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94.Queen Anne Britannia silver Dog-Nose pattern tablespoon, London 1706, inscribed 'HB'. L-19cm; W-35g. ~ date letter just readable the other marks unreadable, the bowl has had a replacement end attached with a scarf joint, an interesting repair. Colour is bright. Est. 60-70.70

95.George I silver Dog-Nose tablespoon, London c. 1725 by William Scarlett. L-19.4cm; W-38g. ~ makers mark worn, the other marks unreadable, later crest, bowl reshaped. Est. 80-90.80

96.Queen Anne Britannia silver Hanoverian Rattail pattern tablespoon, London 1708 by 'AI'?. L-21cm; W-54g. ~ marks very worn, bowl tip with wear, knock to rid on handle. Est. 35-45.35

97.George III silver picture front (bird) & scroll back teaspoon, circa 1760. L-11.2cm; W-16g. ~ repair to stem, kink to top of handle, unmarked, good bowl and gauge. Est. 15-20.15

98.George III silver Hanoverian picture-back (basket of flowers) pattern teaspoon, circa 1765. L-11cm; W-8g. ~ knocks inside of bowl, reasonable condition. Est. 10-20.10

99.George II silver sugar nips, London c.1750 by 'I.G'. L-11cm; W-24g. ~ repairs to arm and handle, centre joint loose, good marks. Est. 30-35.30

100.Russian silver fiddle pattern dessert spoon with long shoulders, circa 1896-1908. L-18cm; W-44g. ~ good gauge & weight, minor knocks to bowl, a spoon to be used. Est. 15-20.10

101.Scottish silver Oar pattern toddy ladle, Edinburgh 1812 by Alexander Henderson with crest for the Boyd family. L-15.5cm; W-25g. ~ very nice ladle, good marks & condition. Est. 45-65.40

102.George III silver Old English pattern soup bowl with shell bowl, London 1762 by Thomas & William Chawner. L-35.8cm; W-232g (7.45oz). ~ later initial, good weight & gauge, good bowl and readable marks, a useful ladle. Est. 200-250.200

103.Victorian silver Rose pattern soup ladle, London 1899 by Elkington & Co. L-34.5cm; W-396g (12.75oz). ~ this soup ladle must be the heaviest I have seen, extremely thick gauge, excellent definition of pattern and superb condition, a rare pattern. Est. 400-450.350

104.Irish George III silver Onslow pattern soup ladle, Dublin c.1765 by David Peter with a squirrel crest engraved on the inside of the handle. L-37cm; W-239g (7.68oz). ~ this is a very good and rare ladle that is in great condition. Just marked with maker's mark, that has a little wear but very readable, condition is good. Est. 550-650.450

105.George III silver seal fob, London c.1775 by Hester Bateman. H-2.5cm; W-8g. ~ a sweet little seal, in good condition. Est. 200-225.195

106.A rare George III silver seal fob, London c.1790 by Peter & Jonathan Bateman. H-2.5cm; W-8g. ~ a rare makers mark, in good condition. Est. 225-250.225

107.William III Britannia silver Trefid tablespoon, London 1700, initialled 'ET'. L-20.3cm; W-59g. ~ marks readable except maker, but with time a maker could probably be determined as it has a good outline, good gauge and condition. Est. 460-500.460

108.George I silver Hanoverian Rattail tablespoon, London 1717, no makers mark. L-20cm; W-58g. ~ matches Lot 80 of the last Postal Auction, good gauge and condition. Est. 100-120.100

109.George III silver picture-back (urn of flowers) Hanoverian pattern teaspoon, circa 1760 by 'ID'. L-11.5cm; W-9g. ~ in good condition, picture good. Est. 50-60.50

110.Victorian silver Stag-Hunt pattern tablespoon, London 1837, makers mark worn, but vendor has the pair with a makers mark of 'WT'. L-23cm; W-122g. ~ in good condition, heavy gauge & weight, a rare pattern, a nice spoon. Est. 300-350.290

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