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To take place on Friday 7th November 2003

Your written, email or faxed bids are invited for the following lots - bids to be with us, please, by no later than 12.00pm, on the day of sale. Please note that purchase prices are subject to a 10% buyers premium, plus VAT on the premium and 5.00 for postage & packing per consignment. See page 59 for details.

Members are welcome to come and view the lots on offer at 26 Burlington Arcade.

1.Silver golf club 'M.G.C.' teaspoon with golf club forming the handle, Sheffield 1931 by 'F&S'. L-10.8cm; W-14g. ~ good condition. Est. 15-25.15

2.Silver 'Romford Golf Club' teaspoon, Sheffield 1924 by 'HA'. L-11.6cm; W-18g. ~ in good condition. Est. 15-25.15

3.Silver 'Cripplegate Rifle Club' teaspoon, Sheffield 1910 by 'JR'. L-11.2cm; W-17g. ~ in good condition, makers mark a little worn. Est. 15-25.15

4.Edwardian silver fiddle pattern teaspoon engraved 'Royal Guernsey Militia 1902, won by SPR: W. Le Page'. L-14cm; W-26g. ~ good gauge, minor knocks to bowl. Est. 25-35.25

5.Silver presentation spade for 'Port Sunlight Jubilee 1888-1938', Birmingham 1938 by 'R&D'. L-10.7cm; W-17g. ~ good condition, crisp detail. Est. 45-65.45

6.Silver foliate teaspoon depicting English rose and Scottish thistle, three leaf clovers. L-10.5cm; W-17g. ~ there may be a leaf missing other than that in good condition. Est. 30-35.30

7.Silver & enamel 'Glasgow International Exhibition 1901' teaspoon, Birmingham 1900 by 'S.B&S Ltd'. L-11.6cm; W-19g. ~ in good condition. Est. 20-30.20

8.American silver art-nouveau teaspoon, marked sterling by Whiting of Providence, Rhode Island. Circa 1920. L-11cm; W-9g. ~ in good condition. Est. 15-20.15

9.Georgian silver Hanoverian pattern salt shovel, circa 1750 by 'S.K' possibly Samuel Kay of London. L-8.8cm; W-7g. ~ Bishops mitre as crest, marks readable, condition good. Est. 25-35.20

10.George III silver salt spoon with fluted bowl, Birmingham 1807 by Joseph Willmore. L-7.8cm; W-4g. ~ an unusual salt spoon, condition reasonable. Est. 25-35.20

11.George III silver fiddle pattern salt spoon, Birmingham 1807 by Edward Thomason. L-10cm; W-9g. ~ good marks, a bit of a wonky handle. Est. 25-30.25

12.Geo. III silver cast and pierced sugar tongs, London c.1770, makers mark either 'IO' or 'TO'. L-14cm; W-46g. ~ one arm repaired with a patch, the other with normal repair. Est. 40-50.40

13.Scottish silver sugar tongs with shell bowls, Glasgow c.1770 by Adam Graham. L-15cm; W-55g. ~ good gauge, very small split in bow but still a nice pair. Est. 45-55.40

14.Pair of silver & steel pistol grip table forks, circa 1780, possible by Daniel Denny of London. L-20cm. ~ slightly as found, a couple small of splits to handles as well as knocks. Est. 50-60.50

15.Greenock silver Old English Celtic Point pattern teaspoon, circa 1780 by Alexander Campbell. L-13.3cm; W-9g. ~ bowl dented, reasonable marks. Est. 45-55.40

16.Paisley silver Old English Celtic Point pattern teaspoon, circa 1780 by William Hannay, L-13.2cm; W-12g. ~ makers mark slightly worn, one mark readable, clear anchor. Est. 40-50.35

17.Paisley silver fiddle pattern teaspoon by William Hannay with Glasgow hallmarks for 1831. L-14cm; W-15g. ~ good marks, bowl with minor wear. Est. 25-35.20

18.Irish silver fiddle pattern mustard spoon, Dublin c.1810 by poss. J. Henzell. L-13cm; W-13g. ~ marks worn but in reasonable condition. Est. 20-30.15

19.Scottish silver single struck Kings pattern sugar spoon, Edinburgh 1846 by Peter Sutherland. L-14.8cm; W-28g. ~ crisp decoration, good marks, slight knock to tip of bowl. Est. 40-50.35

20.Victorian silver-gilt double-ended medicine spoon, London 1877 by Henry Holland. L-13.3cm; W-27g. ~ gilding showing signs of wear, good gauge & marks, a lovely spoon. Est. 100-125.100

21.George III silver Old English pattern sauce ladle with shell bowl and shoulders, London 1769 by Thomas & William Chawner. L-19cm; W-53g. ~ has a very nice 'tree' crest, slender handle and good shell, nice gauge. I like this ladle. Est. 140-160.120

22.George III silver fiddle pattern butter knife, London 1818 by Thomas Wallis & Jonathan Hayne. L-20.5cm; W-48g. ~ good gauge & condition, minor knock to tip of blade. Est. 25-35.20

23.Victorian silver fiddle, thread & shell pattern butter knife, London 1899. L-15.5cm; W-35g. ~ makers mark worn, crisp detail, good gauge, a nice butter knife. Est. 25-35.20

24.Victorian silver fiddle pattern butter knife, Exeter 1851 by John Stone. L-19cm; W-44g. ~ nice marks & gauge, slight buckle to blade near tip. Est. 25-35.20

25.Russian silver sugar sifter spoon with gilt bowl, Moscow 1888 by 'BA'. L-15cm; W-34g. ~ engraved decoration on both sides of fiddle & on the underside of bowl, good cond. Est. 55-65.45

26.A large Russian silver teaspoon, circa 1900 by 'K.P'. L-14.6cm; W-35g. ~ very good gauge, engraved initials on underside of bowl, it has a great feel to it. Est. 35-45.30

27.A small Russian pickle fork, circa 1910 by HA. L-11.7cm; W-9g. ~ reasonable condition. Est. 20-30.20

28.Russian silver napkin ring with gilt interior and matt finish & bead finish on the outside, circa 1894 . D-4.6cm; W-37g. ~ good gauge, clean condition, I would buy it. Est. 35-45.20

29.French silver-gilt single struck teaspoon with foliate & fruit decoration, Paris 1819-1838. L-15.3cm; W-17g. ~ very crisp decoration and gilding, good bowl &marks. Est. 20-30.15

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