721 by William Aytoun. L-20cm; W-75g. ~ very good weight, town & makers mark a little worn but readable, a lovely spoon. Est. 100-125.100

149.Newcastle silver Old English pattern tablespoon, 1778 by 'ST'. L-20.6cm; W-47g. ~ large well struck readable hallmarks, initials have been removed at sometime, knocks to bowl. Est. 60-80.60

150.George I silver Onslow pattern tablespoon, London 1726 by Paul Hanet. L-20.5cm; W-61g. ~ this is a superb tablespoon by a good maker, all marks are readable and condition is good, the scarf joint is evident, the Onslow is sharp and the reserve is very low. Est. 160-200.70

151.George III silver Old English pattern tablespoon with decoration, London 1802 by Peter, Anne & William Bateman. L-22cm; W-58g. ~ when I first saw this spoon I thought that it had been totally redecorated at a later date, but now I am not so sure, maybe only the engraving has been added, however I still like this spoon, condition good. Est. 45-65.35

152.Large Irish silver bright-cut cream jug, Dublin 1808 by Daniel Egan, retailed by Clarke & West. H-11cm; W-178g. ~ in good condition, marks a little worn but readable, ball feet have knocks, pleasing decoration. Est. 275-325.275

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