CHELSEA ANTIQUES FAIR, 17th - 22nd September


Caroline Penman has very kindly given all Silver Spoon Club members free tickets to the Chelsea Antiques Fair, Chelsea Old Town Hall, Kings Road, London, SW3, which will also included a glass of wine on Thursday or Friday evening, between 6pm and 8pm. - Tickets are enclosed with The Finial. (Don't forget to thank her, if you are able to visit the fair. -Ed).

Opening times are:
Wednesday 12-8pm; Thursday & Friday 10.30am-8pm, Saturday & Sunday 10.30am-3pm.


Graham Bliss, Can anyone please help?
This is one of those spoons that I thought I would be able to identify but so far have not.

Tablespoon size, feather edge on the front and back of the handle and around the back of the bowl. Engraved floral pattern on the upper front of the handle around an oval cartouche and a similar pattern and cartouche on the back. The floral pattern extends over the back of the bowl. The cartouche on the front is decorated with an applied garnet in a simple setting. A second garnet is lower down the handle. The only marks are the letters 'HIP' struck in incuse as a bottom mark on the back of the handle. The spoon is richly gilded. The handle shows wear, the inside of the bowl glows. 19cm long and weighs 40g.

My guess has always been - French; 19th century; religious use?

As Daniel has provided the photography the spoon will be with him, should any helpful club member wishes to examine it.


The Finial, August/September 2003

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