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    No. V084
    Edwardian Silver 'Hammered Finished' Vesta Case/Box
    Made by Lawrence Emanuel, Birmingham 1901
    Price 395.00

    No. V054
    Victorian Silver 'Heart' Vesta Case
    Made by Nathan & Hayes, Chester 1897
    Price 435.00

    No. V053
    Victorian Silver 'Scroll-Edge' Vesta Case
    Made by M. Brothers, Birmingham 1898
    Price 235.00

    No. V006
    A Victorian Silver 'Padlock' Vesta Case
    Made by Alfred Wigley, Birmingham 1882
    Price 1,175.00

    No. T211
    Victorian Silver & Steel Vesta Case with Cheroot Cutter
    Made by Charles Rawlings & William Summers, Birmingham 1854
    Price 455.00

    No. T195
    Rare Russian Silver & Niello Vesta Case
    Made in 1865
    Price 975.00

    No. T144
    Victorian Silver 'French-Style' Vesta Case
    Made by Constantine & Floyd, Birmingham 1894
    Price 325.00

    No. S165
    Arts & Crafts Silver Vesta Case
    Designed by Archibald Knox
    Made by William Hair Haseler, Birmingham 1904
    Price 865.00

    No. V023
    Victorian Silver 'Mr Punch' Sealing Wax & Matches Holder
    Made by Samuel Jacob, London 1895
    Price 445.00

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