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94.Pair of George II silver Hanoverian pattern dessert spoons, London 1759 by John Kentenber. L-16.2cm; W-68g. ~ fair condition, minor wear to tip of bowls. Est. 70-80.70

95.George II silver Hanoverian pattern tablespoon, London 1750 by Elizabeth Jackson. L-20.7cm; W-66g. ~ marks a bit worn, good condition. Est. 90-110.90

96.Irish silver bright-cut star Celtic point pattern tablespoon, Dublin 1800 by 'JP'. L-24.8cm; W-76g. ~ minor wear to tip of bowl, good marks & decoration. Est. 90-110.90

97.A set of 12, Russian silver fiddle pattern tablespoons, Petrograd 1889, also with an anchor mark & 'WERNERiSA' mark. L-21cm; W-878g (28.3oz). ~ some stems need a little straightening, otherwise in good condition, clear marks. Est. 250-300.240

98.George I silver lace-back trefid spoon with ribbed rattail, c.1723. L-19.5cm; W-34g. ~ marks worn and unreadable, faint prick dot '1723 over G.S', wear to the tip of bowl, however quite a pleasing colour with good decoration. Est. 220-260.220

99.George III silver & whale bone punch bowl, c.1770. L-37cm. ~ the twisted area of the handle has split and separated but not cracked, the coin in the bowl is dated 1723, the lettering on the edge of the bowl is still very evident (from when it was hammered out from a coin), overall not too bad taking into consideration the handle. Est. 75-125.70

100.George III silver Old English pattern dessert fork, London 1786 by Geo. Smith & Wm. Fearn. L-16.8cm; W-40g. ~ good gauge, makers mark & crest worn. Est. 25-35.25


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