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90.George III silver Fiddle pattern dessert spoon, Birmingham 1817 by 'E.T'. L-18cm; W-37g. ~ very good marks and condition. Est. 15-25.12

91.Irish silver Fiddle pattern tablespoon, Dublin 1807 by 'T&W', retailed by M. West. L-23.2cm; W-62g. ~ very good marks and condition. Est. 35-45.32

92.Irish silver Fiddle pattern egg spoon, Dublin 1821 by 'SN'. L-13cm; W-14g. ~ in good condition, makers mark worn. Est. 10-20.9

93.George III silver Old English pattern basting spoon with strainer, London c.1775 by Thomas Chawner. L-29.5cm; W-135g. ~ in very good condition, marks to squashed to read except makers mark, unusual strainer, has a good feel to it. Est. 100-140.100

94.Victorian close-plate Fiddle pattern serving spoon/fork, circa 1850 by 'Gilbert'. L-31cm. ~ plating starting to bubble on side lip of bowl, otherwise in good condition. Est. 30-40.30

95.Victorian silver-plated serving fork (or an enormous oyster fork), circa 1880 by 'AM & Co.' L-19cm. ~ in good condition, an interesting serving piece. Est. 30-40.30

96.George III Old Sheffield Plate, Old English pattern soup ladle, circa 1800, un-marked. L-14.5cm. ~ the handle made in two halves and seamed down the length of the handle, a small amount of bleeding at loin of handle to bowl on both sides, a small area of silver wire missing on bowl lip, a very rare soup ladle in good condition and with a lovely feel. Est. 50-100.50

97.George I silver Hanoverian pattern rattail dessert spoon and 3 pronged fork with 'ears' on bowl and fork, circa 1718 by Phillip Robinson, later inscription on both pieces 'LH.BE Sept 14 1889'. L-17.7cm; W-82g. ~ very unusual 'ears' design, lovely colour, gauge and feel, just the spoon is marked with makers mark, which is half worn. Est. 100-160.100

98.Pair of Dutch .833 silver Old English Thread sweet-meat forks, Circa 1844 by 'S.W'. L-12.5cm; W-20g. ~ in good condition, needs a clean. Est. 12-15.12

99.Pair of Scottish silver single struck Queens pattern teaspoons, Edinburgh 1869 by 'AMCM'. L-13.7cm; W-37g. ~ in good condition. Est. 20-25.20

100.Pair of George III silver Old English pattern dessert spoons, London 1813 by Josiah & George Piercy. L-18.2cm; W-74g. ~ wear and knocks to bowls. Est. 20-24.20

101.Exeter silver Old English pattern tablespoon, 1814 by William Woodman. L-22.5cm; W-58g. ~ wear to tip of bowl. Est. 20-24.20

102.Victorian silver Fiddle pattern tablespoon, London 1840 by James Beebe. L-22.7cm; W-66g. ~ good marks and condition. Est. 15-20.15

103.Pair of Victorian silver Old English pattern dessert spoons, London 1850 by George Adams. L-17.4cm; W-77g. ~ both with good marks and condition. Est. 20-30.20

104.A late 17th century silver Trefid spoon with a mother of pearl bowl, circa 1690, un-marked, Contemporary initials 'B' over 'RE'. This type of spoon is often called a caddy spoon or spice spoon and generally thought to be of West Country origin. Gask has a similar spoon illustrated but with plain handle, plate XXVIII. Clayton's Dictionary of Silver shows two spoons os a similar age on page 280. L-15.4cm. ~ in remarkably good condition. Est. 250-300.250

105.Victorian silver miniature Fiddle pattern sugar tongs, Birmingham 1881 by George Unite. L-7cm; W-9g. ~ in great condition and lovely. Est. 45-65.45

106.William IV silver Rose pattern sugar tongs, London 1834 by John, Henry & Charles Lias. L-13.5cm; W-65g. ~ a rare pattern, heavy and in good condition. Est. 65-75.65

107.Victorian silver Fiddle, Thread & Shell pattern pickle fork, Exeter 1857 by 'JW' over 'JW'. L-20cm; W-56g. ~ good gauge and condition. Est. 65-75.58

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