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62.COLCHESTER, Britannia standard silver Trefid spoon that has been later decorated, London 1706 by Richard Hutchinson of Colchester. L-19.8cm; W-52g. ~ marks good, date letter faint, good gauge, reserve reflects the later decoration. Est. 175-225.175

63.COLCHESTER, Britannia standard silver Trefid spoon that has been later decorated, London 1706 by Richard Hutchinson of Colchester. L-19.7cm; W-50g. ~ maker's marks good, date letter & Britannia faint, good gauge, reserve reflects the later decoration. Est. 175-225.175

64.Exeter silver fiddle pattern tablespoon, 1827 by William Woodman of Bristol. L-23cm; W-76g. ~ a good clean spoon. Est. 35-45.30

65.Silver 'Giggleswick School Athletic Club' spoon, Birmingham 1921 by AW & Co. L-12.6cm; W-16g. ~ in good condition, maker's mark faint. Est. 15-20.11

66.Edwardian silver and red enamel 'Cripples Home & College Lord Mayor Treloar' spoon with a picture bowl of the 'The Guildhall', Birmingham 1908 by Elkington & Co. L-12.5cm; W-27g. ~ very good gauge, condition good. Est. 25-35.20

67.Irish silver bright-cut Celtic point pattern tablespoon with a prick dot bow on the point, Dublin 1793 by 'J.S'. L-23cm; W-56g. ~ reasonable condition, marks a little worn. Est. 65-75.58

68.Channel Islands silver bright-cut Old English silver tablespoon, c.1838 by T. de Gruchy & J. Le Gallais. L-19.7cm; W-36g. ~pretty decoration, minor knocks to bowl, mark faint. Est.75-85.70

69.Chester silver fiddle pattern teaspoon, 1834 by John Sutter. L-14cm; W-15g. ~ good marks, minor knocks to bowl. Est. 30-40.28

70.George III silver shell & scroll back Hanoverian pattern teaspoon, c.1770 by script 'J.W'. L-11cm; W-9g. ~ very crisp shell & scroll, minor wear to tip of bowl, good marks. Est. 35-45.33

71.George I silver Hanoverian rattail pattern teaspoon, c.1720 by William Petley. L-11.1cm; W-15g. ~ heavy gauge, wear to tip of bowl, a sweet spoon. Est. 55-65.50

72.York silver fiddle pattern dessert spoon, 1847 by Barber & North. L-17.6cm; W-44g. ~ good marks and spoon. Est. 35-45.30

73.Pair of George II silver Old English pattern teaspoons, c.1740 by Abercrombie & Hindmarsh. L-1.8cm; W-27g. ~ half of maker's mark very clear, tips of bowl with wear. Est. 35-45.30

74.Pair of Chester silver fiddle pattern dessert spoons, 1849 by Patrick Leonard. L-17.3cm; W-71g. ~ good marks and condition, a nice pair. Est. 90-120.85

75.Chester silver fiddle pattern dessert spoon, 1849. L-17.3cm; W-36g. ~ a single example as above but without a maker's mark, condition good. Est. 30-40.30

76.Pair of scroll-back Hanoverian pattern tablespoons, London 1760 by 'T*R' (untraced). L-21.3m; W-124g. ~ very good marks, scrolls and bowls. Est. 220-260.220

77.William & Mary silver Trefid spoon with ribbed rattail, London 1692 by a crowned 'TT' with pellet below, initialled 'EB' . L-19.3cm; W-47g. ~ marks readable, reasonable gauge, wear to bowl, has been polished at sometime in its life. Est. 330-360.330

78.Queen Anne silver Dognose pattern tablespoon with a bead & reeded ratail , c.1703 by Spackman, prick-dot 'IB' over 'IC' over '1703'. L-19.6cm; W-44g. ~ reasonable condition, marks a little worn, date letter unreadable. Est. 300-325.290

79.Queen Anne silver Dognose rattail pattern tablespoon, London 1707, initialled 'B' over 'MH'. L-20cm; W-45g. ~ marks rubbed but you can see enough of the date letter and lion head erased, good initials, wear to bowl. Est. 160-180.160

80.George I silver Hanoverian rattail pattern tablespoon, London 1717, initialled 'PL'. L-20cm; W-62g. ~ maker's mark totally rubbed, good gauge. Est. 110-130.105

81.George II silver mote spoon with a double drop, c.1740 by E. Bennett. L-13cm; W-8g. ~ in good condition. Est. 200-225.195

82.George II silver 'vase of flowers' picture-back Hanoverian pattern teaspoon, c.1750 by 'T.D'. L-11.3cm; W-9g. ~ crisp picture, good marks and spoon. Est. 55-65.45

83.Exeter silver bright-cut Old English pattern tablespoon, 1807 by 'J.H'. L-21cm; W-43g. ~ all in good condition. Est. 45-65.60

84.George III silver asparagus tongs, London 1810 by Wm. Eley, Wm. Fearn & Wm. Chawner. L-23.5cm, W-176g. ~ heavy and in excellent condition.. Est. 220-260.220

85.George III silver & whale-bone punch ladle, London 1793 by Peter & Anne Bateman, bowl with bead edge and handle with bright-cut decoration. L-38cm. ~ pretty ladle, marks hard to read and an old repair of handle to bowl, whale bone loose. Est. 70-90.70

86.George III silver Old English pattern basting spoon, London 1788 by Charles Hougham. L-30cm; W-99g. ~ a very good spoon. Est. 200-225.200

87.Silver fiddle pattern dessert spoon, c.1830 by 'R.S'. L-17.5cm; W-44g. ~ a good quality spoon, with marks to research. Est. 50-60.50

88.Victorian silver dessert spoon, London 1873 by George Adams. L-15.5cm, W-30g. ~ good gauge, maker's mark worn, bowl has been re-shaped. Est. 35-45.35

89.Pair of continental silver fiddle pattern table forks, c.1822, 1827 by EC. L-21.5cm; W-135g. ~ tines worn, good marks to research. Est. 45-55.40

90.Pair of George III silver feather-edge Old English pattern tablespoons, London 1790 by 'IB'. L-21.8cm; W-100g. ~ wear to tip of bowls, other than that nice spoons. Est. 75-95.75

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