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59.Pair silver-plated 'horse' knife rests, c. 1930. L-9.5cm. ~ one horse has tail missing. Est. 40-50.40

60.Chester silver Old English dessert spoon (possibly Child's size) circa 1845 by Patrick Leonard of Manchester. L-15cm; W-26g. ~ Canon Ridgeway notes that most of Patrick Leonard's output was fiddle pattern. Provenance - Martin Gubbins Collection, Martin's ticket read 'Breffni 10 27/11/93, Chester 1845 by PL', a good spoon. Est. 45-55.40

61.Scottish silver Kings pattern sugar tongs, Edinburgh 1832 by George Bell. L-14.5cm; W-50g. ~ good clear marks. Est. 35-45.35

62.Newcastle silver Old English dessert spoon with double duty mark, c. 1797 by John Langlands II. L-17.5cm; W-35g. ~ an excellent spoon with griffin crest. Est. 60-80.60

63.George I silver punch ladle with wooden handle, London 1724 by J. Goodwin. L-32cm. ~ this a very nice ladle, the bowl is of a good gauge and quite deep. Est. 350-400.350

64.Irish silver Old English Table fork, Dublin 1833 by P. Weeks. L-20cm; W-72g. ~ good marks, minor wear to tines. Est. 35-45.35

65.Sheffield hallmarked silver Fiddle pattern flatware, 6 dessert spoons & 2 tablespoons, 1825 by 'RG'. Length of tablespoon 2cm, total weight 415g (13.3oz) ~ unusual to find Sheffield hallmarked flatware, all in excellent condition. Est. 250-300.250

66.Set of 4 Chester silver Fiddle pattern dessert spoons, 1845 by Patrick Leonard (see Lot 60). L-17.5cm; W-158g. ~ minor wear all over, but genuine spoons. Est. 100-130.100

67.George III silver bright-cut pattern sugar tongs, circa 1780 by Hester Bateman. L-14cm; W-30g. ~ in very clean condition, good marks. Est. 90-120.90

68.George II silver Hanoverian pattern tablespoon, London 1756 by 'E.C'. L-20.8cm; W-52g. ~ good readable marks. Est. 40-50.40

69.George II silver Hanoverian pattern tablespoon, London 1748 by 'E.C'. L-20cm; W-56g. ~ good readable marks. St. 40-50.40

70.Set of six Aberdeen silver Fiddle pattern teaspoons, C.1825 by J. Pirie. L-14cm; W-94g. ~ very good marks and bowl, very unusual Fiddle shape. Est. 250-300.250

71.Set of six York silver Fiddle pattern teaspoons, 1842 by J. Barber & W. North. L-13.5cm; W-120g. ~ all in first class condition. Est. 200-250.200

72.George III silver Fiddle pattern caddy spoon shovel, Birmingham 1810 by Samuel Pemberton. L-7.5cm; W-7g. ~ may have been re-gilded. Est. 70-90.70

73.George III silver bright-cut caddy spoon, London 1793 by Thomas Meriton. L-6.5cm; W-8g. ~ clear marks, spoon pitted all over. Est. 100-125.100

74.George III silver bright-cut Celtic Point Old English pattern salt spoon, London 1792 by William Champion. L-10cm; W-7g. ~ good condition. Est. 15-20.14

75.George III silver feather-edge Old English salt spoon with shell bowl, London 1797 by Solomon Hougham. L-10cm; W-10g. ~ a good spoon, double duty mark type 3 (see Jackson's, page 44). Est. 25-30.22

76.Queen Anne Britannia standard silver trefid condiment spoon, London 1709 by Isaac Davenport. L-9.5cm; W-9g. ~ not bad condition for age., knock to bowl. Est. 90-120.90

77.George II silver picture-back/picture-front teaspoon, of hen and four chicks, London c.1755 by Ebenezer Coker. L-11.5cm; W-13g. ~ a reasonable spoon. Est. 70-90.90

78.Georgian silver picture-back Hanoverian teaspoon of basket of flowers, circa 1765 by Thomas Evans & George Smith. L-11cm; W-10g. ~ good marks, sweet spoon. Est.40-50.35

79.Georgian silver picture-back Hanoverian pattern teaspoon of floral arrangement, London circa 1760. L-11cm; W-7g. ~ slight heat stain to bowl. Est. 25-35.25

80.Georgian silver Shell & Scroll back Old English pattern teaspoon, circa 1770. L-11.5cm; W-10g. ~ nice scroll & shell, marks worn. Est. 10-20.8

81.Georgian silver shell-back Hanoverian pattern teaspoon, circa 1750. L-11cm; W-8g. ~ a good buy Est. 10-20.8

82.Georgian silver Old English salt shovel, circa 1770 by 'I.G'. L-9cm; W-5g. ~ a little wear to tip of bowl. Est. 25-35.25

83.Georgian silver Hanoverian salt shovel, circa 1760 by George Smith. L-9cm; W-8g. ~ a few light scratches to scoop. Est. 30-40.30

84.Georgian silver 'I Love Liberty' picture-back Hanoverian pattern teaspoon, London c.1760 by Phillip Roker. L-12cm; W-11g. ~ good marks, a few knocks to bowl. Est. 90-120.90

85.George III silver Bead-Edge, Shell bowl pattern Soup Ladle, London c.1780 by William Sumner & Richard Chawner. L-33.5cm; W-155g. ~ some repairs to bowl and signs of removal of initials, reserve reflects condition. Est. 120-140.120

86.Two Georgian silver picture-backs, both very faint but rare pictures, genuine and no repairs; a) Squirrel on oak stump, maker probably Thomas Wallis; b) Stork in bulrushes, maker Robert Sallam, London c.1765: L-10cm, 11cm, W-7g & 9g. ~ Est. 40-50.40

87.Silver & enamel 'Hadley Wood Golf Club' teaspoon, Birmingham 1969 by 'C7C'. L-11.5cm; W-16g. ~ condition good, needs a clean. Est. 15-20.15

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