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111.George I silver Hanoverian Rattail tablespoon, London 1725. L-19.3cm; W-38g. ~ bowl with wear, probably been reshaped, maker mark worn, has an addition mark 'P'. Est. 55-65.55

112.Set of 6 Scottish silver Celtic Point teaspoons, Edinburgh c. 1810 by 'AZ'. L-14cm; W-84g. ~ in reasonable condition. Est. 60-80.55

113.George III silver Hanoverian shell-back pattern tablespoon, London 1765 by Thomas & William Chawner. L-21cm; W-65g. ~ very minor wear to bowl tip, crisp shell, good marks, nice gauge, weight and condition.. Est. 55-65.45

114.Pair of George III silver Hanoverian Rattail pattern tablespoons, London 1762 by Thompson Davis. L-21.5cm; W-141g. ~ initials removed, good bowl, weight & condition. Est. 110-130.110

115.Dumfries silver fiddle pattern tablespoon, by Hinchcliffe with Glasgow hallmarks for 1824. L-22.3cm; W-64g. ~ in very good condition. Est. 90-110.90

116.Irish William IV silver fiddle pattern table fork, Dublin 1830 by Edward Power/Edward Twycross, engraved 'Cavan, Grand Jury, 1831'. L-21.5cm; W-80g. ~ a heavy fork with extremely good hallmarks and interesting inscription, minor wear to tines. Est. 40-60.40

117.Scottish silver fiddle pattern table fork, Edinburgh 1812 by 'H'. L-19.8cm; W-68g. ~ good quality fork and marks, unusual makers mark, a single letter 'H' unusual. Est. 20-30.15

118.Greenock silver fiddle pattern serving fork, by Heron with Edinburgh hallmarks for 1812, with a unicorn crest. L-22cm; W-66g. ~ an elegant serving fork, in good condition. Est. 40-60.30

119.George III silver Old English pattern serving spoon/fork, London 1809 by Mary & Eliza Sumner. L-19cm; W-99g. ~ its unusual to find a genuine one of these, as so many are converted from basting spoons, good marks, lovely condition. Est. 120-160.100

120.Pair of plain George III silver sugar tongs, London 1805 by John Blake. L-14cm; W-45g. ~ in good condition. Est. 15-20.15

121.Newcastle silver fiddle pattern butter knife, 1832 by John Wright. L- 16.7cm; W-28g. ~ in good condition. Est. 35-40.35

122.York George III silver Old English pattern dessert spoon, 1803, by Hampston, Prince & Cattle. L-17.1cm; W-37g. ~ reasonable marks, good stem, wear to bowl. Est. 20-30.18

123.Pair of York George III silver Old English pattern teaspoons, 1819, by James Barber & William Whitwell. L-13.3cm, W-30g. ~ good marks and condition. Est. 40-50.40

124.Pair of York George IV silver fiddle pattern teaspoons, 1826, by James Barber, George Cattle & Wm. North. L-12.7cm; W-24g. ~ in reasonable condition, minor wear to bowl. Est. 20-30.20

125.Scandinavian pierced silver spoon, c. 1920. L-11.7cm; W-26g. ~ good condition. Est. 10-20.10

126.Set of 3 silver George III silver Hanoverian pattern teaspoons, London c.1760, makers mark hard to read, initialled 'D'. L-12.2cm; W-33g. ~ nice gauge, good condition. Est. 45-55.38

127.Pair of George III silver Old English pattern teaspoons, circa 1760 by 'IXL'. L-12.2cm; W-26g. ~ in good condition, readable marks. Est. 30-35.28

128.George III silver Hanoverian pattern teaspoon, with long drop, circa 1770 by 'IB'?. L-11.4cm; W-10g. ~ reasonable condition. Est. 15-20.14

129.George III silver Old English feather-edge teaspoon, London 1782 by 'TL'. L-12.3cm; W12g. ~ a sweet little spoon in good condition, good feather-edge. 25-30.20

130.George III silver Old English pattern teaspoon, circa 1770 by 'I*M'. L-11.4cm; W-9g. ~ another sweet little spoon, in good condition. Est. 20-25.18

131.George III silver Old English pattern teaspoon, circa 1770 by 'TW'. L-11.4cm; W-12g. ~ in reasonable condition, minor wear to bowl tip. Est. 16-20.16

132.George II silver Hanoverian shell-back with scroll teaspoon and long ribbed stem, circa 1750 by 'J.W'. L-10cm; W-6g. ~ in reasonable cond, minor wear to bowl. Est. 30-35.26

133.George III silver Hanoverian scroll-back pattern teaspoon, circa 1770 by unreadable. L-12cm; W-10g. ~ repair to stem across makers mark, otherwise a reasonable spoon. Est. 20-25.18

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