Fine Antique Silver & Objects of Vertu

SOLD - 501 to 1000

  • The items below have been sold, and remain here for reference purposes only.

    No. V067
    Norwegian Modernist Silver & Enamel Brooch
    Made by David Andersen, Oslo c.1960s
    Price 595.00

    No. V085
    Edwardian silver & Mother of Pearl Pocket Compass
    Made by Francis Barker & Son, London 1909
    Price 595.00

    No. V041
    18th Century Gold Ear Wax Spoon & Tweezers
    Made circa 1770
    Price 675.00

    No. T207
    17th Century Silver Bodkin
    Made by 'DN' above a pellet, Circa 1625
    Price 675.00

    No. U061
    Silver Engine-Turned Pocket Torch
    Made by Crisford & Norris, Birmingham 1939
    Price 645.00

    No. U131
    Edwardian Silver & Agate 'Shamrock & Harp' Snuff Box
    Made by Joseph Cook & Son, Birmingham 1901
    Price 595.00

    No. P292
    Silver 'Fern-leaf' Dish
    Made by Asprey & Co, London 1968
    Price 875.00

    No. T132
    Victorian Silver 'Stitched Leather Cigar Case' Vesta Case
    Made by George Aldwinkle, London 1877
    Price 575.00

    No. U104
    Art Deco Silver Sugar Caster
    Made by Ollivant & Botsford, London 1934
    Price 675.00

    No. U128
    George IV Silver Nipple Shield
    Made by James Jackson, London 1821
    Price 595.00

    No. U116
    Silver Baluster Pint Mug
    Made by The Wilmot Manufacturing Co, Birmingham 1936
    Price 675.00

    No. U102
    Edwardian Silver Sugar Caster & Cream Jug
    Made by Wakely & Wheeler, London 1909
    Price 765.00

    No. U097
    Silver, Glass & Leather Hip/Brandy Flask
    Made by James Dixon & Sons, Sheffield 1966
    Price 595.00

    No. U101
    Small Silver Teapot
    Made by Daniel & John Wellby, London 1910
    Price 595.00

    No. U046
    Georgian 18ct Gilded Metal, Ivory & Black Glass Desk Seal
    Made circa 1810
    Price 635.00

    No. T168
    Large Victorian Silver Sauce Boat
    Made by Charles Stuart Harris, London 1895
    Price 595.00

    No. T188
    Large George III Silver Mustard Pot
    Made by Rebecca Emes & Edward Barnard, London 1810
    Price 775.00

    No. T191
    The Worshipful Company of Cooks
    A Victorian Silver & Glass Scent Bottle

    Made by Henry Matthews, Chester 1899
    Price 595.00

    No. U044
    Georgian Silver Theatre Ticket
    Made circa 1815
    Price 745.00

    No. U050
    Silver Pocket Thermometer
    Made by Francis Barker & Sons, London 1911
    Price 845.00

    No. P182
    'Dove & Olive Branch'
    Georgian Gold & Cornelian Intaglio Fob Seal

    Circa 1790
    Price 575.00

    No. T194
    Chinese Silver, Wood & Enamel Opium Box
    Made circa 1880
    Price 875.00

    No. U022
    Edwardian Silver Miniature Cherub with a Basket of Love Hearts
    Sitting On A Wooden Stool Under an Umbrella

    Made by Berthold Muller, Import marks for Chester 1904
    Price 595.00

    No. T171
    Victorian Silver Goblet
    Made by Elkington & Co, Birmingham 1891
    Price 565.00

    No. S105
    William IV Silver 'Kings Husk' Pattern Pierced Fish Slice
    Made by William Eaton, London 1830
    Price 595.00

    No. P077
    Silver 'Viscount's Coronet' Pin Cushion
    Made by Cornelius Saunders & Francis Shepherd, Birmingham 1910
    Price 795.00

    No. S135
    Edwardian Silver Pierced Basket
    Made by James Dixon & Sons, Sheffield 1901
    Price 655.00

    No. T063
    German .935 Silver & Enamel Hand-painted 'Roses & Forget-Me-Nots' Box
    Made circa 1910
    Price 595.00

    No. T053
    Art Nouveau German Silver, Turquoise & Leather Purse
    Made by Patriz Huber, Import marks for London 1902
    Price 675.00

    No. T197
    Victorian Silver 'Roses, Thistles & Shamrocks' Mustard Pot
    Made by Edgar Finley & Hugh Taylor, London 1889
    Price 895.00

    No. S016
    Continental Silver 'Crowned Swan' Pin Cushion
    Made circa 1890
    Price 595.00

    No. T129
    George IV Silver 'Patent' Propelling Pencil
    Made by Sampson Mordan & Gabriel Riddle, London 1825
    Price 645.00

    No. R052
    Victorian Silver Pocket Pedometer
    Made by James Oliver, London 1892
    Price 595.00

    No. P027
    Victorian Silver Vinaigrette
    Made by Aston & Son, Birmingham 1857
    Price 595.00

    No. S143
    Victorian Cast Silver 'Ram's Head' Pierced Basket
    By William Moering, Import marks for London 1899
    Price 735.00

    No. T033
    Victorian Silver Grape Scissors
    Made by William Hutton & Sons, London 1894
    Price 575.00

    No. P177
    Victorian Silver 'Palliser Shell' Telescopic Propelling Pencil
    Made by Sampson Mordan & Co, London c.1890
    Price 685.00

    No. P219
    Edwardian Silver Calling Card Case in Original Fitted Leather Box
    Made by William Neale & Son, Chester 1905
    Price 575.00

    No. Q136
    Silver Coffee Pot
    Made by Made by Sebastian Garrard, London 1927
    Price 725.00

    No. T018
    9ct Gold Automatic & Date Gentleman's Wristwatch
    With Crocodile strap

    Made by Garrard & Co, London 1974
    Price 895.00

    No. Q084
    Gold & Natural Gem Stones 'Ice Bucket & Champagne' Pendant/Charm
    Made circa 1960
    Price 675.00

    No. P159
    George III Silver Candle Wick Trimmers
    Made by Wilkes Booth, London 1797
    Price 595.00

    No. S146
    Pair of Edwardian Silver 'Royal Marines' Menu Holders
    Made by G.W. Harvey & Co, Birmingham 1908
    Price 545.00

    No. S154
    Victorian Silver Cricketer
    Made in London circa 1890
    Price 645.00

    No. P294
    Silver Pierced 'Grape & Vine' Cake/Fruit Stand
    Made by Asprey & Co, London 1969
    Price 765.00

    No. S130
    Silver Pocket Compass
    Made by A.L. Dennison, Birmingham 1915
    Price 595.00

    No. S156
    Edwardian Silver Table Cigarette/Cigar Box
    Made by Mappin & Webb, London 1908
    Price 875.00

    No. P025
    Large Georgian Silver Vinaigrette with Sea Shells Decoration
    Probably made by Joseph Willmore of Birmingham, circa 1820
    Price 795.00

    No. P183
    Georgian Gold & Rock Crystal Intaglio Fob Seal
    Circa 1780
    Price 545.00

    No. S095
    Edwardian Silver Pocket Watch Stand
    Made by Marples & Co, Sheffield 1906
    Price 745.00

    No. P002
    Art Deco Silver Hors D'Oeuvers Dish
    Made by Mappin & Webb, Sheffield 1938
    Price 795.00

    No. P265
    Silver 'Fledgling' Pepperette
    Made by Berthold Muller, Import marks for London 1911
    Price 595.00

    No. P198
    Victorian Silver Lady's Companion
    With Handbag Mirror, Pin Cushion & Photo Frame

    Made by William Thornhill & Co, London 1886
    Price 595.00

    No. S066
    Soviet Union Silver & Enamel Vodka Cup & Saucer
    Made in Leningrad (Saint Petersburg) 1964
    Price 645.00

    No. S011
    Victorian Gilded Silver 'Newstead Abbey' Vinaigrette
    Made by Nathaniel Mills, Birmingham 1837
    Price 895.00

    No. S013
    Victorian Silver & Glass Vinaigrette & Scent Bottle
    Made by Sampson Mordan, Birmingham 1883
    Price 895.00

    No. J195
    Arts & Craft Silver Vesta Case.
    Designed by Archibald Knox.
    Made by William Hair Haseler, Birmingham in 1904.
    Price 865.00

    No. Q078
    French .800 Standard Silver Full & Half Sovereign Case
    Made by 'PFQ', Paris c.1880
    Price 595.00

    No. S017
    Large George III Silver 'Egg' Nutmeg Grater
    Made by Samuel Meriton, London c.1775
    Price 875.00

    No. Q111
    Victorian Silver Engine-Turned Vinaigrette
    With Raised Cast Boarder

    Made by Thomas Shaw, Birmingham 1838
    Price 595.00

    No. P086
    Victorian Silver Bosun's Whistle/Call
    Made by George Unite, Birmingham 1853
    Price 745.00

    No. P268
    Scottish Silver 'Barrel' Whiskey or Child's Mug
    Made by MacKay & Chisholm, Edinburgh 1866
    Price 655.00

    No. Q129
    Pair of Victorian Silver Queens Rosette Pattern Basting Spoons
    Made by Joseph & Albert Savory, London 1846
    Price 655.00

    No. Q120
    George III Silver Bright-cut Toothpick Box
    Made by Samuel Pemberton, Birmingham 1796
    Price 675.00

    No. R001
    Silver 'Swan' Pin Cushion
    Made by Henry Matthews, Birmingham 1915
    Price 595.00

    No. Q162
    Set of 6 George III Silver 'Old English' Pattern Tablespoons
    Made by Richard Crossley, London 1785
    Price 570.00

    No. R053
    Victorian Silver Pocket Barometer
    Made by Philip Woodman, London 1887
    Price 645.00

    No. Q083
    Edwardian Silver Emu
    Made by Berthold Muller, Import marks for Chester 1902
    Price 595.00

    No. Q067
    Victorian Silver & Enamel 'Dog's Head' Vesta Case/Match Safe
    Made by Lawrence Emanuel, Birmingham 1886
    Price 735.00

    No. Q139
    Georgian Silver & Tortoiseshell Spectacles Case
    Made circa 1800
    Price 765.00

    No. Q079
    Victorian Silver & Steel Pocket Corkscrew
    Made by Henry William Dee, London 1878
    Price 595.00

    No. P306
    A Small Victorian Silver 'Tea-For-One' Teapot
    Made by Edward Ker Reid, London 1882
    Price 585.00

    No. Q119
    George III Silver 'Ribbed' Snuff Box
    Made by John Shaw, Birmingham 1807
    Price 785.00

    No. Q161
    Edwardian 5-Piece Silver Miniature Tea & Coffee Service with Tray
    Made by J. & J. Maxfield Ltd, Sheffield 1902
    Price 595.00

    No. P154
    Pair of Silver Corinthian Column Candlesticks
    with Beaded-edge Decoration

    Made by B. Gordon, Birmingham 1959
    Price 875.00

    No. P312
    Victorian Silver 'Feather-edge & Shell' Pattern Grape Scissors
    Made by Harry Atkins, Sheffield 1897
    Price 565.00

    No. Q066
    Victorian Silver & Enamel 'Dog's Head' Vesta Case/Match Safe
    Made by Lawrence Emanuel, Birmingham 1886
    Price 765.00

    No. Q170
    Victorian Silver, Steel & Horn 'Smoking Room' Corkscrew
    Made by Henry Harrison, Sheffield 1895
    Price 645.00

    No. P241
    Pair of Victorian Silver & Ebony Toast Racks
    Made by George Maudsley Jackson, London 1895
    Price 645.00

    No. Q077
    George III Silver 'Vintners' Company' Marrow Scoop
    Made by Thomas & William Chawner, London c.1765
    Price 635.00

    No. Q074
    Art Deco Silver & Enamel Cigarette Case & Matchbook Case
    By Barker Brothers Silver Ltd, Birmingham 1930/1
    Price 645.00

    No. Q150
    Arts & Crafts Silver 'Lightly-Hammered' Bowl
    Made by Omar Ramsden, London 1927
    Price 675.00

    No. P231
    Japanese Export Silver Miniature Japanese Cupboard/Sideboard
    Made circa 1890
    Price 595.00

    No. Q046
    Edwardian Silver Thermometer Case
    Made by Sampson Mordan & Co, London 1904
    Price 575.00

    No. Q072
    Victorian Silver & Enamel 'Inns of Courts' Vesta Case/Match Safe
    Made by Cornelius Saunders & Francis Shepherd, Birmingham 1896
    Price 575.00

    No. Q148
    Victorian Silver & Glass 'Lovebirds' Scent Bottle
    Made by Sampson Mordan & Co, London 1890
    Price 595.00

    No. P300
    Silver & Gilded Silver 'Dolphins Stem' Dish/Bowl
    Made by Asprey & Co, London 1983
    Price 565.00

    No. P299
    Silver & Gilded Silver 'Dolphins Stem' Dish/Bowl
    Made by Asprey & Co, London 1983
    Price 565.00

    No. Q076
    George II Silver Marrow Scoop
    Made by Isaac Ribouleau, London 1734
    Price 625.00

    No. P143
    Silver Fruit/Salad/Serving Bowl/Dish
    Made by Harry Atkins, Sheffield 1936
    Price 875.00

    No. Q070
    French Silver & Enamel Vesta Case/Match Safe
    of a Lady Cyclist & A 'Tour de France' Racer

    Made by Etienne-Casimir Janvier, Paris c.1890
    Price 975.00

    No. Q090
    George III Silver 'Shell-bowled' Tea Caddy Spoon
    Made by Joseph Willmore, Birmingham 1809
    Price 575.00

    No. P248
    Victorian Silver 'String-tied Sack' Vesta Case
    Made by Thomas Ascott & Co, Birmingham 1896

    No. P205
    Victorian Gold & Turquoise Thimble in Original Fitted Leather Box
    Made circa 1865

    No. N046
    Edwardian Silver Gilt 'Master Of The Hounds' Regalia
    Made by William Neale of Chester in 1907
    Price 795.00

    No. P023
    William IV Silver 'Book' Vinaigrette
    Made by Joseph Willmore, Birmingham 1835
    Price 675.00

    No. P085
    Dutch Silver Miniature 'Wooden' Wheelbarrow
    Made by 'CH', circa 1890
    Price 595.00

    No. P222
    Edwardian Silver & Enamel 'Hunting' Vesta Case
    Made by Samuel M. Levi, Birmingham 1907
    Price 675.00

    No. Q031
    Victorian Silver & Steel Pocket/Travelling Corkscrew
    Made by Thomas Johnson, London 1866
    Price 595.00

    No. I105
    George III Silver Bright Cut Pap Boat.
    Made by Allen Dominy of London in 1793.
    Price 895.00

    No. P243
    Set of 4 Victorian Silver Salt Cellars & Spoons in Original Fitted Box
    Made by Richard Martin & Ebenezer Hall, Sheffield 1894 & London 1895
    Price 795.00

    No. P057
    Silver 'Salmon' Cigarette Case
    Made by A. Wilcox, Birmingham 1949
    Price 595.00

    No. P028
    George III Silver 'Plain Oval' Vinaigrette
    Made by Thomas Willmore, Birmingham 1798
    Price 575.00

    No. P161
    Edwardian Cast Silver 'Pug Dog'
    By Samuel B. Landeck, Import marks for London 1903
    Price 575.00

    No. P236
    Silver Miniature 4-Piece Tea & Coffee Set with Tray
    Made by John Rose, Birmingham 1969/70
    Price 565.00

    No. P081
    Silver Pocket 'See-through' Compass
    Made by Francis Barker & Sons Ltd., London 1921
    Price 595.00

    No. P069
    Victorian Silver 'Cherub' Card Case
    Made by Horton & Allday, Birmingham 1900
    Price 595.00

    No. P181
    George III Silver Spectacles

    Made by James Davenport, London 1803
    Price 765.00

    No. P174
    Georgian Gold & Cornelian Intaglio Fob Seal

    Circa 1780
    Price 630.00

    No. P087
    George III Silver & Ivory Cheese Scoop
    Made by Solomon Houghman, London 1811
    Price 565.00

    No. M044
    George III Silver Doctor's Funnel
    Made by Simon Harris of London in 1795
    Price 595.00

    No. P030
    Silver-gilt & Essex-crystal Pill Box
    Made by Alfred William Hardiman, London 1917
    Price 645.00

    No. N087
    George IV Silver 'Seaweed' Card Case
    Made by Ledsam, Vale & Wheeler of Birmingham in 1827
    Price 875.00

    No. N037
    A Pair of Victorian Silver Candlesticks
    Made by L Spiers of Birmingham in 1891
    Price 595.00

    No. J136
    Hungarian .800 Silver Dish
    Circa 1940
    Price 765.00

    No. M123
    Silver Salver.
    Made by Thomas Bradbury & Sons of London in 1918.
    Price 975.00

    No. M101
    Edwardian Silver Gilt Sugar Caster.
    Made by Louis Willmott of London 1906
    Price 875.00

    No. L169
    George IV Silver Nipple Shield.
    Made by Thomas & James Phipps of London in 1821.
    Price 875.00

    No. 4232
    George III silver candle snuffers tray.
    Made by Crispin Fuller in London, 1792.
    Price 795.00

    No. N104
    Edwardian Silver Stamp & Sovereign Case.
    Made by Henry Charles Freeman of Birmingham in 1902.
    Price 875.00

    No. G179
    A Pair of Victorian Silver "Bead" Fish Servers in a Fitted Case.
    Made by John Gilbert in Birmingham, 1864.
    Price 695.00

    No. D726
    George III silver sugar nips.
    Possibly made by Joseph Richardson of Philadelphia, circa 1773.
    Price 675.00

    No. N106
    A Pair of Silver Sauce Boats.
    Made by John H. Wilkinson of Birmingham in 1910.
    Price 695.00

    No. L181
    Victorian Silver Scent Bottle Funnel.
    Made by Thomas Diller of London 1841
    Price 695.00

    No. L089
    Silver Presentation Garden Spade.
    Made by Walker & Hall of Sheffield in 1954.
    Price 645.00

    No. J086
    Arts & Craft Silver Salt Cellars & Spoons.
    Made by Rupert Favell of London in 1885.
    Price 645.00

    No. H160
    Edwardian Silver 'Curling Stones' Cruet Set.
    Made by The Fenton Brothers Ltd. in Sheffield, 1902.
    Price 645.00

    No. N092
    Silver Table Bell.
    Made by Thomas Bradbury & Sons of Sheffieldin 1933.
    Price 645.00

    No. M042
    George II Silver Doctor's Funnel.
    Made circa 1750.
    Price 595.00

    No. K104
    Victorian Silver Vesta Case & Cigar Cutter.
    Made by Horton & Allday of Birmingham in 1888.
    Price 595.00

    No. M102
    Silver Sugar Caster.
    Made by H. Matthews of Birmingham 1911
    Price 595.00

    No. M081
    Silver 'Fox' Bookmark.
    Made by John H. Hill of London 1923.
    Price 595.00

    No. N091
    Silver Double 'Albert' Watch Chain.
    Made by Britton & Sons of Chester in 1913.
    Price 595.00

    No. L186
    Edwardian Silver Travelling Communion Set.
    Made by Thomas Pratt of London in 1903
    Price 595.00

    No. N026
    Victorian Silver Barometer.
    Made by Philip Woodman of London in 1889.
    Price 635.00

    No. N050
    Silver Pocket Torch.
    Made by Crisford & Norris of Birmingham in 1939.
    Price 645.00

    No. F364
    Earl of Glasgow Scottish silver soup ladle.
    Made by R. C. in Edinburgh, 1834.
    Price 645.00

    No. D853
    Victorian silver "Kings" grape scissors.
    Made by G. Jackson and D Fullerton in London, 1899.
    Price 545.00

    No. N081
    George III Silver & Ivory 'Pierced Feather' Fish Slice.
    Made by Duncan Urquhart & Napthali Hart of London in 1809.
    Price 695.00

    No. K152
    Victorian Silver & Ivory Fish Knives & Forks.
    Made by Joseph Gloster of Birmingham in 1876.
    Price 675.00

    No. J039
    Art Nouveau French Silver Buckle.
    Made by Emile Dropsy circa 1900.
    Price 645.00

    No. N093
    Edwardian Silver Three & a Half Minute Egg Timer.
    Made by C.Saunders & F.Shepherd of Chester in 1904.
    Price 695.00

    No. N099
    Silver & Steel Hard Boiled Egg Topper.
    Made by A. Wilcox of Birmingham in 1932.
    Price 765.00

    No. M142
    Victorian Silver 'Owl' Whistle.
    Made by Sampson Mordan of London in 1886.
    Price 745.00

    No. N089
    George III Silver Pencil Holder.
    Made by Samuel Pemberton of Birmingham, circa 1790.
    Price 635.00

    No. N056
    George III Silver Cream Jug.
    Made by Samuel Godbehere, Edward Wigan & James Bult of London in 1808.
    Price 595.00

    No. N067
    Edwardian Silver & Glass Brandy Flask.
    Made by William & George Neal of London in 1904.
    Price 595.00

    No. K169
    Pair of Victorian Silver Salt Cellars.
    Made by Robert Harper of London in 1867.
    Price 595.00

    No. M053
    Victorian Silver & Tortoiseshell Desk Blotter.
    Made by A & J Zimmerman of Birmingham in 1899.
    Price 675.00

    No. N032
    Japanese Silver Flower Vase.
    Made circa 1920.
    Price 675.00

    No. M019
    Victorian Silver & Porcelain 'Egg' Scent Bottle.
    Made by Sampson Mordan & Co. of London in 1885.
    Price 745.00

    No. M139
    Victorian Silver Card Case.
    Made by Edward Smith of Birmingham in 1852.
    Price 795.00

    No. M153
    Victorian Silver Vinaigrette.
    Made by Nathaniel Mills of Birmingham in 1844.
    Price 795.00

    No. N034
    Edwardian Silver 'Teddy Bear' Pepper Pot.
    Made by Gourdel, Vales & Co. of Birmingham in 1909.
    Price 595.00

    No. K129
    Set Of Four Edwardian Silver Knife Rests.
    Made by William Hutton & Sons of London in 1905.
    Price 695.00

    No. M058
    Victorian Silver 'Double Opening' Vesta Case.
    Made by Sampson Mordan of London in 1886.
    Price 675.00

    No. J150
    Edwardian Silver Nut Crackers.
    Made by J. Wakely & F.C. Wheeler of London in 1904.
    Price 595.00

    No. M110
    A Pair of Silver & Wood Wine Coasters.
    Made by Barker Ellis Silver Company of Birmingham in 1967.
    Price 745.00

    No. M113
    George IV Silver 'Fiddle,Thread & Shell' Fish Slice.
    Made by William Chawner of London in 1824.
    Price 565.00

    No. M138
    Victorian Silver Travelling Salt & Pepper Pot.
    Made circa 1880.
    Price 895.00

    No. M070
    Large Silver Double Cigar Case.
    Made by A & J Zimmerman of Birmingham in 1922.
    Price 595.00

    No. M052
    Victorian Silver & Tortoiseshell Paper Clip.
    Made by Samuel Jacob of London in 1893.
    Price 865.00

    No. M093
    A Pair of Victorian Silver Pepper Pots.
    Made by George Unite of Birmingham in 1890
    Price 595.00

    No. M068
    William IV Silver & Ivory Cheese Scoop.
    Made by William King of London 1836.
    Price 595.00

    No. M111
    George III Silver 'Swordfish' Fish Slice.
    Made by William Eley & William Fearn of London in 1815.
    Price 695.00

    No. M144
    Edwardian Silver Egg Topper.
    Made by Hilliard & Thomason of Birmingham in 1904.
    Price 695.00

    No. M119
    Silver Note Pad.
    Made by Asprey & Company of London in 1935.
    Price 595.00

    No. M100
    Victorian Silver & Steel Pocket Corkscrew.
    Made by Frederick Purnell of London 1879
    Price 695.00

    No. L183
    George III Silver Doctor's Funnel.
    Made by T.Phipps & E.Robinson of London 1808
    Price 575.00

    No. L001
    Victorian Pierced Fish Slice.
    Made by Robert Williams of Exeter in 1841.
    Price 645.00

    No. M063
    Irish Silver Soup Ladle.
    Made by J. Power of Dublin in 1808.
    Price 795.00

    No. M074
    Edwardian Silver Miniature Dog.
    Made by Bertold Muller, with import mark for Chester 1904.
    Price 595.00

    No. L054
    Edwardian Parcel Gilt 'Hunting Horn' Whistle.
    Made by Goldsmiths & Silversmiths, London 1901.
    Price 595.00

    No. D447
    Silver cake basket.
    Made by G. Bryan and Co. in Birmingham, 1930.
    Price 845.00

    No. L177
    Victorian Silver Patent Bosun's Whistle.
    Made by Emanuel Emanuel of London in 1900.
    Price 895.00

    No. L101
    Silver Tea Caddy with Lion Mask Handles.
    Made by Herbert & Frank Barker of Chester in 1913.
    Price 795.00

    No. M020
    Aberdeen Silver & Horn Mug.
    Made by William Dunningham & Co. in 1915.
    Price 595.00

    No. J135
    Victorian Silver Asparagus Tongs.
    Made by George Adams of London in 1848.
    Price 595.00

    No. M018
    Victorian Silver Watering Can.
    Made by John Figg of London in 1863.
    Price 765.00

    No. L044
    Victorian Silver 'Pistol' Propelling Pencil.
    Possibly made by Sampson Mordan, circa 1880.
    Price 795.00

    No. J215
    Silver 'Wynne's Infallible Exposure Meter'.
    Case by Dennison of Birmingham in 1911.
    Price 645.00

    No. L171
    Victorian Silver Patent Pedometer.
    Made by Payne & Co. of London in 1878.
    Price 865.00

    No. L002
    George III 'Fishes & Birds' Fish Slice.
    Made by William & Samuel Knight of London in 1810.
    Price 745.00

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