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91.George III silver Old English pattern tablespoon with double struck assay marks, London 1807 by Thomas Hayter. L-21.8cm, W-56g. ~ condition & marksgood. Est. 75-85.70

92.Scottish silver Old English pattern tablespoon, Glasgow 1833 by Peter Aitken. L-22cm; W-55g. ~ reasonable condition, marks good. Est. 35-45.35

93.Silver fiddle pattern salt spoon with pseudo hallmarks. L-10.5cm; W-9g. ~ condition and marks good. Est. 25-35.25

94.Sheffield silver Old English pattern condiment ladle, 1805 by 'TL'. L-12.5cm; W-12g. ~ ex Martin Gubbin's Collection with tag; marks worn, reasonable condition. Est. 20-30.15

95.Sheffield silver fiddle pattern tablespoon, 1824 by R. Gainsford. L-23cm; W-84g. ~ ex Martin Gubbin's Collection with tag; excellent condition. Est. 25-35.20

96.Pair of Sheffield silver fiddle pattern dessert spoons, 1825 by 'R.G'. L-18cm; W-89g. ~ ex Martin Gubbin's Collection with tag; good condition. Est. 30-40.23

97.Pair of Sheffield silver Old English pattern dessert spoons, 1827 by 'R.G'. L-16.6cm; W-64g. ~ ex Martin Gubbin's Collection with tag; good marks, wear to bowls. Est. 25-35.19

98.Sheffield silver Old English pattern teaspoon, 1826 by 'R.G'. L-14cm; W-16g. ~ ex Martin Gubbin's Collection with tag; good marks, reasonable condition. Est. 10-20.6

99.Jersey silver shell-back Hanoverian silver pattern teaspoon, c.1760 by 'LC', initialled .'P' over 'IE'. L-12.5cm; W-15g. ~ good gauge and mark, top of shell & tip of bowl slightly worn, a lovely spoon. Est. 25-35.15

100.Pair of George III silver feather-edge dessert spoons, London 1772 by 'TD'. L-16.5cm; W-59g. ~ excellent marks and condition; lovely. Est. 55-75.45

101.York silver bottom marked wriggle-edge Old English pattern tablespoon with a long scored drop, 1779/80 by Hampston & Prince. L-21.2cm; W-122g. ~ all marks deeply struck but squashed but readable between the two, minor wear to tip of bowl, good spoons. Est. 90-120.85

102.Edwardian silver dessert size 'Bulldog' spoon, Birmingham 1904 by J.A. Restall, (probably a prize for the Bulldog Club). L-19cm; W-58g. ~ good condition * marks. Est. 45-55.38

103.George III silver shell-back Hanoverian pattern tablespoon, London 1773 by Thomas Chawner. L-19.8cm; W-44g. ~ good shell and marks, reasonable condition. Est. 45-55.40

104.George III silver scroll-back Hanoverian pattern tablespoon, London 1773 by Jacob Marsh or John Moore. L-20cm; W-39g. ~ good marks & scroll, minor wear to bowl tip. Est. 45-55.40

105.George III silver bright-cut sugar tongs with incuse duty mark, c.1784/5 by Hester Bateman. L-13.5cm; W-30. ~ good condition, marks a little worn. Est. 55-65.45

106.George III silver scroll-back Hanoverian pattern teaspoon, c.1770 by W. Tweedie. L-11.6cm; W-11g. ~ reasonable condition, good marks, scroll worn Est. 20-30.15

107.Pair of silver 'Bognor Regis Rifle Club' teaspoons, Birmingham 1931 by Elkington & Co. L-11.3cm; W-29g. ~ good condition. Est. 25-35.20

108.Silver shell bowl caddy spoon, Sheffield 1912 by Thomas Bradbury & Son. L-8.3cm; W-16g. ~ good gauge, condition and marks. Est. 45-55.35

109.Victorian silver christening spoon & fork, engraved all over, Birmingham 1896 by Hilliard & Thomason. L-15cm (fork); W-52g. ~ small scratches all over, good marks. Est. 30-40.30

110.American silver fiddle pattern tablespoon with wheatsheaf & sickle in high relief on fiddle, by 'T&S'. L-23cm; W-56g. ~ reasonal condition, good mark. Est. 35-45.30

111.George II silver punch ladle with rose wood handle, London 1743 by William Garrard, with crudely engraved initials 'E' over 'IB'. L-31.7cm. ~ good gauge, marks a little worn, reasonable condition, handle needs attaching to bow. Est. 140-160.120

112.Indian silver 'KGC Golf Club' teaspoon, c. 1920 by Hamilton & Co. of Calcutta. L-11cm; W-16g. ~ good condition. Est. 20-30.20

113.American sterling silver 'Honolulu' teaspoon with Town Hall? view in bowl, c.1920. L-13.5cm; W-23g. ~ good condition. Est. 20-30.20

114.Silver & enamel 'Edinburgh Castle' teaspoon, Birmingham 1913 by Deakin & Francis. L-11.7cm; W-13g. ~ good condition. Est. 25-35.15

115.Silver & enamel 'Burns Cottage, Alloway' teaspoon, Birmingham 1926 by 'J.C & S'. L-12cm; W-9g. ~ good condition. Est. 25-35.15

116.Set of 6 silver 'George VI' teaspoons, possible made for his visit to South Africa in 1947, Sheffield 1946 by Charles Boyton Sons. L-12cm; W-89g. ~ good condition. Est. 65-85.65

117.Large Dutch silver caddy spoon with a 'Dutch Girl' handle, c.1900, with pseudo early Dutch hallmarks. L-10.9cm; W-24g. ~ good condition. Est. 25-35.25

118.Russian silver parcel-gilt tea strainer, c.1825. L-14.6cm; W-24g. ~ good condition. Est. 35-45.25

119.Pair of Russian silver & niello fiddle pattern teaspoons, Moscow c.1860. L-14cm; W-28g. ~ condition good, marks worn. Est. 30-40.30

120.Russian silver single stuck dessert spoon, c. 1860. L-18cm; W-58g. ~ heavy gauge, marks worn, minor wear to bowl tip, but still a nice spoon. Est. 25-35.25

121.Set of 6 Sweedish silver double struck dessert spoons with bow and swags on the terminal, c.1907. L-18cm; W-219g. ~ good condition. Est. 60-80.50

122.Set of 6 American silver coffin-end teaspoons, c.1815, possible by Richard Ward of Boston. L-13.7cm; W-77g. ~ condition good, clear maker's mark. Est. 120-140.120

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