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30.George I silver Hanoverian Rattail pattern tablespoon, London 1717 by Pierre Platel. L-20.2cm; W-58g. ~ marks slightly worn, minor wear to bowl tip, a nice spoon. Est. 150-170.150

31.Scottish silver teaspoon, bottom marked by 'AZ'. L-13cm; W-12g. ~ good mark and condition, very minor wear to bowl tip.. Est. 15-25.12

32.Scottish silver sugar tongs with shell bowls, Edinburgh 1813 by A. Henderson. L-14.7cm; W-42g. ~ a clean pair of tongs, marks have a little wear, but readable. Est. 20-30.20

33.Set of 6 American sterling silver pastry forks, circa 1930/40 by A. Stowell & Co. L-15.5cm; W-182g. ~ all in good condition. Est. 45-55.45

34.Queen Anne Britannia silver Hanoverian Rattail pattern teaspoon, London 1717 by Henry Clarke I. L-11.6cm, W-10g. ~ bowl a little out of shape, a sweet little spoon. Est. 50-60.50

35.George III silver 3-pronged dessert fork, London 1767 by William Tant. L-16.7cm; W-30g. ~ a nice quality rare fork, signs of removal of crest, but not recently. Est. 100-125.100

36.George I silver 3-pronged dessert fork, London c.1725 by Samuel Hitchcock. L-16cm; W-26g. ~ repairs across hallmarks, only maker's mark readable. Est. 80-90.80

37.12 matched silver Old English pattern dessert spoons all by Walker & Hall, Shef. 1898/89/ 1900/02/04/05 & Chester 1906.L-17.8cm; W-580g (18.64oz). ~ good condition. Est. 175-200.175

38.George IV silver Honeysuckle Kings pattern table fork, London 1824 by William Chawner. L-20.5cm; W-96g. ~ in good condition, minor wear to prongs. Est. 50-60.50

39.Pair silver Elizabethan pattern butter knives, London 1975 by Garrard & Co. Ltd. L-14.5cm; W-61g. ~ both in good condition. Est. 70-80.70

40.Irish silver Old English pattern teaspoon, with mid stem hallmarks, Dublin c.1800 by Samuel Neville. L-13.7cm; W-20g. ~ good condition and clear marks. Est. 25-35.25

41.Chinese Export silver fiddle pattern teaspoon with pseudo hallmarks, c. 1820. L-13.3cm; W-26g. ~ thick gauge, crest removed sometime ago, tiny wear to bowl tip, good spoon. Est. 15-25.15

42.George II silver Hanoverian pattern tablespoon, London c.1750 with maker's mark overstruck with Edinburgh maker's mark 'K&D for Ker & Dempster. L-19.8cm; W-58g. ~ overall in good condition and good gauge, minor wear to bowl tip. Est. 150-170.140

43.Australian silver fiddle pattern teaspoon, circa 1860 by J. Walker of New South Wales. L-13.6cm; W-18g. ~ a rare spoon, good marks & condition. Est. 100-120.95

44.Scottish silver fiddle pattern soup ladle with decoratively engraved fiddle, Edinburgh 1811 by Hugh & Michael Strain. L-34.5cm; W-238g. ~ in good condition. Est. 300-350.300

45.Queen Anne Britannia silver Hanoverian Rattail pattern tablespoon, Newcastle 1705 by Francis Batty II. L-20cm; W-54g. ~ an early Hanoverian for Newcastle, marks readable, old scarf joint repair above the hallmarks and bowl has some wear and knocks. Est. 200-250.200

46.Scottish silver single struck teaspoon, Glasgow 1833 by J. Mckell, crest for 'Skeen' of Scotland. L-14.6cm; W-26g. ~ good marks & condition. Est. 30-50.25

47.Inverness silver mashing spoon, c.1780 by Thomas Borthwick. L-16.5cm; W-24g. ~ bowl has wear to tip and seen a bit of life. Est. 60-80.60

48.Colonial Indian silver Old English pattern tablespoon, circa 1805 by Gordon & Lovell of Madras. L-21.7cm; W-58g. ~ good condition & marks. Est. 90-110.90

49.Silver 'Robert Burns House' teaspoon with a heart shaped bowl., Birmingham c.1910 by 'R.C' or 'B.C'. L-10.7cm; W-10g. ~ kink to stem, marks worn. Est. 15-20.15

50.Scottish cast silver 'lion rampant' teaspoon with Scotland's coat of arms in bowl, Edinburgh 1928 by 'J.M'. L-11.7cm; W-16g. ~ in good condition. Est. 15-25.15

51.Scottish silver Celtic point pattern dessert spoon, Edinburgh 1876 by Mackay & Chisholm. L-17.4cm; W-36g. ~ good marks & condition, needs a clean. Est. 30-40.30

52.Dundee silver fiddle pattern dessert spoon, by Robert Donaldson with Edinburgh marks for 1817. L-18.8cm; W-38g. ~ good condition and marks, minor knocks to bowl. Est. 30-40.30

53.South African silver fiddle pattern dessert spoon, Capetown c. 1825 by Lawrence Twentyman. L-16.4cm; W-37g. ~ good marks and condition. Est. 35-45.30

54.George III silver 'French style' Fiddle pattern tablespoon, London 1807 by William Eley & William Fearn. L-20.6cm; W-77g. ~ good marks & gauge, an excellent spoon. Est. 55-65.50

55.George III silver Fiddle pattern tablespoon, London 1814 by George Day, engraved 'Bowman' in script. L-22cm; W-62g. ~ good marks and condition. Est. 45-55.40

56.George IV silver Fiddle pattern tablespoon, London 1826 by probably John Brydie, engraved 'Bowman' in script. L-22cm; W-73g. ~ good marks and condition. Est. 45-55.40

57.George III silver Old English pattern teaspoon, London 1790 by Peter & Jonathan Bateman. L-12.2cm; W-11g. ~ a rare makers mark which is partially overstruck by duty mark, bowl has had a few knocks to it. Est. 30-40.20

58.George III silver Old English pattern dessert spoon, London 1790 by Peter & Jonathan Bateman. L-16.9cm; W-27g. ~ rare makers mark, lovely spoon and marks. Est. 50-70.45

59.George II silver picture back & front Hanoverian pattern teaspoon, the front with acanthus mask and the back with shell & scroll, London c.1756 by Ben Cartwright. L-11.3cm; W-9g. ~ good marks, clear pictures on both sides, a pleasing spoon. Est. 35-45.30

60.George III silver bright-cut Old English pattern teaspoon with incuse duty mark, London 1785 by Benjamin Mountigue. L-12.3cm; W-9g. ~ bowl has minor knocks. Est. 20-30.17

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