Preview - Woolley & Wallis Early Spoons & Fine Silver Sale
29th April 2003

Alexis Butcher has just consigned for the April Woolley & Wallis sale, two rather good private collections of early spoons. The first largely 17th century spoons including Trefids, Seals, Buddha knops, Maidenheads, Slips etc. from a large variety of provincial towns including Gt. Yarmouth, Liverpool, Norwich, Leeds, Hull, Devon, Cornwall, South West etc. collected over a fifty year period starting in 1943!

The other collection: fifteen good apostles from Henry VIII to Commonwealth. Plus the usual provincial flatware, Irish, Scottish, 18th century items and a Roman spoon. Approximately 250 Lots to tempt.

PS...Members are welcome to a free complimentary catalogue courtesy of Alexis or the sale can be viewed on line at
Enquiries direct to Alex please.


The Finial, April/May 2003

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