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To take place on Friday 30th January 2004

Your written, email or faxed bids are invited for the following lots - bids to be with us, please, by no later than 12.00pm, on the day of sale. Please note that purchase prices are subject to a 10% buyers premium, plus VAT on the premium and 5.00 for postage & packing per consignment. See page 59 for details.

Members are welcome to come and view the lots on offer at 26 Burlington Arcade.

1.Victorian silver 'Victoria 1837-1897' jubilee teaspoons, Sheffield 1896 by John Round. L-12.6cm; W-20g. ~ matt gilded bowl, condition good. Est. 25-35.25

2.Edwardian silver 'Edward VII' teaspoon with embossed with Alexandra, Birmingham 1901 by 'W.D'. L-10.2cm; W-7g. ~ in good condition. Est. 20-30.20

3.Elizabeth II silver & enamel 'lion finial' teaspoon, Birmingham 1977 by 'TK&S' with jubilee mark.; W-46g. ~ very heavy finial, bowl a little disappointing compared to finial, condition & marks good. Est. 30-40.28

4.Chinese export silver 'golf club' teaspoon by 'WN' initialled 'K.C.C.G.S', circa 1910. L-13.3cm, W-16g. ~ in good condition. Est. 35-45.35

5.Edwardian silver 'Sterling Castle & William Wallace' teaspoon, Birmingham 1907 by Levi & Salaman. L-10.5cm; W-8g. ~ in good condition. Est. 15-25.15

6.Silver & enamel 'P & O Chusan' shipping teaspoon, Birmingham 1957. L-13cm; W-24g. ~ good gauge and condition. Est. 15-25.15

7.A silver 'crocodile handle' teaspoon, marked sterling & .800. L-12.2cm; W-15g. ~ in good condition. Est. 15-25.15

8.Edwardian silver 'Grave digger of Peterborough' teaspoon, Sheffield 1907 by 'CB&S'. L-12cm; W-16g. ~ good gauge & condition. Est. 15-25.15

9..800 silver gilt & enamel 'Delhi, The Jumma Masjid' teaspoon, circa 1920. L-11.2cm; W-14g. ~ beautifully enamelled, in good condition. Est. 30-40.25

10.Small Russian teaspoon, Moscow c. 1890's. L-10.6cm; W-7g. ~ good condition. Est. 20-25.18

11.Russian silver niello teaspoon with twisted and faceted stem, Moscow c.1880. L-14cm; W-21g. ~ a very nice spoon. Est. 50-60.45

12.Russian silver tablespoon with engraved decoration, circa 1900. L-22.3cm; W-79g. ~ in reasonable condition. Est. 30-40.30

13.French silver Queens pattern dessert spoon, Paris circa 1819-1938 by 'CL'. L-18.5cm; W-55g. ~ crisp decoration, minor knocks to bowl, good condition overall, clear marks. Est. 25-35.25

14.Pair of French silver dessert spoons, circa 1870 by 'HC'. L-18.5cm; W-93g. ~ in good condition. Est. 35-45.35

15.French silver handled ladle with the bowl in the shape of a mussel, circa 1900. L-20.7cm. ~ bowl decorated with flowers and ribbon, many minor knocks to handle. Est. 25-35.25

16.American silver fiddle pattern teaspoon, New York c.1860-62 by Gale & Willis. L-16cm; W-21g. ~ condition good, has been slightly over polished. Est. 14-18.12

17.American silver fiddle pattern teaspoon, circa 1844-1851 by Willard & Hawtry and marked 'Premium'. L-15cm; W-17g. ~ good condition and marks. Est. 14-18.12

18.Scottish silver Old English pattern tablespoon, Edinburgh 1758 by James Gilsland, crested with a coronet. L-21.6cm; W-69g. ~ good cond., date letter worn, has a good feel. Est. 45-65.45

19.Scottish silver Old English pattern tablespoon, Edinburgh 1785 by James Hewitt. L-21.7cm; W-73g. ~ has incuse duty mark, good condition. Est. 35-45.33

20.Two Georgian silver & steel two pronged pistol grip table forks, circa 1770. L-21cm. ~ both handles have holes and small splits. Est. 40-50.40

21.Aberdeen silver fiddle pattern dessert spoon, by Rettie & Son with Edinburgh marks for 1840. L-17.5cm; W-34g. ~ excellent marks, good condition, a couple of marks to bowl. Est. 35-45.30

22.Victorian child's Old English Bead dessert spoon with engraved bowl and handle, London 1845 by 'WH'. L-15.3cm; W-30g. ~ knocks to bowl, reasonable condition. Est. 20-25.20

23.Scottish silver fiddle pattern toddy ladle, Edinburgh 1839 by James Howden & Co. L-15.5cm; W-32g. ~ lovely lion crest, very good condition and marks. Est. 40-50.35

24.Scottish silver fiddle pattern toddy ladle, Edinburgh 1824 by W. Marshall & Son. L-15.5cm; W-24g. ~ good marks and condition. Est. 25-45.35

25.Scottish silver fiddle pattern toddy ladle, Edinburgh 1815 by Mitchell & Russel. L-18.2cm, W-27g. ~ makers mark worn, slightly over polished. Est. 25-30.25

26.Scottish silver fiddle pattern sauce ladle, Edinburgh 1843 by James Howden & Co. L-18cm; W-59g. ~ a clean and good ladle. Est. 40-50.35

27.George III silver bright-cut sugar tongs, London 1793 by George Wintle. L-12.8cm; W-25g. ~ in good condition. Est. 30-40.25

28.Victorian silver 'leaf' sherry label, Birmingham 1895 by George Unite. Width-5.2cm; W-8g. ~ in crisp decoration in excellent condition. Est. 40-50.35

29.George IV silver sherry label with gadrooned border, London 1825 by George Knight. Width-4.2cm; W-8g. ~ in good condition, metal chain. Est. 40-45.40

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