Fine Antique Silver & Objects of Vertu

SOLD - £5001 Upwards

  • The items below have been sold, and remain here for reference purposes only.

    No. W064
    An Extremely Rare 17th Century Child's Silver Filigree Hornbook
    With Alphabet, Vowels & The Lord's Prayer

    Made circa 1690
    Price £14,750.00

    No. R059
    A Large George III Silver Soup Tureen with Bead Decoration and Acorn Finial
    Made by Charles Aldridge & Henry Green, London 1782
    Price £14,250.00

    No. U011
    Silver Parcel-gilt 4-Mast Nef with 13 Individual Sailors
    Made by Alfred, Francis & Arthur Pairpoint, London 1915
    Price £6,450.00

    No. U010
    An Early 18th Century Gold & Mother of Pearl 'Hunting Horn' Snuff Box
    With Gold Pique Work

    Made circa 1710
    Price £6,750.00

    No. P134
    Exceedingly Rare
    George III Silver Draught Excluder For A Tripod Tea/Spirit Kettle

    Made by John Parker I & Edward Wakelin, London 1762
    Price £7,950.00

    No. P056
    A Rare Large Irish silver Samovar/Tea Urn with Lion-mask Handles
    Made by Robert Breading, Dublin 1803
    Price £11,500.00

    No. T192
    Japanese Silver 'Water Dragons' Tea Caddy
    Made by Arthur and Bond, Meiji period, Yokohama c.1895
    Price £5,750.00

    No. P163
    The Tralee Horse Racing Cup
    An Irish 18th Century Silver 2-handled Loving Cup

    Made by Matthew West, Dublin 1791
    Price £6,250.00

    No. T145
    A Very Early Sheffield Hallmarked Silver Lidded Tankard
    Made by Henry Tudor & Thomas Leader, Sheffield 1774
    Price £8,750.00.00

    No. P212
    Russian Gilded Silver 4-Piece Tea & Coffee Set and Tray
    Made by 'F.K', St. Petersburg 1870 - 1876
    Price £21,500.00

    No. S140
    William III Silver Lidded Tankard
    Made by Thomas Brydon, London 1695
    Price £16,500.00

    No. J185
    An Enormous Victorian Silver Fusee Pocket Watch
    Made by Frederick Wilkins of London in 1864
    Price £14,500.00

    No. I019
    Prince William's (King William IV) Personal Silver & Steel Nutmeg Grater
    Made by Thomas Phipps & Edward Robinson of London in 1804
    Price £6,950.00

    No. P175
    French 18ct Gold & Cabochon Sapphires Lady's Evening Purse/Vanity Case
    Goldsmiths initials 'J.R', Paris c.1910
    Price £13,600.00

    No. M106
    Twelve George III Silver Dinner Plates
    Made by G. Heming & W. Chawner of London in 1781
    Price £19,200.00

    No. P100
    A Rare Queen Anne Britannia Standard Silver Chocolate Pot
    Made by Richard Green, London 1706
    Price £11,700.00

    No. P053
    12 place setting of Edwardian Silver Fiddle, Thread & Shell pattern Cutlery
    Made by George Jackson & David Fullerton, London 1908
    Price £8,750.00

    No. M109
    A Pair of George III Silver Candlesticks
    Made by William Cafe of London in 1760
    Price £7,950.00

    No. P101
    A Pair of George III Silver Entrée Dishes with Gadrooned borders
    Made by William Bennett, London 1808
    Price £5,600.00

    No. J061
    Edwardian Silver & Steel Foundation Stone Trowel For St Dunstan's Studio
    Made by Omar Ramsden & Alwyn Carr, circa 1904
    Price £8,650.00

    No. M103
    James I Silver Goblet
    Made circa 1610
    Price £6,450.00

    No. M107
    Large Victorian Silver Salver.
    Made by Charles Stuart Harris of London in 1899.
    Price £8,750.00

    No. L060
    Silver Stag Centrepiece / Candlestick.
    Made by J.A.C. of London in 2002.
    Price £5,950.00

    No. N058
    Pair Of George II Silver Mugs.
    Made by George Hindmarsh of London in 1753.
    Price £5,450.00

    No. M108
    A Large Silver Centrepiece.
    Made by B.Bros of London in 2000.
    Price £13,500.00

    No. M076
    Art Deco Silver, Shagreen & Gold Lady's Vanity Case.
    Made by Cartier of Paris circa 1930.
    Price £7,950.00

    No. K075
    French Silver Cockerel Centrepiece.
    Import mark for John Smith of London in 1898.
    Price £7950.00

    No. L056
    Arts & Crafts Silver & Copper Fruit Bowl.
    Made by William Hair Haseler, circa 1885.
    Price £5,950.00

    No. I100
    William IV Silver 84-Piece Single Struck Queens Pattern Cutlery Set.
    Assayed in London in 1832/33. By Lewis Samuel of Liverpool.
    Price £7450.00

    No. M062
    Set Of Four Irish George II Silver Candlesticks.
    Made by Matthew Fowler of Dublin, circa 1755.

    No. L024
    Irish Silver Cast Candlesticks.
    Made by Royal Irish Co. of Dublin in 1970.
    Price £5950.00

    No. E241
    A pair of George III silver telescopic candlesticks.
    Made by Richard Morton in Sheffield, 1805.
    Height unextended 7.5" (18.5cm). Height extended 9.75" (24.5cm).
    Price £6,450.00

    No. L147
    A Pair Of Edwardian Silver & Tortoiseshell Candlesticks.
    Made by William Comyns of London in 1908.
    Price £5,950.00

    No. J080
    Edwardian Silver 72-Piece Fiddle, Thread & Shell Cutlery Set.
    Made by The Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Company of London in 1901.
    Price £6450.00

    No. K228
    The Leslie Burgin 'Minister of Transport' Silver & Enamel Box.
    Made by Asprey & Co. of London in 1938.
    Price £12,450.00

    No. J222
    An Important Horse Racing Trophy.
    The 1934 Belmont Stakes Winners Silver Salver.

    Made by Lionel Alfred Crichton of London in 1932.
    Price £34,500.00

    No. H129
    William III Silver Lidded Tankard.
    Made by Thomas Brydon of London in 1695.
    Height 5.75" (14cm). Weight 23.79 troy oz (740g).
    Price £18,500.00

    No. J035
    Arts & Crafts Silver Candlestick.
    Made by Omar Ramsden of London in 1934.
    Price £5750.00

    No. J145
    Victorian Silver 99-Piece 'Kings' Cutlery Set.
    Made by Mappin & Web of Sheffield in 1899.
    Price £8500.00

    No. K223
    Commonwealth Silver Wine Taster.
    Possibly made by Thomas Maundy of London, circa 1658.
    Price £6750.00

    No. I093
    George lII Silver Wine Cooler.
    Made by Robert & Thomas Makepeace of London in 1794.
    Price £14,500.00

    No. K073
    Victorian Silver Centrepiece.
    Made by Charles Hancock of London in 1876/77.
    Price £8950.00

    No. K113
    A Pair of George III Silver 'Double' Telescopic Candlesticks.
    Made by George Eadon & Co. of Sheffield in 1812.
    Price £9850.00

    No. J239
    Twelve Silver Snail/Escargot Tongs & Picks.
    Made by George Frederick Lowe of Chester in 1937.
    Price £5950.00

    No. G331
    George II Cast Silver Candlesticks.
    Made by William Cafe in London, 1758.
    Height 8.25" (21cm). Total weight of silver 38.6 troy oz. (1200g)
    Price £5,950.00

    No. G338
    A pair of rare George II cast silver desk candlesticks.
    Made by William Gould in London, 1755.
    Height 5.6" (14cm). Total weight of silver 26.14 troy oz. (813g)
    Price £8,750.00

    No. J062
    Victorian Silver 84-Piece Single Struck Old English Bead Pattern Cutlery Set.
    Made by George Adams of London in 1873.
    Price £7650.00

    No. I050
    A pair of Victorian silver & cut glass comports.
    'Summer & Winter'
    Made by John Samuel Hunt of London in 1846.
    Price £28,500.00

    No. H152
    A Pair of George III Silver Cast Candlesticks.
    Made by John Scofield of London, 1769.
    Height 10" (25cm). Total weight of silver 35.3 troy oz. (1098g).
    Price £5,950.00

    No. G117
    A Pair of Silver Candelabras.
    Made by Herbert Charles Lambert in London, 1910.
    Height 20" (51cm). Length from branch to branch 16.5" (41.5cm).
    Price £7,950.00

    No. H104
    Antique Silver 84-Piece 'Fiddle' Pattern Canteen of Cutlery.
    Made by William Eaton of London Between 1833 - 44.
    (The knives are modern).
    Total weight of silver, excluding knives 102.7 troy oz. (3.2kg).
    Price £7,450.00
    (£88.69 per piece)

    No. H094
    Victorian Silver 101-Piece 'Hanoverian Rattail' Pattern Canteen of Cutlery.
    Made by George Lambert of London in 1899.
    (The knives are modern).
    Total weight of silver, excluding knives 141.75 troy oz. (4,400kg).
    Price £9,595.00
    (£95.00 per piece)

    No. F001
    George II silver coffee pot.
    Made by Edward Feline in London, 1733.
    Height 8.75" (21.5cm). Weight 25.5 troy oz. (793g).
    Price £7,950.00

    No. G167
    George II Silver Coffee Pot.
    Made by Gabriel Sleath in London, 1728.
    Height 9.5" (24cm). Weight 27.07 troy oz. (842g).
    Price £6,950.00

    No. H003
    A Silver & Rock Crystal Centrepiece.
    Made by Liberty & Co. of London in 1918.
    Height 12" (30cm). Weight 47.5 troy oz (1480g).
    Price £18,500.00

    No. H069
    A pair of Victorian silver 2'8" (81cm) 7-light candleabras.
    Made by R. and S. Garrard in London, 1876.
    (Reported to be from The Duke of Wellington's Regiment, Officers Mess).
    Height 2'8" (81cm). Weight approx. 499 Troy oz. (15,520g).
    Price £145,000.00

    No. H032
    Scottish Silver & Coconut Lidded Cup with 'Duncan' Family Crest as Finial.
    Made by William Marshall of Edinburgh, 1873.
    The cup belonged to 'The Duncans of Ardownie'
    Family motto "Vivat Veritas" (May Truth Flourish).

    Height 10.5" (27cm).
    Price £7,450.00

    No. H006
    18th Century Silver Parcel-Gilt Articulated Fish Smelling Box.
    Made circa 1750.
    Length 5" (18.5cm).
    Price £6,950.00

    No. H068
    Scottish Silver Soup Tureen.
    Made by Marshall & Sons in Edinburgh, 1843.
    Height 10" (25cm). Weight 98.75 Troy oz. (3,075g)
    Price £9,750.00

    No. B335
    A Victorian silver "Blackamoor" comport.
    Made by George Angell in London, 1877.
    Height 9" (23cm). Weight 28.5 Troy oz (900gr).
    Price £5,950.00

    No. G028
    George III Silver-Gilt 2-Light Candelabra.
    Made by William Pitts & Joseph Preedy in London, 1791.
    Height 20.5" (52cm). Approx. weight 51 troy oz. (1.58kg).
    Price £12,750.00

    No. H033
    Victorian Silver Gilt & Cut Glass Double-Ended Scent Bottle.
    Probably made by Edward Stockwell of London (not marked), circa 1870.
    Height (when open) 3.25" (8cm).
    Price £6,400.00

    No. A898
    George II silver salver.
    Made by Robert Abercromby in London, 1742. Diameter 15" (38cm).
    Price £4,800.00

    No. B067
    A Russian silver and niello gilded snuff box.
    Made circa, 1770. Diameter 3" (7.5cm) depth 0.5" (1.5cm).
    Price £2,650.00

    No. B095
    A George III silver dip pen, pencil and perpetual calendar with cornelian seal.
    Made by Joseph Willmore in Birmingham, 1816. Length 4.5" (11.5cm).
    Price £2,650.00

    No. 1827
    An Irish silver coffee pot.
    Made by James Scott in Dublin, 1827. Height 11" (26cm).
    Price £2,850.00

    No. B0113
    Austrian .900 silver and enamel vesta and tobacco box with lighter.
    Made circa 1890. Length 3.75" (9.5cm).
    Price: £2,950.00

    No. B001
    A William IV silver coffee set, and a Victorian silver tea pot.
    The coffee set, made by Edward, Edward Jr; John & William Barnard in London, 1835/6.
    The tea pot, made by Samuel Hayne & Dudley Carter in London, 1852.
    Price £2,950.00

    A George III silver rococo coffee pot.
    Made by Lewis Herne & Francis Butty in London, 1761. Height 10.25" (26cm).
    Price £3,950.00

    No. B500
    A Victorian 85-piece sterling silver "Fiddle" pattern canteen of cutlery.
    Made between 1844 and 1900.
    Refitted by hand into a felt lined oak two draw and lift up lid cutlery box, mounted with brass handles.
    Price £4,675.00

    No. E165
    George III silver ewer.
    Made by Thomas Daniel in London, 1788.
    Height 13.75" (35cm). Weight approx. 31.83 troy oz. (990g).
    Price £8,450.00

    No. F177
    A pair of heavy Edwardian silver entreé dishes.
    Made by R. Martin & E. Hall in Sheffield, 1908.
    Length 12" (30cm). Total weight approx. 149 troy oz. (4.63kg).
    Price £5,950.00

    No. D386
    Scottish silver and tortoiseshell snuff mull with Chinoserie decoration.
    Made circa 1690, not marked.
    Height 2.1" (5.5cm).
    Price £5,750.00

    No. D639
    A silver 213-piece "Old English Bead" pattern canteen of cutlery.
    Made in Sheffield 1920, by William Hutton and Sons Ltd.
    Hand fitted into a felt-lined seven-draw antique oak cutlery box.
    Price £24,500.00

    No. F087
    A pair of superb and unusual Victorian cast silver "Cherub" candlesticks.
    Made by Robert Garrard (The Royal Silversmith) in London, 1870.
    Height 9" (23cm). Total weight 40 troy oz. (1.24kg).
    Price £22,500.00

    No. D031
    A George II silver wine funnel.
    Made in London, 1738.
    Illustrated in "Investing in silver", P.147, by Eric Delieb.
    Price £14,500.00

    No. B0231
    An 18th Century gold and enamel table snuff box.
    Made by G.R.G in Geneva circa 1790.
    Price £12,950.00

    No. E254
    George III silver waiter.
    Made by Lewis Herne & Francis Butty in London, 1760.
    Diameter 6.4" (16cm). Weight 10.67 troy oz. (332g).
    Price £6,250.00

    No. F329
    French .950 silver 90-Piece, 18-place cutlery set.
    Made circa 1890.
    Length of table spoon 8.5" (21cm).
    Total weight of silver 221 troy oz. (6.87kg).
    Price £6,000.00

    No. F077
    French .950 silver & ivory 72-piece "fiddle" cutlery set.
    Made circa 1930.
    Length of table knife 9.75" (24.5cm).
    Price £5,950.00

    No. F275
    A set of 4 George III silver 8" (20.5cm) candlesticks.
    Made by John Roberts & Co. in Sheffield, 1807/8.
    Height 8" (20.5cm).
    Price £6,750.00

    No. F376
    A pair of silver pheasants.
    Made by Berthold Muller, import marks for Chester, 1910 & London, 1930.
    Length of "wings-up" pheasant 17" (43cm). Total weight 44.5 troy oz. (1.38kg).
    Price £5,950.00

    No. B730
    A Victorian silver salver.
    Made by William Kerr Reid in London, 1847. Width 21" (53cm).
    Price £6,600.00

    No. E049
    Victorian antique silver 108-piece "Kings" pattern canteen of cutlery.
    Made by Francis Higgins in London, 1892.
    Hand fitted into an antique oak cutlery box.
    Price £7,900.00

    No. E381
    Silver Countess's Coronet.
    (Worn at Edward VII's & subsequent Coronations).
    Made by I. P. in London, 1901.
    Height approx. 5.25" (13cm).
    Diameter of base 6" (16cm), diameter of head space 4.75" (12cm).
    Price £6,450.00

    No. B970
    A sterling silver 138-piece "Old English" pattern canteen of cutlery.
    Made in Sheffield and London 1912 - 1937.
    All hand fitted into a felt lined, two drawer with lift up lid antique oak cutlery box.
    Price £8,970.00

    No. D040
    A Scottish silver, ivory and ebony Jacobite snuff mull.
    Made circa 1745. Not marked.
    Price £5,950.00

    No. B0584
    A Victorian silver and Webb's glass claret jug.
    Made by Charles Edwards in London, 1898. Height 15" (38cm).
    Price £11,000.00

    No. D321
    An Edwardian silver and glass claret jug.
    Made by Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Co. in London, 1904. Height 12" (30cm).
    Price £`7,500.00

    No. E013
    A rare Charles I silver counter box containing 26 counters.
    The lid pierced with a bust of Charles I, The base pierced with Henrietta Maria.
    The Counters are die-stamped with portrait's and Coat-of-Arms.
    Made circa 1630.
    Diameter 1.25" (3cm).
    Price £8,650.00

    No. D706
    A George III silver 84-piece "Old English" pattern canteen of cutlery.
    Made in London between 1786 - 1818.
    Hand fitted into an antique oak cutlery box.
    Price £6,950.00

    No. D159
    Victorian silver "picnic" tea set designed by Dr. Christopher Dresser.
    Made by Hukin and Heath in London, 1883. Weight of silver 32.12 Troy oz (999gr).
    Price £6,250.00

    No. B873
    An 18th Century 110-piece sterling silver "Old English" canteen of cutlery.
    All hand fitted into a felt lined, two drawer with lift up lid antique mahogany cutlery box.
    Made in London and Dublin between 1758 - 1813.
    Price £14,500.00

    No. D014
    A pair of George II silver tapersticks.
    Made by Joseph Bird in London, 1728.
    Price £5,900.00

    No. D298
    Ausberg silver chocolate pot.
    Made circa 1769, by Jacob Wilhelm Kolb.
    Price £6,750.00

    No. D013
    A George II silver teapot.
    Made by Gabriel Sleath in London, 1730.
    Price £6,850.00

    No. D197
    Victorian silver 5-light candleabrum.
    Made by Hawsworth, Eyre and Co Ltd in Sheffield, 1896.
    Price £9,450.00

    No. D085
    A 19th Century 84-piece silver "Fiddle" Pattern canteen of cutlery.
    Hand fitted into an antique oak cutlery box.
    Made in London between 1822 - 1866.
    Price £5,460.00

    No. B611
    A Victorian silver 'owl' caddy.
    Made by Charles & George Fox in London, 1846. Height 8.5" (21.5cm).
    Price £8,500.00

    No. B0448
    A Georgian 88-piece sterling silver "Old English" canteen of cutlery.
    All hand fitted into a felt lined, two drawer with lift up lid antique oak cutlery box.
    Made in London between 1791 - 1820.
    Price £6,250.00

    No. B226
    A Georgian 85-piece sterling silver "Fiddle" pattern canteen of cutlery.
    Hand fitted into a Victorian mahogany cutlery box.
    Made in London 1808 - 1836.
    Price £6,375.00