A Directory of Scottish Provincial Silversmiths & Their Marks
by Richard W. Turner

Review by Anthony Dove F.R.S.A.

The author states in his introduction that this is basically a listing of Scottish provincial makers and their various combinations of marks (including some assayed at Edinburgh and Glasgow). He acknowledges the pioneering work done by Alan Roe, Gerry Moss and the late Martin Gubbins, photographs of whose collection appear as illustrations at the end of the book. After this basic introduction the next 30-odd pages consist of alphabetical listings of makers with the combinations of marks that he has found. These are then re-arranged by town (Aberdeen to Wick), some with former attributions and others conjectured where unascribed, these last not included in the alphabetical lists.

In the event of a future edition being planned, either in book form or via the internet, two suggestions would make it more user-friendly. Firstly, if the alphabetical list at the beginning could include the dates of makers it would save having to look these up in the list by office. Secondly reference is made throughout the introduction to the photographs of marks at the back. Unfortunately no figures are given so it is necessary to look through all 33 to determine which one is meant.

On the whole this little book has potential and should prove useful for collectors of Scottish Provincial silver.

Published by William Sessions of York, price 18.00.

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The Finial, June/July 2003

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