Review - Woolley and Wallis Early Spoons & Silver Sale.
29th April 2003

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143.A George III Irish bright cut and star tablespoon, initialled 'B' over 'F M', by John Power, Dublin, 1799. Marks fully marked, 2.25oz. 100-150.N/S
144.A scarce pair of George III basting or serving spoons, with feather edging, a chased rocaille cartouche and formal foliage below the terminal, by Hester Bateman, London 1771. 7.25oz. 500-700.N/S
145.A George III West Country, fancy-back tablespoon, Hanoverian pattern, initialled "G" over "B.H"; by Thomas Eustace, Exeter 1784. Marks:- top marked but lacking a duty mark so this spoon must have been made before December 1st, 1784 or it escaped the system. 1.25oz. 60-80.55
146An early 17th century seal top spoon, the gilt terminal with chased and fluted decoration on a faceted stem, unmarked probably dating from 1620-1650. 16.5cm. long, 1.5oz. 200-250.250
147.An unusual George III toddy ladle, with a cauldron shaped bowl and a curved, oar pattern, stem initialled "B", by Charles Hougham, London 1786. 17.5cm long, 1.25oz. 100-150.90
164.A Charles II unascribed provincial puritan spoon, pricked 'T C' on the back of the terminal, c. 1660-70, 6.5in (16.5cm). Marks: struck with four indistinct marks. 1oz. 200-250.180
165.A Commonwealth puritan spoon, scratched 'A' over 'W P' on the terminal by Jeremy Johnson, London c. 1650, 6.95in (175cm). Marks: fully marked but date letter no longer evident. This spoon has a corroded surface and was probably excavated. 1.3oz. 600-800.580
166.A Charles I slip top spoon, scratched '0' over 'I R' on the slip probably by Jeremy Johnston, London c 1646, 67in (17cm). Marks: fully marked, 1.5oz. 1200-1400.1550
167.A rare Charles I notched puritan spoon, with a rudimentary 'v' rattail by Benjamin Yates, London 1638, 68in (17.3cm). Marks: fully marked, 1.7oz. 1000-1500.1800
168.A rare Elizabeth I slip top spoon, with a straight-sided stem, maker's mark a mullet over an annulet, London 1586, 6.1 in (15.5cm). Marks: fully marked, 1.2oz. 800-1200.1300

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172.A rare William III ascribed East Anglian trefid spoon, with a beaded rattail and two small ear like projections, pricked 'S S' over 'S A' over '1703', and scratched B B on the back of the terminal, by Elizabeth Hazlewood, Norwich 1697, 17.8in (199cm). Marks: E H crowned, turret crowned rose, date letter K, 1.5oz. 1200-1800.4200
173.A Charles II unascribed Wessex area shaded roundels trefid, with a large flared terminal and a rounded bowl possibly Wherwell region, c. 1675 (slight repair), 74in (18.2cm). Marks: a stylised fleur de lys struck five times, see Kent West Country spoons pp21 & 158 for details of the shaded roundels group of spoon, 1.25oz. 300-400.330
174.A Charles II ascribed East Anglian trefid spoon, with a ribbed rattail pricked T Lover R Lover 1683 on the front of the terminal, by Arthur Haselwood II, Norwich, c. 1680, slight repair, 7. 5in (19cm). Marks: Turret rose A H [monogram], crown, 1.5oz. 300-400.580
175.A Charles II lace back trefid spoon, with script initials 'TWP' on the back of the terminal, by Robert King, London 1681, 77in (19.4cm). Marks: fully marked, 2oz. 300-400.500
176.A late Charles II trefid spoon, with a ribbed rattail scratched 'H' over 'E M' on the back of the terminal by Lawrence Coles, London 1684. 198cm. Marks fully marked, 1.5oz 200-250.420
177.A Charles II laceback trefid spoon, with a ribbed rattail scratched 'S' over 'I M' on the back of the terminal, by Robert King, Lon. 1680. 18.9cm. Marks: fully marked. 1.2oz. 300-400.440
178.A William & Mary trefid spoon, with a ribbed rattail pricked 'S' over 'R S' on the back of the terminal possibly, by John Smith, London 1690, 7.5in (19cm). Marks: fully marked provenance: ex lot 28 Alexander James Collection, 1.5oz. 200-250.320


205.An extremely scarce George I Scottish provincial tablespoon", Hanoverian pattern with a plain rattail, initialled, by William Scott Jnr, Banff, c.1720. Marks: maker's mark twice, fish, d. 2oz. 150-200.880
206.206. A George III Scottish provincial tablespoon, Hanoverian pattern, initialled "I M S", by James Gordan, Aberdeen, c 1770 Marks "I G" "A B D", 2oz. 100-120.90
207.A George III Scottish provincial tablespoon, with a pointed end, by Edward Livinstone, Dundee, c. 1795. Marks: EL, device, D, 'topped heart', 2oz. 80-100.95
208.An early Victorian Scottish provincial punch ladle, with a twisted whale bone handle and a plain oval bowl, by Robert Keay II, Perth c. 1840, 13.6in (345cm). Marks: R K [twice], double headed eagle [twice] 200-250.220
209.South African:- A set of six mid 19th century fiddle tablespoons, by Lodewyk Beck, Cape 1840-1860. Marks: Dutyhead, 'M' lion passant, "L B", 10.5oz. 150-200.N/S
210.A George III Scottish provincial tablespoon, with a pointed end initialled 'G' and numbered '22', by John Heron, Greenock, c 1800 Marks: I H, anchor, ship, C, green oak. 2oz 100-150.180
211.A scarce George III Scottish provincial fiddle tablespoon, initialled, by John Keith, Banff, c 1795 Marks R, I K, fish, B, 1.9oz. 150-200.210
212.A rare George III/IV Scottish provincial fiddle dessert spoon, initialled, by an unascribed maker 1810-1830 Marks: "P G", device, "P G", "P G", 1oz. 60-80.65
213.A late 18th century Colonial tablespoon Old English pattern, initialled, unascribed, possibly West Indies c 1800 Marks: Key, HC, Key, HC. 2oz. 80-100.80
214.A quantity of Irish flatware: a scarce set of four George III table forks crested, by John Power, Dublin 1787 and six assorted fiddle spoons (including one with a curious retailer's mark "W. PETERS. 108 GRAFTON ST") & a bright cut and star teaspoon, 14oz. 150-180.300
215.A George III Irish provincial teaspoon, by Carden Terry & Jane Williams, Cork, c 1810 Marks: C T over I W, Sterling. 1/2oz. 60-80.N/S
217.A rare Geo. III Irish provincial tablespoon, Hanoverian pattern engraved initials 'S I' with '1777' in between, by George Moore of Limerick, c 1777 Marks: G M, Sterling. 2oz 300-350.760

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218.A James II trefid spoon, with a thread bordered rattail, the terminal crested, by William Scarlett, London 1686. 7.6in (192cm) long. 1.7oz. 250-350.460
219.A late Charles II unascribed provincial lace back trefid, with a rounded bowl pricked '1682' over 'A H C', unascribed, c. 1680,7 .4in (18.8cm). Marks: 'R', [without serifs] within a small star shaped punch. This mark is probably not contemporary with the date of the spoon, 1.45oz. 400-500.360
220A William & Mary trefid spoon, with a reeded and beaded rattail, pricked "E K, E R 1690" on the back of the terminal, by William Scarlett, London c. 1690, 7.5in (19cm) long. Marks: fully marked, date letter worn, 1.4oz. 200-250.380
221.A Charles II large, laceback trefid spoon, the shaped terminal with small, earlike projections pricked 'S E' over 'E A' over '1683' unascribed, probably West Country, c 1683. 22cm long. Marks: none, 1.8oz. 300-400.290
222.A William & Mary laceback trefid spoon, with a ribbed rattail scratched 'M G' over 'R' within mullets by Thomas Issod, Lon. 1694, 19cm. Marks: fully marked, 1.25oz 400-500.560
223.A Charles II ascribed Wessex area 'shaded roundels' trefid, the large shaped terminal pricked 'M B' over 'M B' over '1675' on the reverse, Wherwell region, c.1675. 19.6cm. Marks: fleur de lys within a circle struck four times see, Kent West Country Spoons pp 21/158. 1.5oz. 500-700.540
224.A Charles II ascribed West Country trefid, with a slender terminal, pricked "I F. 1670" and a rudimentary 'V' rattail, by Anthony Arden, Sherborne c. 1670, 7in (17.8cm). Marks: A, [thrice], scallop mark [thrice]. 1oz. 300-400.680
225.A William III ascribed West Country lace back trefid spoon, pricked 'G L' over 'R K' over '1700', by Richard (II) Sweet, Chard, c 1700. 7.9in (20cm). Marks: maker's mark struck three times see Kent West Country spoons M147, 1.75oz. 600-800.540
226.A Charles II West Country small or child's trefid spoon, pricked 'C F' over '1668', Exeter, c.1668, 6.4in (16.1 cm). Marks: crowned 'X', struck twice. 1oz. 300-400.290
227.A Charles II West Country trefid spoon, with a flared terminal pricked "S H" over "H B" over "1677" on the back of the bowl, Exeter 1675-80. 7.6in (19.3cm). Marks: crowned 'X', once in the bowl and thrice on the back of the stem. 1oz. 350-400.300
233.A set of four George II cast teaspoons, with shell bowls, female mask terminals and serpent stems, unmarked, 1750-60. 2oz. 150-200.260


241.A pair of George III Scottish tablespoons, Hanoverian pattern, initialled 'I H' over 'E K' by James Taylor, Glasgow, c. 1775 Marks IT, S, IT, S. 4.5oz. 200-250.260
242.A rare set of three Victorian Scottish provincial teaspoons, fiddle pattern, by James Sturrock, Montrose, c.1860, marks; JS, Device [thrice]. 1.2oz. 200-250.200
243.A pair of George III Scottish provincial tablespoons, with pointed ends, initialled by Robert Keay I, Perth, c.1790. Marks: R K [thrice] eagle [twice]. 3.75oz. 100-150.140
244.A George II/III Scottish tablespoon, initialled 'T' and numbered '10' probably by Milne & Campbell, Glasgow, c. 1760. Marks: 'M & CO' [twice], S, town mark, 2oz. 60-70.130
245.A rare, Victorian Scottish provincial fiddle dessert fork, initialled "H", by either one of the William Simpsons of Banff or an unascribed maker of Peterhead 1840-60. Marks: W S [thrice]. 1.25oz. 100-120.150
246.A pair of George III Scottish provincial tablespoons, Old English pattern, stamped with the incuse initials 'IM', by Nathaniel Gillert, Aberdeen, c.1800. Marks: 'NG' 'ABD'. 4oz. 120-150.120
247.A rare George III Scottish 2- provincial teaspoon, Old English pattern, initialled "AC" and numbered '5' by Wm. Hannay, Paisley c.1800. Marks: 'W H', anchor, 'WH', 0.2oz 70-90.80
248.Two George III Scottish provincial teaspoons, one by Joseph Pearson, Dumfries, c.1800, the other possibly, by Charles Jamieson of Inverness, c. 1810, 0.6oz. 40-50.95
249.Channel Isles, A Hanoverian pattern tablespoon, scratched 'AL' by an unascribed maker, 'LC', Jersey, c.1770. Marks: maker's mark only, 1oz. 90-100.N/S
250.A pair of early Victorian Scottish provincial oar pattern sugar tongs, with leaf bowls, initialled 'G' by Robert Keay, Perth c.1840, marks: double headed eagle [once] and maker's mark [twice]. 0.5oz. 80-100.70
251.Channel Isles, A pair of fiddle sugar tongs, with bright cutting, initialled and dated '1861' by CW Quesnel, Jersey, c.1815. Marks: maker's mark only struck twice, 1oz. 150-180.N/S
252.A pair of George III Scottish provincial oar pattern sugar tongs, initialled "EP", by William Ritchie, Perth c.1800. Marks: maker's mark [twice] and double headed eagle [once], 1.25oz. 80-100.N/S
254An extremely rare mid 19th century Scottish provincial fiddle pattern spoon, (either a small tablespoon or a large dessert spoon) probably by James/John McIver, Fochabers 1830-60, 8in (20.2cm) long. Marks: J Mcl, gothic 'A' thistle, gothic 'A', 1.75oz. 300-400.370
255.A pair of early 19th century Old English pattern sugar tongs, with single drop bowls, crested, maker's mark only struck once, "UJ", unascribed, probably colonial c. 1800, 1.5oz. 100-120.100
256.A George III picture back teaspoon, depicting a heron with an eel in it's beak, initialled, by R Sallam, London, c. 1765. Makers: maker's mark and lion passant only. 0.3oz. 80-100.130
257.A George I/II mote spoon, with a rattail bowl pierced with scrolls and a small diamond point finial initialled by an unascribed maker, London 1725-30, 5.5in (14cm). Marks: distorted, 0.25oz. 100-150.120
258.Five assorted George II/III picture back teaspoons, each depicting a hen and chicks in various forms, mixed maker's and dates, London 1760-70, 2oz. 200-250.250
259.A George II/III picture back teaspoon, depicting a hen on a nest, initialled, possibly by William Turner, c. 1763. Marks: maker's mark and lion passant. 0.3oz. 70-90.100
260.Two early George III picture back teaspoons; one depicting a spouting whale by Nathanial Horwood, London, c. 1765, the other a turkey with chicks, by George Smith, London, c. 1770. 0.5oz. 100-150.110
261.Two George III picture back teaspoons, depicting "British hearts of oak"; one by William Tant, London, c. 1770 (later gilding and engraving) the other; by George Smith, London, c. 1775. 0.5oz. 70-80.70
262.A rare pair of George III picture back teaspoons, depicting a figure and a Wellington boot below an inscription (worn), initialled, by George Smith II, London, c. 1775. Marks: maker's mark only struck twice, 0.8oz. 100-120.90

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