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127.George I Britannia silver Rattail Hanoverian pattern tablespoon, London 1717? by H. Clarke. L-19.8cm; W-60g. ~ bowl and marks with wear. Est. 80-90.80

128.Dundee silver Fiddle pattern tablespoon, circa 1830 by '?A'. L-22.2cm; W-66g. ~ in good condition & good narks. Est. 90-110.90

129.Winchester, Queen Anne silver Rattail Wavy End/Dognose spoon, by William Webb, initialled 'NM' over 'IA' over '1705' L-18.3cm; W-33g. ~ Fantastic marks, see Ian Pickford's Jackson page 278, in good condition, a rare spoon. Est.600-650.600

130.Book: 'Apostle Spoons, their evolution from earlier types and their emblems used by the silversmiths for the Apostles' By Charles G. Rupert. First Edition, 1929, 36 pages. Est. 65-85.65

131.Dumfries Interest: a rare document relating to a debt of 40 by Adam Burgess, jeweller of Dumfries, signed and dated by Adam Burgess 26th May 1842 ~ Est. 80-100.80

132.Scottish silver Celtic Point pattern tablespoon, Edinburgh 1763 by Lothian & Robertson. L-21.5cm, W-61g. ~ bowl good, removed initials on handle, readable marks. Est. 100-120.100

133.Pair of George III silver Old English pattern teaspoons, London 1811 by 'S?' overstruck by S. Godbehere, E. Wigan & J. Bult. L-11.5cm; W-22g. ~ in good condition. Est. 25-30.25

134.Scottish silver Fiddle pattern tablespoon, Edinburgh 1831 by John Law. L-22.2cm; W-69g. ~ good marks and condition. Est. 40-50.40

135.Scottish silver Fiddle pattern dessert spoon, Glasgow 1832 by J. Craddock. L-17.5cm; W-36g. ~ good marks and condition. Est. 20-25.20

136.Scottish silver single struck Grecian pattern teaspoon, Glasgow 1872 by Lawrence Aithinson. L-14.6cm; W-20g. ~ minor dent to tip of bowl, overall good condition. Est. 20-25.20

137.Indian Colonial silver Old English pattern tablespoon, Madras c.1810 by Johnson & Cox. L-22cm; W-54g. ~ in good condition. Est. 90-100.90

138.Pair of Dundee silver Celtic Point pattern teaspoons, circa 1810 by Alexander Cameron. L-14.1cm; W-22g. ~ removed initials, heavily polished, readable marks. Est. 50-55.55

139.Scottish silver caddy spoon with Celtic style cross handle, Edinburgh 1971 by a Shetland silversmith? 'SS', L-5.7cm; W-7g. ~ in good condition. Est. 140-160.140

140.Pair of silver Queen Anne pattern teaspoons, Sheffield 1913 & 1922 by Fattorini & Sons. L-13.5cm; W-46g. ~ wear to bowl tips, good gauge. Est. 40-45.40

141.Silver 'Mary Queen of Scots' teaspoon, Edinburgh 1920 by T.K. Edbutt. L-11cm; W-15g. ~ in good condition. Est. 15-20.15

142.American silver Fiddle pattern without shoulders teaspoon with picture front of a basket of flowers, circa 1830 by 'DBH'. L-14.4cm; W-12g. ~ in good condition. Est. 15-20.15

143.George I Britannia silver Hanoverian Rattail pattern tablespoon, London 1721, by Richard Scarlett. L-20.4cm; W-75g. ~ good condition, a nice spoon. Est. 60-80.60

144.George II silver Hanoverian pattern tablespoon, London 1744 by Samuel Roby. L-20cm; W-69g. ~ kink to bowl edge, otherwise a good spoon, date letter very worn. Est. 40-50.40

145.Scottish silver Fiddle pattern dessert spoon, Edinburgh 1818 by Roger Turvey. L-19cm; W-33g. ~ in good condition. Est. 25-35.25

146.German? Silver dessert spoon, circa 1860, marked '13' & 'Martin', engraved 'Lum, 28 Febr, 1863'. L-18cm; W-31g. ~ in good condition. Est. 15-25.15

147.Queen Anne Britannia silver Hanoverian Rattail pattern tablespoon, London 1711 by Isaac Davenport. L-19.7cm; W-77g. ~ marks with some wear, however a lovely spoon. Est. 120-140.120

148.Set of 3 silver George III silver Hanoverian pattern teaspoons, London c.1760, makers mark hard to read, initialled 'D'. L-12.2cm; W-33g. ~ nice gauge, good condition. Est. 45-55.28

149.Pair of George III silver Old English pattern teaspoons, circa 1760 by 'IXL'. L-12.2cm; W-26g. ~ in good condition, readable marks. Est. 30-35.22


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