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No. W064
An Extremely Rare 17th Century Child's Silver Filigree Hornbook
With Alphabet, Vowels & The Lord's Prayer

Made circa 1690
Length 4.4"(11.2cm); Weight 1.52 troy oz (47g)
Price £14,750.00

Notes & Condition Report
Hornbooks were used by young children learning to read and write
(Typically hornbooks were a piece of written or printed material pasted onto a wooden or ivory
board and covered with a piece of transparent horn to protect the text from marks and tears)
The little handle made them easier to hold, leaving the other hand free to write
They usually display the alphabet in upper and lower case and the Lordís Prayer
Silver hornbooks are extremely rare
The filigree is in superb condition without any lifting or sharpness when handled
There is a little piece of silver missing from the front, top left-hand corner
Otherwise the condition is wonderful
The beautifully handmade fitted green leather and velvet box is modern