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November/December 2005 (Volume 16/02) ~ Vol. 16/02 in PDF
The Bartletts - a noteworthy Exeter family.
John Mortimer of Exeter - an unrecorded mark?
Book review - 'Spoons 1650-2000' by Simon Moore.
The enigma of the lion.
The Pearsons of York.
The beginning of a passion.

September/October 2005 (Volume 16/01) ~ Vol. 16/01 in PDF
A great court 'A' - The first date letter of Britannia & 23ct silver.
Contemporary silver spoons - collected and commissioned.
Two makers, one spoon.
A Scottish provincial curiosity.
Review - Bonhams Scotland.
Review - Woolley & Wallis.

July/August 2005 (Volume 15/06) ~ Vol. 15/06 in PDF
An early duty or exportation punch?
Cape Silver.
Newcastle's duty head coupe.
Early Trefid Spoons.
John Round - The third apprentice of Patrick Brue.
Review - Christie's South Kensington.

May/June 2005 (Volume 15/05) ~ Vol. 15/05 in PDF
An interesting decorated Irish teaspoon.
Later Georgian Exeter flatware.
Regional fashion in teaspoons - does it Exist?
Worshipful Company of Vintners' tablespoon.
Exemptions from hallmarking.
Review - Thomson, Roddick & Medcalf sale.

March/April 2005 (Volume 15/04) ~ Vol. 15/04 in PDF
The later work of Edward Jackson.
Phineas Harris Levi.
Picture-back spoons.
Who was Harvey Price?
Review - Lyon & Turnbull sale.
Review - Woolley & Wallis sale - early spoons.

January/February 2005 (Volume 15/03) ~ Vol. 15/03 in PDF
Erratum Disclosed: Hows' "English & Scottish Silver Spoons".
In search of John Smith.
Shooting spoons.
Do any 18th/19th century 'Bradburys' still exist?
The use of the gothic 'b' date letter at the York assay office
Book review - 'The Albert Collection'.

November/December 2004 (Volume 15/02) ~ Vol. 15/02 in PDF
The 'Forget Me Not' stamp.
Regional fashion in teaspoons - did it Exist?
Book review - 'East Anglian Silver 1550-1750'.
Wrythan-stemmed spoons - The 'Ramsden twist'.
A Token of Royalist support.
Review - Thomson Roddick & Medcalf Sale.

September/October 2004 (Volume 15/01) ~ Vol. 15/01 in PDF
Birmingham 1868 - unusual shield shape.
A 1664 trefid spoon.
Philip Roker - posibly - but if so, which one?
Variations on a theme for the fiddle.
Stirring a passion (part four).
Review - Bonhams Scotland, 'The Scottish Sale'.

July/August 2004 (Volume 14/06) ~ Vol. 14/06 in PDF
Some unusual positioning of hallmarks on flatware.
Obituary - Mrs J.P. How.
The Elizabethan London specialist spoonmakers.
Duty dodgers an alternative view.
Stirring a passion (part three).
The Ellis Collection - Lot 246 & Sale Results.

May/June 2004 (Volume 14/05) ~ Vol. 14/05 in PDF
Ellis collection, Lot 34 - a personal note.
Who were the spoon owners?
More on tablespoons & soup spoons.
The spoon with 'N I' maker's mark.
Stirring a passion (part two).
'By jingo' - Boar war spoons.

March/April 2004 (Volume 14/04)
The Ellis catalogues.
The cusped duty used at the assay offices from 1797.
Chester assay office - incuse duty mark.
Stirring a passion (part one).
Military tablespoons.
Picture-back spoons of the 18th century.

December/January/February 2003/04 (Volume 14/03)
A tale of two West countrymen.
The Richard Whittington spoons.
Double trouble.
Mote spoons by James Wilks.
Two sizes of small William Darby 'patent' spoons.
Review - Woolley & Wallis, The Cook Collection.

October/November 2003 (Volume 14/02)
Spoonmakers' sources of supply.
A souvenir purchased from a Georgian museum.
A sheaf of arrows (maker's mark).
A Victorian silver 'shell' sifter spoon.
Review - Bonhams Edinburgh sale, The Scottish Sale.
Review - Lyon & Turnbull sale, The Murray Collection.

August/September 2003 (Volume 14/01)
A fleur-de-lys mark
Maker's mark a heart (part two).
William Derby 'patent' teaspoons.
Via Lambeth to Exeter.
18th century spoon sizes and their possible uses.
The 'F' (foreign import) mark on flatware.

June/July 2003 (Volume 13/06)
Hallmarking of small Newcastle spoons 1787-1831.
Maker's mark a 'heart' (part one).
The introduction of double mark punches.
A most unusual pair of sugar nips.
The Silver Society & The Silver Study Group.
Review - Woolley & Wallis early spoon sale.

April/May 2003 (Volume 13/05)
Unusual duty head on Exeter teaspoons.
English duty marks on Foreign silver.
William Cocke, another Elizabethan London spoonmaker?
A portrait of a silversmith, Christian van Vianen.
Picture-back spoons, more on later embellishments.
Review - Thomson Roddick & Medcalf sale.

February/March 2003 (Volume 13/04)
A variation in the duty head.
17th century silver fork/spoons.
In the manner of Paul De Lamerie.
The Griffin collection - part VI.
The uncrowned leopards head at the London Assay Office.
Book Review - Sussex Silver and its Makers.

December/January 2002/3 (Volume 13/03) ~ Vol. 13/03 in PDF
Examples of re-Imported marks on flatware.
Robert Gray of Glasgow or are they (continued).
Newcastle v Edinburgh - Langlands v Leslie.
When was the Fly Press first used for marking.
Silver or 18ct White Gold?
William Darby 'Patent' Teaspoons.

October/November 2002 (Volume 13/02) ~ Vol. 13/02 in PDF
Irish Duty Increase Marks & A Faked Version.
An Extremely Rare Spoon - A 'Falcon-Top'.
George II Sugar Nips - 'Four Generations'.
William Darby 'PATENT' Teaspoons.
Omar Ramsden 'Thistle' Spoon.
The Hallmarking of London Flatware 1822-1835 (Cycle XVIII).

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