Hon. President: Anthony Dove F.R.S.A.

Editor: Daniel Bexfield.Volume 14/03
Photography: Michael Golding.December/January/February 2003/04
Assistant: Robert Nevin.


Front Cover1
An unusual London tablespoon from 1781 by Ian McAlpine3
A tale of two west countrymen by Tim Kent4/5/6
The Richard Whittington spoons by Cathy Chivers7
Double trouble by Anthony Dove8/9/10/11
Tablespoons by David Whitbread12/13
Mote spoons by James Wilks by D. Bexfield & N. Buxton14/15
Two sizes of small William Darby patent spoons by Derek Fry16/17
Something of value by Silas Marner18/19
Andrew Archer by Mark Nevard19
A seasonal topic of hens, turkeys & geese by John Sutcliffe20/21
Toasting fork from the Weeks museum - A postscript by A. Dove21
3rd silver spoon club members' meeting25
Review - Woolley Wallis - 23rd October 200326/27/28/29
Review - Woolley Wallis - continued30/31/32
Review - Thomson Roddick & Medcalf - 10th November 200333/34/35
Review - Thomson Roddick & Medcalf - continued36/37/38
Review - Thomson Roddick & Medcalf - continued39/40/41
Results - Club postal auction (14th November 2003)42
The Club Postal Auction43/44/45/46
The Club Postal Auction47/48/49/50
The Club Postal Auction51/52/53/54
The Club Postal Auction55/56/57/58
Postal auction information59
The next postal auction - 16th April 200460
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See: 'Mote Spoons by James Wilks' by Daniel Bexfield & Nicholas Buxton, page 14.
  • A Collection of ten mote spoons, circa 1722-1760 by James Wilks.


  • The Finial, December/January/February 2003/04

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