Review - Woolley & Wallis Silver Sale - 28th January 2004
With the Reference Library of Brand Inglis Esq.

Report by Robert Nevin.

(Continued from pages 32/33/34)

Reference Books
283.Bailey, Major C.T.P: Knives and Forks, for the Medici Society, London 1927. 50-70.70
284.Four volumes: Pickford, I: Silver Flatware, signed by the author, 1983, (dust wrapper) Hayward, J.F English Cutlery, a V & A publication. 1957, bound in tandem with Sotheby's catalogue; A Collection of Knives, Forks & Spoons, Property of Henry Nyburg, 1966, Brown, P British Cutlery by the York Linc Trust 2001 and Day, I Eat Drink & Be Merry, English Heritage, 2000. 30-40.45
285.Norie, J: Caddy Spoons, an Illustrated Guide, 1988, dust wrapper and a bound loan exhibition catalogue of tea caddy spoons, Goldsmiths Hall, London 1965. 30-40.190
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308.The Silver Society Journal, issue No's 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15 and the silver Society Proceedings 1979 to 1987 in six booklets, and a journal index. 100-200.320
414.How, Commander G.E.P How and Jane Penrice: Silver Spoons and Pre-Elizabethan Hallmarks on English Plate, privately printed, limited run of 550 copies, in three volumes 1952/53/57. 500-600.500
415.A rare, bound Sotheby's & Co spoon catalogue, 'The Choice Series of Rare Medieval a London Spoons Formally in the Celebrated Collection of the Late H.D.Ellis Esq. and now t Property of Lt: Col. J. Bennett-Stanford, Thursday 30th May 1935', with buyers names and prices realised, annotated. 150-200.400
416.Sotheby & Co, The Ellis catalogue of Provincial Silver Spoons, November 1935. 80-100.130
417.Sotheby & Co, The Ellis catalogue of Provincial Silver Spoons, November 1935, This catalogue was Thomas Lumley's copy and is dedicated 'TH WL personal' on the cover. 100-120.190
418.Various Spoon catalogues including: Sotheby & Co, The Ellis catalogue of Provincial Silver Spoons, November 1935, Phillips Auctioneers, eleven various catalogues (including The Alexander [James Collection, February 1979) Christies - The Ransford Colletion Collection March 1937, The Biggs Collection, September 1978, A South Kensington catalogue, April 1998; Sotheby & Co - The Walker Collection, July 1954, The Nyburg Collection, November 1966 and two other mixed owner sales 1965 & 1952: together with nine auction room Spoon sale catalogues pasted in a folder, some annotated including Sales of rare, important and early Spoons and notable Collections, eg: Clarke collection, Christies 1953, Walter Collection, Sotheby's 1954, Wilfred Harris Collection, Christies 1957, Hart Collection, Christies 1939, and Biggs, Christies, 1978. 150-200.640
419.The Finial: (The Silver spoon Club Journal) a run (believed to be complete) from issue No.1 July 1990 to September 2003 (the issues from July 1990 to October/November 1995 hardbound in five volumes. 80-120.480
530.Brand Inglis: Silver Notes and accompanying plates bound in twelve volumes together with five box files of notes/photographs relating to the business 'Brand Inglis'. 100-200.5,000
531.Sotheby's catalogues: A run of silver sale catalogues, cloth bound in sixty volumes, with gilt tooled spines, some annotated From The Sale of Fine Old English and Irish Silver of July 1923 to November 1998 - (including the Well Known Collection of Relics of Samuel Pepys, 1st April 1931). 400-600.11,500
532.Christie's catalogues: A run of silver sale catalogues, cloth bound in sixty-six volumes, with gilt tooled spines, some annotated From the Dunn-Gardener Sale of April 1902 to Nov. 1998. 400-600.13,000

Lot 696 Lot 697 Lot 698 Lot 699 Lot 700 Lot 701

687.A rare George IV caddy spoon, the leaf-shaped bowl stamped with the figure of a chinaman carrying a tea plant in a pot by Samuel Pemberton, Birmingham 1822, 7.75cm long. 800-1000.850
696.A James II trefid spoon, with a 'swollen' terminal stamped 'A' over 'I D' [backwards], and a ribbed rattail, by Edward Hubbald or Edward Harrison, London 1686, 18.7cm long, 1.2oz. 350-400.520
697.A George II mote spoon with a long, tapering stem, the bowl pierced with assorted shapes, unmarked 1730-1740, 6.5in (16.5cm) long, 0.25oz. 100-150.100
698.A William & Mary, ascribed West Country trefid spoon, with a lace front, and a v-rattail, the back of the terminal pricked 'AC' over 'IH' over '1619', by Daniel Slade of Exeter, ('DS' struck four times), c.1691, 7.75in (19.6cm) long, 1.25oz. 300-400.300
699.A Charles II tentatively ascribed 'decorated puritan' spoon, scratched with a stylised 'hatched' flower, on the front of the stem, pricked 'E' over 'AI' below '1658 on the back of the bowl and 'FD' on the back of the stem, struck once in the bowl with an incuse fieur-de-lys mark, probably from the Barnstaple Region, 1660-1665, 7.4in (18.8cm) long, 1.25oz. 500-600.840
700.An 18th century cannon-handled sweetmeat fork with two steel tines, makers mark only 'CW?' in a heart shaped punch, unascribed 1720/1750, (loaded), 4.25in (11 cm) long. 80-100.70
701.A Geo. I rattail tablespoon, scratched 'RC WC 1727', by William Toone, Lon. 1727, 1oz. 50-60.80
703.A set of six George III Irish provincial teaspoons, with pointed ends, by John Nicholson, Cork, (JN [Script], STERLING, JN [Script]) c. 1790, 2.25oz. 150-200.780
723.A Commonwealth, ascribed East Anglian seal top spoon, the slender terminal scratched 'AB' over 'ED', by an unascribed maker, Waveney Valley c.1650 (struck once in the bowl with a pelleted quatrefoil mark See Jackson's Revised pp 347) 6.75in (17cm) long, 1oz. 300-400.520
724.A Charles I ascribed, West Country seal top spoon with a decorated seal, pricked 'WS' over 'IC' over '1643' on the terminal, with a rounded bowl, by Anthony Arden, Sherborne, c. 1643, 6.5in (16.1cm) long, 1.4oz. 400-500.900
725.A Commonwealth/Charles II tentatively ascribed South Western provincial apostle spoon; the gilt figure with a plain nimbus pricked 'IB' over 'F.P', on a broad, tapering stem maker's mark twice 'CR' with mullets, and a chalice mark, possibly for Christopher Roberts Southampton/Bridgwater 1655-1665 (See Kent West Country Spoons & their makers pp 128/9 for details of this maker) 7.3in (18.5cm) long, 1.5oz. 600-900.1,200
726.An Elizabeth I/James I unascribed provincial seal top spoon, with a slender stem and a small, squat fluted terminal, struck once in the bowl with a crowned, pelleted, cinquefoil mark, unascribed 1580-1610, 6in (15cm) long, 0.7oz. 400-500.780

Lot 723 Lot 724 Lot 725 Lot 726


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