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To take place on Friday 19th September 2003

Your written, email or faxed bids are invited for the following lots - bids to be with us, please, by no later than 12.00pm, on the day of sale. Please note that purchase prices are subject to a 10% buyers premium, plus VAT on the premium and 5.00 for postage & packing per consignment. See page 59 for details.

Members are welcome to come and view the lots on offer at 26 Burlington Arcade.

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1.Hall-Marks on Dublin Silver 1730-1772 by Kurt Ticher, Ida Delamer & Wiliam O'Sullivan. Published by National Museum of Ireland, 1968. ~ a very useful booklet. Est. 10-15.5

2.Exeter and West Country Silver by Exeter Museum. Est. 15-20.10

3.English Silver Spoons by Michael Snodin. Published by Letts, 1974. Est. 15-20.10

4.Collecting for Tomorrow - Spoons by Gail Belsen & Michael Snodin, Published by BPC Ltd, 1976. Est. 15-20.10

5.Investing in Silver by Eric Delieb. Published by Barrie & Rockliff, 1967. Est. 15-20.10

6.A large silver ladle with wooden handle, poss. North European, marks indistinct. L-38cm. ~ the bowl is of good gauge but quite pitted, the wooden handle is a later replacement (looks like an ex-drum stick!), I like the bowl, it has a good feel. Est. 55-65.50

7.Georgian silver mote spoon, by 'W.S' , circa 1760. L-14cm; W-8g. ~ there is a small antique repair to the piercing, but other than that a lovely example for the price. Est. 65-75.45

8.Pair of Scottish silver shell-bowl sugar tongs, Glasgow c.1780 by Robert Gray. L-13.8cm; W-49g. ~ thick gauge, good marks, a nice pair of tongs. Est. 55-65.45

9.Pair of Scottish silver shell-bowl sugar tongs with bright-cut decoration on the stem, incuse duty mark, Edinburgh c.1784-6 by Robert Gray of Glasgow. L-15cm; W-49g. ~ again a very good gauge, a nice pair of tongs. Est. 55-65.45

10.Irish silver bright-cut sugar tongs, Dublin c.1790 by William Law. L-15.3cm; W-40g. ~ crisp bright cutting, but there are two small splits that have been repaired on the arch. Est. 30.40.30

11.Newcastle silver and whale bone punch ladle, c.1784-6 (incuse duty mark) by Langlands & Robertson. L-33.5cm. ~ very good marks, repair of handle to bowl, silver tip missing on top of handle, minor dents to bowl. Est. 85-95.85

12.Irish silver dessert knife, Dublin c. 1780 by James Keating. L-20.5cm. ~ thick gauge, minor knocks to handle, blade slightly separating from handle, Hibernia mark worn, a good quality knife. Est. 90-120.80

13.George II silver picture-back Hanoverian pattern tablespoon, London 1743 by Marmaduke Daintrey. L-20.3cm; W-49g. ~ very crisp picture-back and marks, a good spoon. Est. 90-100.80

14.Birmingham silver Hanoverian pattern bottom marked teaspoon, c.1778 by Edward Sawyer. L-12cm; W-9g. ~ long foot to bowl, a few minor knocks to bowl. Est. 55-65.50

15.Birmingham silver Hanoverian pattern bottom marked teaspoon, c.1778 by Edward Sawyer. L-12cm; W-12g. ~ long foot to bowl, slight wear to tip of bowl. Est. 55-65.50

16.Pair of Scottish silver sugar tongs with shell bowls, Edinburgh 1811, makers mark unclear due to being overstruck with 'B'. L-14.5cm; W-47g. ~ a clean pair of tongs. Est. 30-35.25

17.Pair of Scottish silver sugar tongs with 'swirl' shell bowls, Edinburgh 1813 by J. McKay. L-14.5cm; W-53g. ~ very good condition, I do like them. Est. 30-35.25

18.Aberdeen silver Hanoverian pattern bottom marked tablespoon, c.1708-20 by George Robertson. L-19.5cm; W-47g. ~ quite a rare maker, unusual short rattail, wear to tip of bowl, a good gauge. Est. 100-150.90

19.Set of 5 American silver fiddle pattern dessert spoon, c.1815-30 by S. Kirk of Baltimore. L-19cm; W-204g. ~ needs a clean, in pretty good condition. Est. 80-100.75

20.A large silver-gilt anointing spoon in original red leather presentation box, London 1920 by Wakely & Wheeler. L-25.5cm; W-100g. ~ excellent condition, needs a clean. Est. 80-90.70

21.Pair of silver-gilt anointing teaspoons, London 1910 by Wakely & Wheeler. L-11.8cm; W-34g. ~ in good condition, gilding needs a clean. Est. 30-40.30

22.Pair of tablespoon size silver-gilt anointing spoons, in black leather presentation box, London 1910 by Thomas Bradbury & Sons. L-23.3cm; W-136g. ~ in good condition. Est. 125-145.125

23.Pair of silver-gilt salt spoon size anointing spoons, Birmingham 1910 by Adie & Lovekin Ltd. L-7.6cm; W-7g. ~ in good condition. Est. 30-40.30

24.George IV silver Old English feather-edge pattern dessert spoon that has had the bowl 'berried' in modern case. London 1824. L-18cm; W-33g ~ well what can I say! Est. 20-24.20

25.Pair of pierced straining spoons in original fitted case, London 1897 by William Comyns. L-12.7cm; 59g. ~ I didn't like them when I first saw them, but they have grown on me, good condition, needs a clean, nice box. Est. 75-95.75

26.Silver dessert spoon size anointing spoon, Birmingham 1910 by Elkington & Co. L-17.5cm; W-44g. ~ in good condition. Est. 35-45.35

27.Silver seal-top spoon, Sheffield 1907 by Harry Atkins. L-16.6cm; W-60g. ~ thick gauge, condition good. Est. 45-55.40

28.17th century silver lace-back & front Trefid spoon with ribbed rattail, c.1680 by Thomas Issod, fully marked but date letter slightly miss-struck. L-20.8cm; W-57g. ~ some wear to bowl, reasonable gauge, sensible reserve. Est. 350-400.320

29.Inverness silver Old English pattern tablespoon, c.1800 by Charles Jamieson. L-22cm; W-63g. ~ marks worn but decipherable, initials worn, very slight knocks to bowl. Est. 60-70.45

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