Unascribed Spoons 1690-1730

By Paul Dudley

When I started collecting spoons, I had the usual question, what shall I collect? so I decided to collect a spoon for every year of the 18th century, that was completed some time ago, I then decided to take an interest in the unloved, unusual and unascribed.

I have now acquired a small collection and as I write this article I have just bought the Martin Gubbins collection from Woolley and Wallis. I thought it may be interesting if other club members would help me compile a list of the unascribed we all have and maybe we could ascribe some of them! I have listed my items below:

1. Trefid; circa 1690, 2 very faint marks.
2. Trefid; circa 1697, 'ST' struck trice, dated 1697.
3. Trefid; circal700, 'B' struck four times; dated 1723, I have seen a rattail tablespoon by the same maker.
4. Dognose; circa 1705, 'si' struck trice in lower case, difficult to read.
5. Rattail; 'W' struck trice, similar to Kinsale in Jackson.
6. Rattail; 'A?' struck trice conjoined similar to A Tripe of Exeter.
7. Rattail; 'P?' struck twice, could be PS dated 1727.
8. Rattail; 'HL' struck trice, well struck dated 1722.
9. Rattail; 'PH' struck twice, well struck unusual shaped handle.
10. Rattail; 'AD' and 'rose'? twice, mark in Ticktum ref. 190/2.
11. Rattail; 'IW' struck trice, well struck.
12. Rattail; 'WO' or 'WC' conjoined struck trice.
13. Rattail; 'WL' struck trice, well struck.
14. Rattail; 'HL' struck trice, well struck dated 1722.
15. Rattail; 'EF?' conjoined and a 'rose'?
16. Rattail (dessert size), 'CR' struck trice, well struck.
17. Rattail teaspoon, 'CR' struck twice to match.
18. Shellback teaspoon, circal740, 'NU' struck twice.

Can anyone help with identification?
Would you like to contact me with what you have, I would be happy to share this information with the club members.


The Finial, October/November 2003

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