Review - Bonhams Fine Silver Sale
New Bond Street, 25th July 2003

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Please note that the achieved price does not include the 19.5% buyers premium.
163.A good and well-marked Queen Anne Britannia standard West Country lace-back Trefid spoon by Edward Sweet, Exeter; 1704, back of stem inscribed 'M. T' over 'E.T' over '1732', front of stem die-stamped with foliate scrollwork with a shell at top, back of bowl similarly die-stamped with foliate scrollwork terminating in a pine cone at point of ribbed rat-tail, 20.7cm long, 1.5oz. 800-900.1,600
164.A pretty set of six George III Irish bright-engraved pointed-end teaspoons by John Dalrymple, Dublin, circa 1790, (Maker's mark, Hibernia, crowned harp), with zig-zag borders and initialled navette cartouche with ribbon and pendent buds below. 200-250.300
165.A set of six Queen Anne rat-tail tablespoons by Thomas Spackman, 1709, each engraved with crest of a demi-lion rampant, crowned and holding aloft a scimitar, 13.5oz. 500-600.900
166.Six Hanoverian pattern three-pronged table forks, Queen Anne/George III, various dates and makers, comprising:- a pair 1712, one 1723, one 1731, one George II example with date letter indistinct and one 1768, 11.5oz. 900-1,100.850
167. Three 18th Century Channel Islands Hanoverian dessert spoons, by Pierre Amiraux(II), Jersey, circa 1760, bowls with double drop, inscribed to back of stems 'IPD', an Old English tablespoon by Jacques Quesnel (I), Jersey circa 1800 (IQ), inscribed with initials 'HVC', and five 19th C. fiddle pattern teaspoons by George Harmon (II), Jersey, circa 1820, (GH crowned, 'J'), bowls with double drop, inscribed with script initials 'I A L C', 7.25oz. 200-250.180
168.A 19th Century Channel Islands fiddle pattern basting spoon by Charles William Quesnel, Jersey; circa 1825, engraved with script initials 'PSF', 30cm. long, 4oz. 140-160.380
169.A set of six George III Scottish Provincial tablespoons by John Leslie, Aberdeen, circa 1800 (IL, shield with three stylised turrets) of Old English pattern, engraved with foliated script initials 'DH', 12oz. 300-400.340
170.A George III Provincial Old English pattern gravy spoon by Hampston & Prince, York, 1784 (Maker's mark Gubbins Type 2, lion passant, leopard's head and date letter), engraved with later initials 'AW' in Gothic script, bottom marked, 27cm long, 2.5oz. 250-300.280
171.A George III Irish pointed-end soup ladle by John Pittar; Dublin, 1801, bright-engraved with a star above a crested navette cartouche, edged with zig-zag borders, 33.6cm, 5.5oz. 350-400.420
172.A Geo. III Irish bright-engraved pointed-end basting spoon by John Pittar; Dublin 1779, zig-zag borders, navette cartouche initialled 'IM' below a six-pointed star, 30cm,2.5oz. 250-300.300
173.A George III Irish bright-engraved pointed-end basting spoon by Michael Keating, Dublin, 1798, zig-zag borders, initialled navette cartouche with ribbon, 31.5cm, 3.75oz. 250 - 300.300
174.A George III bright-engraved soup ladle of Old English, Maker's mark J*S (Grimwade 3709), 1779, with zig-zag borders and initialled shield-shaped cartouche. 31.7cm. 200-230.240

175 (top), 176 (bottom)

175.A George III Irish Provincial soup ladle probably by John Humphreys or John Hillery; Cork, circa 1780, (Makers mark only IH without pellet struck three times), broad Old English shaped stem chased along it's length with trailing flowers below a rococo cartouche engraved with crest of a martlet surmounting arm, couped, fesswise, the scalloped bowl chased with a large leaf and scroll motif below an acanthus leaf, the latter chased to the drop of bowl (small solder repair to split at edge of bowl), 38.5cm. 6.25oz. 400-600.1,100
176.A George III Irish Provincial hook-end soup ladle by George Halloran, Limerick, circa 1775 (Maker's mark only GH script, struck twice) with feather-edge, scalloped bowl and large crest of a double-headed eagle displayed, probably for Meade, Ireland, (some wear to feather-edging in places), 35cm, 6.5oz. 1,200-1,500.3,800

177, 178 178 (detail)

177.A very rare George II Irish Provincial combined marrow scoop and straining spoon by George Hodder (GH with star between), Maker's mark only, Cork, circa 1760, back of bowl and drop engraved with contemporary initials 'B' over 'IE', the bowl with double drop, pierced with scrolls, beads and crosslets, 23.4cm, 2oz. Prov.- M.S.D. Westropp Collection. 1,200-1,500.5,000
178.An extremely rare George II Irish Provincial marrow scoop by William or Joseph Wall, Kinsale, (Maker's mark only struck twice), circa 1730, engraved with a lion's claw caboshed crest, either side of engraved scratch weight '7:12'. 21.9cm, 1.25oz. Provenance: M.S.D. Westropp Collection. 800-1,200.4,600


179.An important Queen Anne Irish Provincial wavy end hash spoon by William Clarke, Cork, circa 1710, (Makers mark struck thrice, turret struck twice), with large rat-tail bowl, initialled back of stem '5' over 'RE'. 42.9cm, 7.5oz. Prov: M.S.D. Westropp Collection. 4,000-6,000.17,000

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180.A George III Irish hook-end gravy spoon by Francis Jones (large intertwined script letters version of punch), Dublin, circa 1765, Maker's mark only, also bearing mark of Richard Tudor possibly acting as a retailer (?), stag's head crest engraved to top, 30.1cm, 3.25oz.Provenance:- M.S.D. Westropp Collection. 300-400.360
181.A George III Irish provincial straining spoon by Carden Terry, Cork, circa 1785 (CT, STERLING), with turned over end and fixed strainer covering half the bowl, engraved with crest of upright arm clutching an Etoile, 31cm, 4oz. Prov: M.S.D. Westropp. 700-800.2,200
182.A George II Irish punch ladle by William Townsend, Dublin, circa 1750, (Maker's mark, harp, Hibernia), with turned baluster wood handle, base of bowl engraved with contemporary initials 'I*C', 34.9cm. Provenance: M.S.D. Westropp Collection. 400-500.1,100
183.A George III Irish fiddle pattern fish slice by Joseph Jackson, Dublin, 1807, engraved with antelope head crest, oblong blade with engraved wavy border, centre pierced with a large fish in a navette-shaped panel, 28.9cm, 45oz. Prov: M.S.D. Westropp Collection. 400-500.400
184.A George III Irish fiddle pattern soup ladle by John Egan, with Alderman's mark of Matthew West, Dublin, 1818, rat-tail to the deep oval bowl, crested to handle, 32.8cm, 7.5oz. Provenance:- M.S.D. Westropp Collection. 250-350.260
185.A George III Irish fiddle pattern soup ladle by James Henderson, Dublin, 1809, also bearing mark of Richard Sawyer probably acting as retailer; engraved with greyhound crest above script initial 'K', the bowl of navette shape, 34cm, 7.5oz. Prov: M.S.D. Westropp. 250-350.400
186.A good George III Irish soup ladle by John Kelly (IK without pellet), Dublin, 1788, with scalloped bowl, bright-engraved zig-zag borders, engraved with crest of an armoured arm embowed, clutching a dagger, 34cm, 5.5oz. Prov: M.S.D. Westropp Collection. 400-500.440

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187.A fine pair of George III Irish, bright-engraved, pointed-end gravy spoons by John Sheils, Dublin, 1789, with zig-zag borders, tops with star engraved above falcon-crested navette cartouche, 31.4cm, 65oz. Provenance:- M.S.D. Westropp Collection. 600-700.1,400
188.A George III Irish Provincial, pointed-end, bright-engraved sauce ladle by William Teulon, Cork, circa 1795, (incuse maker's mark with star above, 'STERLING'), stylised foliate and zig-zag engraving below a vacant drop-shaped cartouche. Prov: M.S.D. Westropp. 280-320.850
189.A George III Provincial, pointed-end, bright-engraved sauce ladle by John Warner; Cork, circa 1790 (I.W 'STERLING'), engraved with a stag's head affrontEe crest in navette cartouche and with zig-zag engraved borders, 1.25oz. Prov: M.S.D. Westropp. 280-320.520
190.A George III Irish Provincial Hanoverian pattern sauce ladle by William Reynolds, Cork, circa 1765, (Maker's mark struck either side of 'STERLING'), scalloped bowl with rococo decoration around drop, later engraved castle crest and monogram 'GMB', 1.5oz. Provenance- M.S.D. Westropp Collection. 300-320.800

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191.A George III Irish ring-end meat skewer Maker's mark ID in serrated-edge rectangle, probably for Isaac Davis, Dublin, 1784, bright-engraved with zig-zag borders and with two projecting 'ears' either side of ring handle, 27.8cm, 2.5oz. Prov: M.S.D. Westropp. 300-400.N/S
192.A George III Irish meat skewer by Richard Tudor; (Maker's mark in serrated edge punch), Dublin, 1785, bright-engraved with zig-zag border, cut-out ring end with projecting 'ears' either side, engraved with crest of an arm embowed clutching an arrow, 23.6cm, 1.5oz. Provenance:- M.S.D. Westropp Collection. 250-300.350
193.A George III Irish meat skewer by Ambrose Boxwell, Dublin, (Makers mark, Harp, Hibernia), circa 1785, with bright-engraved zig-zag borders, ring end and projecting 'ears' 23.4cm. Provenance:- M.S.D. Westropp Collection. 200-250.380
194.A George III Irish Provincial ring and shell-end meat skewer by Terry & Williams, Cork, circa 1810 (Makers mark struck either side of 'STERLlNG'), 23.4cm, 1.5oz. Provenance- M.S.D. Westropp Collection. 500-600.1,200
195.A pair of George III Irish bright-engraved sugar tongs by John Dalrymple, Dublin, circa 1790, with zig-zag borders, engraved with three vacant navette cartouches separated by two starbursts, scalloped grips, also a Victorian Irish combined olive spoon and pickle fork by West & Son, Dublin, 1881, 30.4cm, 2.75oz. Prov: M.S.D. Westropp Collection. 180-220.380


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