Review - Woolley & Wallis, Early Spoons Sale
& The Cook Collection
23rd & 24th October 2003

(Please note that the achieved price does not include the 17.625% buyers premium.)
29.An Elizabeth I/James I unascribed provincial seal top spoon, with a squat, hexagonal, gilt seal decorated with fluting, the stem tapering, with a rudimentary 'V' rattail, unascribed, 1590-1610, 15cm long; 1oz. marks struck once in the bowl with a cinquefoil or petal mark within a circular punch. 400-500.760
30.A William IV marrow teaspoon, probably from a campaign set, by William Theobalds & Lockington Bunn, London 1836. 10cm long; 0.5oz. 150-200.240
31.A William III trefid spoon, with a bead and reeded rattail and pricked initials 'WB' over 'MP', by John Cory, London 1695-1700 (no date letter);20.5cm; 2.2oz 250-300.280
32.A William III/Queen Anne, unascribed provincial wavy end dessert spoon, with a plain rattail, initialled "AS", maker's mark only struck twice 'TO', unascribed 1700-1710; 0.7oz. 150-170.200
33.A William III/Queen Anne unascribed wavy end tablespoon, initialled "R" over "T.M", with a plain rattail, maker's mark only "M F?" [struck thrice], probably provincial 1700-1710; 1.2oz. 150-200.190
34.A George III mote spoon with a double drop bowl, pierced with crosslets and scrolls, probably by William Pickett, London 1770, (maker's mark only struck twice), 14cm long; 0.5oz 100-150.180
35.A George I marrow scoop, with one stubby and one long, thin bowl, by James Morson, London 1720, 23cm long; 1.8oz 100-150.160

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37.A rare Victorian Scottish provincial teaspoon, with an elongated fiddle, initialled 'DS', by James Sturrock, Montrose (JS, device, device) c.1860, 0.3oz. 100-120.N/S
38.A rare George IV Scottish provincial, fiddle teaspoon, initialled, by Thomas Stewart Elgin (TS. ELN) c.1820; 0.5oz. 90-120.110
39.Duty Drawback: An extremely rare George III dessert knife with a reeded handle, loaded and crested, by Moses Brent London 1784/5 (drawback mark and incuse duty head)* the drawback mark (an incuse standing figure of Britannia) was only used on exported articles from 1st Dec 1784 until 24th July 1785. * See Jackson's Revised pp 42 for an explanation of its use. 200-250.220

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40.A rare George III Scottish provincial tablespoon, with a pointed end, initialled 'IA' by Alexander Campbell, Greeneck, (AC, G, Greenoak, sailing ship, anchor) c.1800; 1.75oz. 170-200.160
41.A 19th century unascribed, fiddle toddy ladle, initialled "H" struck and over struck, with various marks, possibly Scottish/Colonial 1830-60, 1.2oz. 120-130.N/S
42.A rare, George III Scottish provincial teaspoon, Old English pattern initialled 'IEA', by Charles Fowler, Elgin (CF, ELN, CF), c.1790, 0.4oz. 50-70.65
43.A George I mote spoon, with a plain rattail, initialled "W" on the drop and pierced with scrolls, lions head erased mark only, London c. 1725, 14cm long, 0.25oz. 200-300.180

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49.A Charles I, tentatively ascribed West Country seal top spoon, the large decorated terminal with traces of gilding, pricked 'MB' over '1633' on a slender stem with a rounded bowl, struck once in the bowl and thrice on the back of the stem with a scallop shell mark* by an unidentified maker, Gloucester/Gloucester area c 1633, 17.3cm long, 1.6oz. * See Jackson's Revised pp 317 for illustrations and photographs of this mark as seen on spoons 1630-1640. 1600-1800.N/S

Lots 50

50.A James I maidenhead spoon, the gilt terminal on a slender faceted stem with a rudimentary 'V' rattail, maker's mark 'C' enclosing 'W' for William Cawdell, London 1607, 16.5cm long, 1oz*This spoon has mild surface corrosion and was probably excavated. 900-1000.760
79.A scarce set of four early George II Irish three-prong table forks, with wavy-ends, engraved on the back of the terminals with an armorial within a rocaille cartouche, by John Hamilton, Dublin 1730-31, 19.4cm long, 8oz. 1200-1400.1300
134.A 17th century, continental silver-gilt apostle spoon, on a five sided stem with a pronounced rattail, unmarked, probably Swiss, mid 17th C, 16cm, 0.75oz. 200-250.200
135.A James I Apostle spoon of good gauge, St. Thomas with spear and pierced spoked nimbus, traces of gilding, on a thick, straight sided stem, maker's mark crescent enclosing a 'W' for William Cadwell, London 1609, 18.2cm, 2oz. 2000-2500.3700
136.An early Charles II seal top spoon with pricked initials on the terminal and a small 'V' rattail, traces of gilding, by Steven Venables, London 1664, 16.5cm, 1.25oz. 600-700.760

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144.A pair of William IV ascribed North Country fiddle dessert spoons, crested by John Sutter, of Liverpool (Chester hallmarks for 1836) 3oz. 80-120.210
149.A rare George III Scottish provincial oar pattern dessert spoon, initialled, by William Hill, Montrose (rose, WM, rose) 1815-1820, 1oz. 150-180.170
150.A rare set of five George III Scottish provincial teaspoons, Old English pattern, initialled, by William Hannay, Paisley (WH. S Anchor) c.1800, 2.5oz. 250-350.190
151.A George III Scottish provincial tablespoon, by Donald Frazer, Inverness (DF, INS) c.1810, 2oz 100-150.130
152.A rare George IV Scottish provincial fiddle mustard spoon, with a gilt, drop shaped bowl, by John Sellar Wick (JS WICK), c.1825, 0.5oz. 250-300.580

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154.A pair of George III Scottish provincial toddy ladles, fiddle pattern, by George Booth, Aberdeen (GB,AB,GB,AB) c.1800, 2oz. 150-180.130
155.A George III Irish provincial fiddle pattern teaspoon, with script initials, by Isaac Soloman, Cork (SOLOMON, STERLING) c.1810, 0.5oz. 80-100.N/S
156.A scarce Victorian Scottish provincial fiddle tablespoon, initialled, by Joseph Pozzi Elgin (JP ELN. thistle) c 1840 together with a fiddle teaspoon, initialled, by Joseph Pozzi & Robert Stewart, Elgin (JP, ELN, RS), 2.2oz. 80-120.75

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157.An interesting George III punch ladle, with a coin inset bowl and a twisted whalebone handle struck with three marks 'WT'*, 'T', & 'S', unascribed, probably provincial, 36.5cm long, Chester region c.1790. *This 'WT' mark is similar to William Twemlow's mark, if not the same. 80-120.170
158.A very rare George IV Scottish provincial fiddle dessert spoon, initialled 'H', by Alexander MacRae, Inverness (AMR, Running horse, H, H)*, c.1825, 1oz. * For an illustration of these marks See Moss G.P & Roe AD: Highland Gold & Silversmiths pp 72. 150-250.150
159.An early 19th century Scottish provincial toddy ladle, elongated fiddle pattern, by an unascribed maker, Aberdeen (JF, AB, DN), 1820-40, 1oz. 60-80.160

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160.A rare George III 'William Darby's patent' teaspoon, with an engraved feather-edge of initial 'F', by William Darby, Sheffield 1785, 0.3oz. *For details of Darby's patent See Pickford, I: Silver Flatware pp 20-21. 250-350.400
167.A late Charles II trefid spoon, with a scroll decorated rattail, pricked 'PB' over '1686' on the back of the terminal, by an unascribed maker ("TN" above an arrow head and below a crown), London 1683, 18.1cm long, 1.25oz. 400-500.580
168.A rare Charles II ascribed North Country early trefid spoon, with a ribbed rattail, the flared terminal with two very small 'nicks' scratched 'K' over 'AI, by John Plummer, York 1668, 19cm long, 1.6oz. 1700-1900.1600
190.A Geo. I large silver basting/hash spoon, with a knopped tapering stem and turned wooden handle, the large deep oval bowl with rattail, by Humprey Payne, Lon. 1720, 39.4cm, 5oz. 1800-2000.1800
197.A James I/Charles I ascribed West Country Buddha knop spoon, the figure with traces a gilding on a broad tapering stem, the back of the bowl pricked with initials 'IS' and scrolls, maker's mark RC on the back of the stem and a fruitlet mark in the bowl, by Richard Chandler, Plymouth c.1625, 19cm long, 1.75oz. 1000-1500.1150

Lot 198 Lot 198 (detail)

198.A Charles I ascribed Wessex area seal top spoon, the large gilt terminal with fluting an 'extended' sections, pricked 'MB' over 'IB' and indistinctly dated, maker's mark 'AA' [struck twice] scallop shell mark [struck twice], by Anthony Arden, Sherborne c.1630, 17.5cm, 1.6oz. 1200-1500.1200

Lot 219 Lots 220, 221 Lot 221

219.An extremely rare William III Scottish provincial knife, fork and by-knife, decorated with corded wire inlay, the blades with cutler's mark (a 'B' below a similar) the silver end caps with maker's mark ('DB' within a heart shaped punch) for David Bigger or Biggart* of Kilmaurs, c.1700, contained in original fitted, tooled leather travelling case, the knife 21cm long, the fork 18.2cm long, the by-knife 14.3cm long. * Literature See Moore, Simon: Cutlery for the table, a history of British table and pocket cutlery pp 190 for an illustration of a very similar mounted tortoiseshell knife and fork ascribed to this maker I am indebted to Simon for positively identifying and ascribing this particular lot. 3000-4000.5000
220.An early 17th century continental hoof end spoon, with a shaped and faceted stem, a rounded bowl and a faceted rattail, scratched on the terminal 'IM' and engraved behind the terminal with the script initials 'ICK', maker's mark only 'WB' [conjoined], unascribed, possibly South German/Alpine, c.1630, 15.7cm, 1oz. 600-700.600
221.A Charles I, ascribed South Eastern provincial, seal top spoon, with a gilt terminal, struck in the bowl with a 'fleur-de-lys' and on the back of the stem, by William Dodson I, Lewes c.1630, 16.2cm, 1.25oz. 1200-1500.1550
1007.A Charles I ascribed West Country seal top spoon, the gilt terminal pricked 'CM' over '1671' over 'SW', struck in the bowl with a 'T' in a pelleted circle and on the back of the stem with 'T' 'D' and 'T' marks, by Thomas Dare (I), Taunton 1630-1640, 17.6cm long, 1.2oz. 1200-1500.1550
1008.A late Elizabeth I seal top spoon, the chased terminal with traces of gilding, pricked 'KT', maker's mark, a crescent enclosing a 'W' for William Cawdell, London 1600, 16.5cm, 1.4oz. 700-900.1750
1013.A George I strainer spoon, with a long, turned wooden handle the bowl with a ribbed rattail, pierced with rows of drilled holes, maker's mark only, by Francis Garthorne, London c.1725, 36.2cm long. 600-800.700
1017.A Queen Anne marrow spoon, with a plain moulded rattail, scratched 'M.H' on the back of the bowl, Henry Clarke, London 1712, 21.2cm long, 1.4oz. 200-250.320
1024.A Queen Anne/George I miniature or toy spoon, with a plain rattail and a lozenge shaped terminal, maker's mark only, '?B', unascribed 1710-20, 4.8cm long. 100-150.200

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