Hon. President: Anthony Dove F.R.S.A.

Editor: Daniel Bexfield.Volume 14/04
Photography: Michael Golding.March/April 2004
Assistant: Robert Nevin.


Front Cover1
The Ellis Catalogues by David Constable3
The cusped duty used at the assay offices from 1791 by A. Dove4/5/6/7
Chester gold & silver marks 1670 to 19627
Chester assay office - Incuse duty mark by Simon Davidson8/9
George Smith II and Thomas Eaton by Carl Belfield9
Stirring a passion (part one) by Robert Nevin10/11/12/13
Scottish maker's in the new Chester mark book by Edward Daw14
A curious tablespoon by Michael Baggott15
Richard Turner offers a note15
An interesting cast dessert spoon by Richard Turner16/17
The London duty marks for 1797 by Ian McAlpine17
Military tablespoons by Silas Marner18/19
Symposium - Silver in East Anglia19
The 'C' enclosing 'R' mark - an Elizabethan rarity by P. Percival20
The case for the caddy ladle by Michael Baggott22
Picture back spoons of the eighteenth century by Chris Bell23
Review - Lyon & Turnbull silver sale, 10th Dec '03 by Mr M.28/29/30/31
Review - Woolley & Wallis silver sale, 28th Jan '04 by R. Nevin32/33/34
Review - Woolley & Wallis silver sale - continued35/36
Results - club postal auction (30th January 2004)37
The Club Postal Auction38/39/40/41
The Club Postal Auction42/43/44/45
The Club Postal Auction46/47/48/49
The Club Postal Auction50/51/52
The Club Postal Auction53/54/55
The Club Postal Auction56/57/58
Postal auction information59
The next postal auction - 16th April 200460
First Tuesday60
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Yearly subscriptions60


  • A George I Britannia standard silver Hanoverian Rattail by Paul De Lamerie.
    London 1723, with cotemporary coat of arms for 'Plomer'.
    (See Lot 124 in the Postal Auction, page 55)


  • The Finial, March/April 2004

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