Amendments To Hallmarking of London
Flatware Survey, 1776-1835

By Ian Mc Alpine, M.A.

Since the publication in The Finial during 2001 and 2002 of my eight-part investigation into hallmarking of London flatware during the late Georgian period further research has enabled me to make some minor amendments to my original articles.

These are as follows:-

1. Vol. 12/04, pp 124-125
1791 (q) tongs have letter shield with clipped top corners and wavy base. The curved base letter shield began in 1792 (r) and lasted until cycle XVI ended in 1795.

2. Vol. 12/05, pp162-163
Wavy base shield on tongs began in 1798 (c) and lasted until 1808 (N).

3. Vol. 13/01, p.11
Standard mark shield on large flatware from 1776 to 1781 had a wavy base.

4. Vol. 13/01, p.11
Separate incuse duty head may be found after the main stub mark instead of before it on large flatware from 1784 (i). Does this variation exist for 1785 (k) and for small flatware from either or both these dates?
The occasional occurrence of reversed marks on London flatware from 1815 (u) was noted by me in Vol.13/03, p.9.

It is notable that despite their relatively large size London butter knives were marked in the same way as small spoons during the period under consideration.

My research continues into the use of 'long' and 'short' standard marks on small London spoons before 1782.


Robert Hamilton asks:
I collect patterns of flatware mainly in dessert size and preferably knife, fork & spoon where possible.

If, like me, some of you have odd pieces and would be prepared to sell, I would like to make up sets by obtaining:- forks in Onslow, Elizabethan & Queens; Spoons in Quilt & Hourglass; Knives on Elizabethan, Queens, Hough-glass, Old English Shell, Old English Thread & Shell, Rose, Kings Husk, Princes, Old England.

I am also interested in acquiring any piece in Foxhunt, Boarhunt, Staghunt, Vine & Coburg.

I have some duplicated and will sell to someone who wants to make up a set or like me to add to a collection (You can always sell them in the Club Auction - Ed).


The Finial, August/September 2003

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