An Odd Dessert Spoon!

By John Anderson



I am a member of a very few year's standing and am learning all the time. I bought an odd dessert spoon at an auction sale in Norfolk. It was catalogued as being 'unusual' having silver marks on the front as well as the back.


The figure 1 & 2, shows the front and back of the spoon, which is 16cm long and on the front there are two marks, a lion and a 'Q' in a shield (close up fig.3), which if London might suggest 1731. There is no sign of a leopards head crowned. Also on the front are two sets of initials SK and ML with two other scratch marks (fig.5). When one turns it over there are two more marks - one of which is a makers mark 'IG' (close up fig.4).

However the underside of the spoon looks like the front of a Hanoverian spoon now used the other way up. The join between the bowl and the stem is even more curious where the end of a teaspoon seems to have been pressed into service to hold the bowl and the reused spoon stem together (fig.6).

It is interesting to think how, why and when this spoon was put together.


The Finial, August/September 2003

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