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62.Pair of George III silver Old English pattern egg spoons, London 1796 by George Smith & William Fearn. L-11.2cm; W-27g. ~ of very good gauge & condition. Est. 30-40.30

63.Pair of George III silver shell-back Hanoverian teaspoons, London c.1765 by Ebenezer Coker. L-11.4cm; W-19g. ~ old repair to one stem, both with a couple of knocks to bowl. Est. 20-30.16

64.George III silver, urn of flowers, picture-back Hanoverian pattern teaspoon, London c.1765 by Phillip Roker. L-11cm; W-8g. ~ flowers good, urn a little rubbed. Est. 25-35.25

65.Pair of George III Old English Thread pattern teaspoons, London 1793 by Geo. Smith & Wm. Fearn. L-13.2cm; W-35g. ~ thick guage, very minor knock to bowl. Est. 25-35.22

66.Pair of George IV silver Old English pattern sauce ladles with shell bowls, with portcullis crest of the House of Commons, London 1825 by William Chawner. L-18cm; W-94g. ~ a super pair of ladles in lovely condition. Est. 150-180.150

67.Set of 5 George III silver Old English pattern teaspoons, London 1806 by Peter & William Bateman. L-13cm; W-80g. ~ all in good condition. Est. 30-40.28

68.Pair of silver, early attached shell-back Hanoverian pattern teaspoons, London c.1740 by Benjamin Cartwright. L-11.6cm; W-21g. ~ wear to tip of bowls. Est. 20-30.20

69.Set of 6 George III silver Old English pattern teaspoons, maker '?P', no date letter but does have double duty mark (type 2), London c.1797. L-13.5cm; W-78g. ~ 2 spoons with repairs to bowl, marks a little worn. Est. 40-50.38

70.Victorian silver & mother of pearl fruit knife, Sheffield 1893 by Harrison Brothers. L-15.5cm (open). ~ condition good and closes correctly. Est. 20-30.No Reserve

71.George IV silver fiddle pattern tablespoon, Birmingham 1821, by Edward Thomason. L-22.5cm; W-65g. ~ unusual for Birmingham, good condition and marks. Est. 50-60.50

72.Pair of George III Old English pattern with 'Prince of Wales Feather' bright-cut decorated teaspoons, London 1797 by Jonathan Perkins Snr. & Jnr. L-12cm; W-23g. ~ double duty mark, clear marks on one spoon the other rubbed but readable, tiny wear to tip of bowl. Est. 30-40.30

73.Pair of silver-gilt Hanoverian picture-back of scrolling leaves teaspoons, London c.1745 by Richard Beale. L-12cm; W-23g. ~ fantastic quality with crisp detail. Est. 40-60.40

74.Pair of George III silver fiddle pattern teaspoons, Exeter 1818 by 'JH'. L-13cm; W-31g. ~ the fiddles a little bent, other wise good condition. Est. 25-35.25

75.Silver & enamel 'York' teaspoon with 'York Minster, West Front' view in bowl, Birmingham 1919 by B.B. S.ld. L-12.5cm; W-13g. ~ in excellent condition. Est. 15-25.15

76.Silver & enamel 'John O'Groats' teaspoon, Birmingham 1930 by A.F. L-11.8cm; W-13g. ~ excellent condition with turquoise blue and red enamel. Est. 15-25.15

77.Silver & enamel 'Walsall' teaspoon, Chester 1911 by HEB/FEB. L-10.5cm; W-11g. ~ excellent condition. Est. 15-25.15

78.Silver & enamel 'Bournemouth' teaspoon, Birmingham 1957 by A.J.B. L-10.5cm; W-12g. ~ excellent condition. Est. 15-25.15

79.Silver & enamel 'bowling' teaspoon, Birmingham 1934 by S.Ld. L-10.3cm; W-12g. ~ excellent condition. Est. 15-25.15

80.George III silver Old English pattern sauce ladle, London 1781 by George Smith. L-18cm; W-52g. ~ thick gauge and in good condition. Est. 40-60.40

81.Scottish silver fiddle pattern toddy ladle, Glasgow 1823 by Mitchell & Son. L-17.5cm; W-40g. ~ very clean ladle, nice marks. Est. 40-60.40

82.Irish silver marrow scoop, Dublin 1869 by J.S. L-24cm; W-55g. ~ very good condition, crisp crest, clean marks. Est. 125-150.125

83.George III silver bright-cut Old English pattern tablespoon, London 1790 by Peter & Anne Bateman. L-21.7cm; W-66g. ~ a good spoon & marks. Est. 50-70.50

84.George III silver Old English feather edge tablespoon, London 1772 by William Fearn. L-21.7cm; W-72g. ~ thick gauge, another good spoon & marks. Est. 40-60.40

85.George II silver mote spoon, c,1750, marks unclear. L-13.4cm; W-10g. ~ clean. Est. 120-160.120

86.Irish silver Hanoverian pattern tablespoon, Dublin 1786 by John Pittar. L-22.7cm; W-68g. ~ bowl has been reshaped at sometime, nice bottom marks. Est. 55-65.55

87.George III silver Hanoverian pattern tablespoon, London 1782 by William Soame. L-20.3cm; W-73g. ~ good heavy gauge & in nice condition. Est. 40-50.40

88.Pair of picture-front & shell-back teaspoons, c. 1750. L-11.7cm; W- 27g. ~ in good condition, maker's mark unclear. Est. 120-140.120

89.18th century silver fancy-front teaspoon, c.1750 by 'I.S'. L-11.6cm; W-19g. ~ spoons has the remains of gilding, small split on stem by lion passant, thick gauge. Est. 70-80.70

90.18th century silver Hanoverian picture-back 'heart of Oak' teaspoon, c.1760 by 'I.S'. L-11.6cm; W-11g. ~ picture in good condition, wear to tip of bowl, marks good. Est. 90-110.90

91.George III silver shell & scroll back Hanoverian tablespoon, London 1761 by 'WI'. L-20.2cm; W-53g. ~ in good condition. Est. 45-55.45

92.George III silver bright-cut Old English pattern tablespoon, Newcastle 1799 by 'I.L'. L-23.5cm; W-60g. ~ in good condition. Est. 45-55.45

93.George II silver Hanoverian pattern tablespoon, London 1747 by Phillip Roker I. L-20.2cm; W-66g. ~ thick gauge, fair condition. Est. 40-50.40

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