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30.Aberdeen or Banff silver Old English pattern dessert spoon with pointed foot, c.1800 by David Izat. L-16.6cm; W-31g. ~ only marked 'DI' and the 'I' is quite faint, good condition. Est. 50-60.35

31.Aberdeen silver Old English pattern dessert spoon, c.1800 by John Lesley. L-17.6c; W-24g. ~ bodly struck marks, 'thistle' incuse, wear to edge of bowl. 50-60.35

32.Scottish silver single stuck Old English bead edge pattern teaspoon, Glasgow 1874 poss. by J. Murray. L-13.7cm; W-19g. ~ clear marks, a little wear to bowl. Est. 30-35.25

33.Channel Islands, silver bright-cut Old English pattern teaspoon, c.1840 by Thomas de Gruchy & John Le Gallais of Jersey. L-12.5cm; W-10g. ~ a sweet spoon, good marks. Est. 30-40.25

34.Irish silver bright-cut star Old English pattern teaspoon with rattail, Dublin 1853 by John Smyth. L-15cm; W-20g. ~ slight wear, minor knocks to bowl. Est. 35-40.25

35.Irish silver fiddle pattern teaspoon with rattail, Dublin1845 by Phillip Weeks, retailed by Neill. L-14.6cm; W-18g. ~ signs of initials being removed, good marks. Est. 35-40.30

36.Irish silver fiddle pattern teaspoon, Dublin 1879 by 'J.S'. L-15.2cm; W-26g. ~ slight wear too tip of bowl, 'DONEGAN' stamped incuse on stem, good marks. Est. 15-20.10

37.Scottish silver fiddle pattern teaspoon, Glasgow 1833 by J. Mitchell. L-14.8cm; W-22g. ~ good marks, a clean spoon. Est. 25-30.20

38.Pair of George III silver Old English pattern salt spoons with gilt bowls, London 1800 by Richard Crossley. L-10.3cm; W-23g. ~ good gauge and marks, initials removed. Est. 30-35.25

39.Victorian silver double struck bead Old English mustard spoon, London 1877 by Henry Holland. L-8.1cm; W-9g. ~ thick gauge, good spoon. Est. 25-30.20

40.William IV silver fiddle pattern mustard spoon, London 1832 by Walter Jorden. L-12cm; W-12g. ~ good condition, minor scratches of use to bowl. Est. 30-35.25

41.George III silver Old English pattern salt spoon, London 1819 by Thomas Dicks. L-9.8cm; W-12g. ~ good gauge and marks, bowl gentle pitted through use. Est. 18-20.15

42.George IV silver fiddle pattern salt spoon, London 1823 by John, Henry & Charles Lias. L-10.4cm; W-12g. ~ a clean spoon. Est. 15-18.12

43.Victorian silver fiddle pattern mustard spoon with gilt bowl. London 1872 by Henry & Henry Lias. L-13.7cm; W-19g. ~ a clean spoon and marks. Est. 20-25.17

44.William IV silver fiddle pattern mustard spoon, London 1836 by T.S. L-13.5cm; W-14g. ~ a clean spoon and marks. Est. 18-20.15

45.Victorian silver fiddle pattern sugar tongs, London 1874 by Henry & Henry Lias. L-14cm; W-36g. ~ condition reasonable. Est. 15-20.15

46.Newcastle, silver fiddle pattern sugar tongs with chased decoration, 1852 by Reid & Sons. L-15cm; W-59g. ~ good gauge and marks, a clean pair of tongs. Est. 50-60.45

47.Aberdeen silver Old English pattern tablespoon, c.1800 by James Erskine. L-21.5cm; W-57g. ~ good gauge and marks. Est. 80-90.75

48.George IV silver fiddle, thread & shell pattern tablespoon, London 1828 by Benjamin Davis. L-22.3cm; W-96g. ~ heavy gauge, minor knocks to bowl . Est. 40-50.35

49.Irish silver fiddle pattern tablespoon, Dublin 1862 by 'J.S'. L-22.5cm; W-77g. ~ a good straight forward spoon. Est. 45-55.42

50.George III silver single struck fiddle & thread basting spoon, London 1808 by William Eaton. L-31.5cm; W-161g. ~ heavy gauge, good bowl, initials removed. Est. 100-140.100

51.George III silver marrow scoop, London 1804 by John Lambe. L-22cm; W-42g. ~ a very nice example, good marks. Est. 120-140.100

52.Pair of George III silver Old English pattern tablespoons, London 1807 by John Lambe overstruck by Samuel Godbehere, Edward Wigan & James Bult. L-22cm; W-122g. ~ in good condition, needs a clean. Est. 75-95.70

53.Birmingham silver bottom marked Hanoverian pattern tablespoon that has been later converted into a 'berry' spoon, 1778, by Edward Sawyer. L-21.2cm; W-43g. ~ very clear marks, but a great shame that it has been berried!. Est. 110-130.100

54.Scottish silver Old English/Oar pattern tablespoon, Edinburgh 1791 by James Hewitt, unusual drop. L-22cm; W-59g. ~ a good spoon, marks a little worn. Est. 45-65.40

55.Dumfries silver fiddle pattern teaspoon, c.1830 by Mark Hinchsliffe. L-14.2cm; W-23g. ~ a good spoon and marks. Also has a Martin Gubbin's tag, quoting 130 6/12/97. Est. 60-80.60

56.Pair of Aberdeen silver & blonde horn spoons, c.1921 by William Dunningham & Co. L-12.2cm. ~ condition good, marks hard to read. Est. 40-60.40

57.Aberdeen silver Old English pattern teaspoon, c.1800 by John Ewan. L-13.5cm; W-13g. ~ good mark, slight wear to tip of bowl. Est. 25-35.25

58.Aberdeen silver Celtic point pattern teaspoon, c.1790 by James Gordon. L-13cm; W-12g. ~ reasonable marks & condition, inside tip of bowl corroded!. Est. 40-60.40

59.Canongate silver Old English feather-edge pattern teaspoon, c.1760 by John Robertson. L-12.3cm; W-9g. ~ mark reasonable, wear to of bowl & feather-edge. Est. 30-50.30

60.Scottish silver fiddle pattern condiment ladle, Glasgow 1870 by William Clark Shaw. L-14cm; W-18g. ~ in good condition. Est. 60-80.60

61.Aberdeen silver Old English pattern teaspoon, by William George Jamieson with London hallmarks for 1881. L-12.5cm; W-13g. ~ a clean spoon & marks. Est. 20-30.15

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