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93.George III silver Old English pattern stuffing spoon with small bowl, London 1796 by Richard Crossley. L-28cm; W82g. ~ wear to bowl, good gauge. Est. 55-65.50

94.Queen Anne silver Dognose/Wavy-End long handled teaspoon, London 1704 by John Ladyman. L-11.6cm; W-11g. ~ surface corroded and scratched, probably from being buried, hence the low reserve. Est. 45-65.45

95.Victorian silver fiddle pattern sugar tongs, London 1874 by Henry & Henry Lias. L-14cm; W-36g. ~ condition reasonable. Est. 10-15.No reserve

96.George II silver mote spoon with Rattail, London c.1730 by possibly John Gorham. L-12.1cm; W-7g. ~ small split to one piece of piercing and fracture to stem. Est. 70-90.70

97.George III silver Hanoverian pattern tablespoon with hallmarks on the front of the stem, London 1779 by Walter Tweedie. L-21cm; W-68g. ~ excellent condition & marks. Est. 60-80.50

98.A rare very large George III Old Sheffield Plate serving fork, circa 1790. L-32cm. ~ made in two halves and soldered/joined down the length of the fork, kinks to two prongs. Est. 60-80.50

99.Silver Armada dish, London 1935 by 'R.C', retailed by Mackay & Chisholm of 59 Princes St, Edinburgh, engraved 'MD To EHM 4.10.39'. W-10.7cm; W-122g. ~ in good cond. Est. 50-60.50

100.Scottish silver Oar pattern dessert spoon, Edinburgh 1816 by Charles Dalgleish, L-18.1cm, W-33g. ~ good condition and marks. Est. 15-25.12

101.Scottish silver Oar pattern teaspoon, Edinburgh 1816 by George Barclay, thistle & date letter struck twice. L-13.8cm; W-17g. ~ good condition and marks. Est. 15-25.15

102.Scottish cast silver 'John Knox & house' souvenir teaspoon, Edinburgh 1909 by 'H.T'. L-11.7cm; W-22g. ~ condition and marks good. Est. 15-25.15

103.Dumfries silver Fiddle pattern salt spoon, circa 1820 by David Gray. L-9.8cm; W-7g. ~ good marks, bowl with minor kink to lip. Est. 50-60.48

104.Scottish silver Onslow pattern shell salt shovel, Edinburgh 1800 by William Robertson. L-9cm; W-11g. ~ a superb little spoon, excellent gauge, good marks, I want it!. Est. 35-45.20

105.Pair of Scottish silver sugar tongs with basket weave bowls, Edinburgh 1838 by James McKay. L-14.5cm; W-48g. ~ in good condition, unusual bowls, good marks. Est. 25-35.20

106.George III silver Onslow pattern soup ladle with shell bowl, London 1774 by Walter Tweedie. L-34cm; W-165g. ~ a lovely soup ladle in excellent condition, & scarf joint. Est. 400-450.350

107.Georgian silver Onslow pattern sauce ladle with shell bowl, London 1733 by Harvey Price. L-17.7cm; W-52g. ~ later conversion to Onslow circa 1770 with scarf joint, marks and condition are excellent, previously sold in The Finial 16/11/01. Est. 120-140.120

108.Georgian silver Onslow pattern sauce ladle with shell bowl, London 1734 by Isaac Callard. L-17.6cm; W-53g. ~ later conversion to Onslow circa 1770 with scarf joint, previously sold in The Finial 16/11/01, makers mark clear the others very worn. Est. 80-100.80

109.Pair of George IV silver Fiddle, Thread & Shell pattern salt spoons, London 1829 by Morris & Michael Emanuel. L-12cm; W-67g. ~ heavy gauge, excellent cond. & marks. Est. 65-85.65

110.Irish silver Fiddle pattern mustard spoon, Dublin 1842 by C. Cummins. L-12.7cm; W-21g. ~ good weight, condition and marks. Est. 25-35.20

111.17th century silver Trefid spoon with ribbed rattail, London c. 1685 by 'SW' with pricked dot initials 'SB' & decoration. L-20.1cm; W-45g. ~ good gauge and condition, makers mark very clear, date letter virtually disappeared, pretty initialling. Est. 360-400.340

112.Silver Kings shaped with flowers, acorn & leaves design dessert fork & spoon. Spoon - Lon. 1835 by Jonathan Hayne; Fork - Lon. 1839 by Samuel Hayne & Dudley Cater. Length of spoon 18cm; total weight 131g. ~ this pattern is described as 'Old English' pattern in Ian Pickford's book Flatware, p.130. ~ in good condition. Est. 80-100.80

113.Queen Anne Britannia silver Dognose/Wavy-End rattail pattern tablespoon, London 1706 by Thomas Sadler. L-20cm; W-61g. ~ very good condition, marks pretty good. Est. 240-270.220

114.William IV cast silver gilt 'Harlequin' teaspoon, London 1836 by Joseph Angell. L-10.9cm; W-24g. ~ in very good condition, nice quality. Est. 80-90.80

115.George II silver picture front & shell back Hanoverian pattern teaspoon, London c. 1750 by 'TW'. L-11.9cm; W-15g. ~ lovely condition & detail. Est. 40-50.35

116.George III silver picture back Hanoverian pattern teaspoon of an urn of flowers, Lon. c.1765 by Thompson Davis. L-11.5cm; W-8g. ~ one of the best urn of flowers I have seen. Est. 60-70.50

117.George IV silver Fiddle pattern tea caddy spoon with flowery prick dot decorated bowl, London 1829 by John, Henry & Charles Lias. L-9.8cm; W-13g. ~ good condition. Est. 55-65.45

118.Exeter silver gilt lace back & front Trefid spoon with ribbed rattail, circa 1680, marked 'crowned X' three times. L-18.7cm; W-43g. ~ good condition, two marks partially struck, minor wear to gilding. Est. 540-580.520


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