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30.19th C. silver Old English pattern teaspoon, makers mark 'L.A' struck twice. L-13.7cm; W-19g. ~ good cond., something to research, must be Christmas will such a low reserve. Est. 20-30.8

31.York silver Old English pattern teaspoon, circa 1807 by R. Cattle & J. Barber. L-13.5cm; W-15g. ~ wear to bowl tip, but has the rare right facing lion passant. Est. 45-55.45

32.Victorian silver Old English pattern tablespoon, London 1837 by S. Haynes & D. Cater. L-22.5cm; W-70g. ~ initialled 'R', in lovely condition. Est. 40-60.40

33.Scottish silver Celtic-Point tablespoon, Edinburgh 1825 by William Peat with a single drop. L-23.5cm; W-79g. ~ thick gauge for a Scottish spoon. Est. 30-40.20

34.Scottish silver fiddle pattern caddy spoon shovel, Edinburgh 1818 by William Peat. L-10.5cm; W-20g. ~ the handle has had two repairs to it. Est. 80-100.80

35.Scottish silver bright-cut sugar tongs, circa 1820 by Alexander Zeigler. L-14.5cm; W-34g. ~ these tongs have been repaired across the arch and has lost decoration on the arch. Est. 30-50.30

36.Pair of George III silver bright-cut edge Old English pattern tablespoons, London 1778 by T. Langford II. L-21.5cm; W-123g. ~good gauge, marks & cond., tiny wear to bowl. Est. 70-90.70

37.??? Silver fiddle pattern salt spoon, possibly William Vincent of York, 1784. L-9.5cm; W-9g. ~ I'm not convinced, so make your own mind up. Est. 30-50.30

38.George III silver Hanoverian pattern tablespoon, London 1767 by 'S.J' (unascribed). L-20.5cm; W-61g. ~ good readable marks, something to research. Est. 40-60.35

39.George III silver Hanoverian pattern tablespoon, London 1773 by Thomas Chawner. L-20.5cm; W-57g. ~ good condition. Est. 40-60.35

40.Arts & Craft silver spoon, the finial with piercing around a flower head and the bowl being hammered finished. London 1918 by Ramsden & Carr. L-16.5cm; W40g. ~ a lovely spoon, black spot in bowl. Est. 300-340.300

41.Arts & Craft silver spoon with a cabochon green stone and hammered finish bowl, London 1920 by Sybil Dunlop. L-16cm; W-35g. ~ Sybil Dunlop is most often associated as a jewellery designer, a pleasing spoon, good condition. Est. 250-300.250

42.Arts & Craft silver & turquoise spoon, with hammered finish stem, Birmingham 1906 by Liberty & Co. L-14cm; W-25g. ~ the spoon has an Egyptian feel to it, perhaps because of the 'eye' of the turquoise, condition good. Est. 280-320.280

43.Victorian silver Fiddle pattern dessert fork, London 1837 by C.B., engraved on the back 'From E & F Pheni' and initialled 'S'. L-17cm; W-55g. ~ a little unusual as the hallmarks have been struck on the front of the fork, good condition. Est. 55-65.45

44.George II silver Hanoverian pattern tablespoon, circa 1750. L-19.5cm; W-45g. ~ this is also an unusual spoon as there are two crowned leopard head marks, both are visible, the other marks have been worn, minor dent to bowl. Est. 45-55.35

45.Pair of late bright-cut sugar tongs, London 1821 by William Bateman. L-14cm; W-33g. ~ very clean, good marks. Est. 40-50.38

46.George III silver bright-cut sugar tongs, London 1802 by Peter, Anne & William Bateman. L-14cm; 33g. ~ a super pair of tongs, lovely decoration. Est. 45-55.38

47.Pair of Newcastle silver bright-cut Old English pattern tablespoons with incuse duty mark, c.1784/5 by John Newlands I & John Robertson I. L-21.5cm; W-125g. ~ an unusual bright-cut design, evidence of initials being removed, but quite some time ago. Est. 125-150.125

48.Newcastle silver fiddle pattern tablespoon, c.1822 by David Darling & James Bell. L-22.5cm; W-65g. ~ good condition, very minor dent to bowl. Est. 40-50.40

49.Victorian silver-plated mustard spoon with figure finial, circa 1890's by Elkington & Co. L-9.7cm. ~ is it Sir Walter Scott?. Est. 10-15.10

50.34-pieces of Russian silver flatware, circa 1896-1908; 6 table forks, 6 dessert forks, 6 dessert spoons, 6 soup spoons, 4 table knives, 6 dessert knives. Length of table fork 21.5cm; total weight 1163g (37.4oz) excluding knives. ~ the knife blades have probably been replaced at sometime, condition good. Est. 450-550.450

51.Aberdeen silver Old English pattern tablespoon, circa 1810 by William Jameson. L-20.5cm; W-61g. ~ a really good spoon with thick stem. Est. 50-60.50

52.George III silver Old English Bead pattern tablespoon, London 1779 by Joseph Steward. L-22.5cm; W-65g. ~ another really good spoon. Est. 40-50.35

53.George III silver Hanoverian Rattail pattern tablespoon, London 1771 by Thompson Davis. L-20cm; W-72g. ~ superb marks and spoon. Est. 45-55.40

54.George III silver Hanoverian pattern tablespoon, London 1764 by 'C.H'. L-21cm; W-79g. ~ unusual crest, excellent marks, good spoon. 50-60.45

55.George III silver Bright-Cut Old English pattern tablespoon, London 1788 by Charles Hougham. L-21.5cm; W-67g. ~ a very pleasing spoon. Est. 45-55.40

56.George III silver Old English Feather Edge with shoulders pattern tablespoon, London 1766 by 'S.J' ? L-21.5cm; W-60g. ~ feather a little worn, good marks. Est. 45-55.45

57.Irish silver Bright-Cut Edge Celtic Point pattern tablespoon, Dublin 1781 by James Keating. L-22cm; W-58g. ~ clear marks, good spoon. Est. 55-65.50

58.George III silver Fiddle, Thread & Shell pattern tablespoon, London 1792 by Wm. Eley & Wm. Fearn. L-22cm; W-80g. ~ solid spoon. Est. 35-45.35

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