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To take place on Friday 16th April 2004

Your written, email or faxed bids are invited for the following lots - bids to be with us, please, by no later than 12.00pm, on the day of sale. Please note that purchase prices are subject to a 10% buyers premium, plus VAT on the premium and 5.00 for postage & packing per consignment. See page 59 for details.

Members are welcome to come and view the lots on offer at 26 Burlington Arcade.

1.Silver 'Edinburgh Merchants Golf Club' teaspoon, Sheffield by W.S.S & Co. L-12.6cm; W-15g. ~ in good condition. Est. 20-25.18

2.American sterling silver 'leaf' coffee spoon, circa 1900. L-9.5cm; W-8g. ~ a sweet little spoon, in good condition. Est. 15-20.15

3.Chinese Export silver 'leaf' teaspoon in a Japanese style, circa 1920 by 'CW'. L-12cm; W-14g. ~ in good condition. Est. 20-25.20

4.Elizabeth II silver & enamel 'Griffin finial' teaspoon, Birmingham 1977 by 'TK&S', Jubilee mark. L-14cm; W-47g. ~ heavy finial, bowl a little disappointing, good cond. Est. 30-35.28

5.Victorian silver 'lion crest' teaspoon, Sheffield 1896 by John Round. L-11.5cm; W-14g. ~ in good condition. Est. 12-16.12

6.Scottish Victorian silver sugar tongs, Glasgow 1870 by 'W.C'. L-14.2cm; W-50g. ~ good gauge and condition, unusual decoration. Est. 30-40.30

7.George III silver bright-cut sugar tongs with incuse duty mark, London 1784/5 by George Smith. L-14.6cm; W-33g. ~ in lovely condition. Est. 35-45.30

8.Victorian silver Fiddle, Thread & shell pattern table fork, London 1867 by George Adams. L-20.6cm; W-107g. ~ heavy gauge, condition good. Est. 25-30.25

9.Victorian silver 'thistle' teaspoon with gilt bowl, Birmingham 1897 by 'F.W.T.T'. L-11.2cm; W-10g. ~ in good condition. Est. 12-16.12

10.Edwardian silver bright-cut sauce ladle, London 1901 by 'TKB'. L-17.2cm; W-75g. ~ very thick gauge, in good condition. Est. 40-50.35

11.Russian silver teaspoon with engraving on the back of the bowl, Moscow 1890 by 'AP'. L-12.8cm; W-12g. ~ in good condition. Est. 20-30.18

12.Russian silver Fiddle pattern teaspoon, circa 1908-1917 with warrant mark. L- 15cm; W-33g. ~ good gauge and condition. Est. 15-20.12

13.George III silver Hanoverian pattern salt spoon with shell bowl, London 1782. L-8.7cm; W-6g. ~ makers mark worn, otherwise reasonable condition. Est. 30-35.28

14.Silver 'Society of miniature Rifles Club' teaspoon, Sheffield 1921 by 'W.T'. L-12.6cm; W-16g. ~ in good condition. Est. 15-20.15

15.Irish silver Fiddle pattern mustard spoon, Dublin 1839 by C. Cummins. L-13.3cm; W-15g. ~ in good condition, slight wobbles to bowl. Est. 15-25.15

16.Irish silver Fiddle, Thread & Shell pattern teaspoon, Dublin 1824 by by 'C.E' retailed by M. west. L-14.6cm; W-32g. ~ in good condition. Est. 20-25.20

17.Perth silver Fiddle pattern teaspoon, circa 1830 by John Pringle. L-14.6cm; W-17g. ~ very minor knocks and wear to bowl, good marks. Est. 40-45.38

18.George III silver bright-cut Old English pattern teaspoon, London 1816 by William Eaton. L-12.7cm; W-12g. ~ in good condition. Est. 15-20.15

19.Scottish silver bright-cut Celtic point pattern teaspoon, Edinburgh c.1790 by Alex. Gairdner. L-13cm; W-12g. ~ in good condition. Est. 20-30.20

20.George III silver bright-cut Old English pattern teaspoon, London 1785 by John Priestman with incuse duty mark. L-12.4cm; W-12g. ~ unusual design, good condition. Est. 15-25.15

21.Irish silver bright-cut Old English pattern teaspoon, Dublin c.1780 by John Shield and an incuse 'J.M'. L-13.4cm; W-15g. ~ wear to decoration, otherwise good condition. Est. 25-35.25

22.Victorian silver bright-cut Old English pattern teaspoon, London 1859 by Henry & Henry Lias. L-13.2cm; W-14g. ~ dent to bowl, unusual shape & design. Est. 15-25.15

23.Exeter silver single struck Queens pattern teaspoon with engraved decoration on reverse, 1871 by 'T.S'. L-15.5cm; W-29g. ~ in good marks & condition. Est. 12-20.12

24.George III silver oval beaded edge 'Sherry' label, London c.1790 by Thomas Phipps & Edward Robinson II. W-4.4cm; W-8g. ~ in good condition. Est. 60-70.60

25.Irish silver Fiddle pattern pierced fish slice, Dublin 1837 by George Nangle retailed by Tywcross. L-29.3cm; W-140g. ~ unusual piercing without any splits or repairs, couple of wobbles to tip of slice, 'TWY+' mark worn but others good. Est. 270-320.250

26.Pair of George II silver Old English pattern tablespoons, London 1759 by Ebenezer Coker & Thomas Hannam. L-20.8cm; W-140g. ~ lovely spoons & marks. Est. 75-100.75

27.George III silver shell & scroll-back Old English pattern tablespoon, London 1766 by 'T.E'. L-21.3cm, W-63g. ~ a good spoon, scroll and marks. Est. 40-60.40

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