Proposal for a 3rd Silver Spoon Club Members'
Meeting 2003/4

By Chris Bell

At The September 2001 meeting in Swindon members indicated they would support further Club meetings.

I had intended to explore the arrangement of annual meetings but I regret that a number of personal situations have somewhat slowed my 'gallop'. However I, for one, am still very interested in getting together with fellow enthusiasts and 'joining up' for another meeting. Before doing anything though, I thought I had better seek your current view and support for a third Silver Spoon Club meeting.

1. Would you support a one-day (Saturday) meeting in the Swindon area?
2. Would you prefer a meeting in November 2003 or March/April 2004.
3. Are you willing to give a short presentation to the meeting? If so, on what topic?

I would envisage the meeting content would be similar to those held previously and include talks, surgeries (discussion of personal items), general mixers/social time over good food etc. in good company. Your own thoughts as to the meeting content would be appreciated so please write with any other ideas.

Please reply to Daniel Bexfield for collection and passing on to me.
(A reply form is enclosed with The Finial, please write clearly - Ed.)

Thank you for your help. Chris Bell.


David McKinley: The Introduction of Double Mark Punches - an Addendum.
For the technically minded I. have an addendum to make to my article on double mark punches in the last issue.

I drew attention to the absence of the mark for 1783 on the markplate and speculated on why this might have happened. I now know that it was an oversight and this shows that the markplates are not the foolproof records they were intended to be.

Before the introduction of markplates the record of punches used in a given year was kept by impressing the mark with printers' ink in the margin of the Court book against the minute for 29th May each year. This practice continued, but in the Assay Office and Court Book, from 1774, when the first markplate came into use, until the introduction of the mark book in 1785.

The mark in question is clearly 'printed' against the appropriate minute in the Assay Office and Court Book and this is dated 28th May 1783, the day before it should have been struck on the markplate so it must just have been overlooked on the 29th!


The Finial, August/September 2003

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