Fine Antique Silver & Objects of Vertu


  • The items below have been sold, and remain here for reference purposes only.

    No. T091
    Silver, Glass & Tortoiseshell Powder Jar
    Made by Charles Boyton & Sons, London 1927
    Price 285.00

    No. G140
    Silver Lidded Pot.
    Made by William Hutton & Sons in Birmingham, 1913.
    Height 3.25" (8cm). Weight 2.34 troy oz. (73g).
    Price 425.00

    No. G123
    Edwardian Silver Rouge Pot.
    Made by E. S. Barnsley in Bimingham, 1904.
    Diameter 1.25" (3cm).
    Price 165.00

    No. D736
    Victorian silver plant pot / bowl.
    Made by Walker and Hall in Birmingham, 1900.
    Height 3.6" (9cm). Weight 5.2 troy oz. (162g).
    Price 445.00

    No. G073
    A Pair of Silver Plant Pot Holders.
    Made by James Dixon & Sons in Sheffield, 1896/7.
    Height 4.5" (11cm). Total weight of silver (excluding glass) 12.54 troy oz. (390g).

    No. F404
    Silver Lidded Pierced Sugar Pot.
    Made by George Nathan & Ridley Hayes in Chester, 1910.
    Height 7.25" (18.5cm). Weight of silver 7.65 troy oz. (238g).
    Price 595.00

    No. F326
    Art Deco silver & glass rouge pot.
    Made by I. S. Greenberg in Birmingham,1937.
    Height 1.2" (2.25cm).
    Price 89.00

    No. F286
    Edwardian silver sweetmeat pot.
    Made by William Comyns in London, 1903.
    Height 3.5" (8.5cm).
    Weight of silver (excluding glass liner) 4.11 troy oz. (128g).
    Price 595.00

    No. F082
    Art-Deco silver & bakelite lidded pot.
    Made by J. Gloster Ltd. in Birmingham, 1935.
    Diameter 4.4" (11cm).
    Price 395.00

    No. E059
    Art-Deco silver & ivory lidded pot.
    Made by J. E. T. in London, 1949.
    Diameter 4.25" (10.75cm). Weight approx. 8.6 troy oz. (267g)
    Price 1,650.00

    No. E311
    Silver gilt & glass rouge pot.
    Made by H. James & Co. in London, 1925.
    Height 1.5" (3.75cm).
    Price 115.00

    No. D833
    Victorian silver & glass rouge pot.
    Made by George Brace in London, 1864, retailed by Aprey's.
    Height 1.5" (4cm).
    Price 115.00

    No. D946
    French silver lidded glass pot.
    Made circa 1870.
    Height 4.1" (10.5cm).
    Price 245.00

    No. B0263
    A pair of silver gilt and glass pots.
    Made by H. James & Co. in London, 1925.
    Price 225.00 (pair).

    No. D784
    A pair of silver gilt pots.
    Made by Goldsmiths and Silversmiths in London, 1927.
    Height 1" (2.5cm). Total weight 1.45 troy oz. (45g).
    Price 295.00

    No. D666
    A pair of George III silver pots.
    Made by Sarey Price in London, 1765.
    Height 1" (2.5cm). Total weight 2.19 troy oz. (68g).
    Price 495.00

    No. D313
    Silver and tortoiseshell topped glass pot.
    Made by C.and A. in London, 1919.
    Price 345.00

    No. D088
    An Edwardian silver and tortoiseshell pot.
    Made by Thomas Ingleton in London, 1904. Diameter 1.5" (3.5cm).
    Price 220.00

    No. B420
    An 18th Century silver and glass pounce pot.
    Not marked, circa 1780. Height 2" (5.25cm).
    Price 345.00

    No B480
    A silver and glass smelling salts bottle.
    Made by Henry Perkins in London, 1913. Height 2.75" (7.5cm).
    Price 165.00

    No. B74
    A Victorian silver and glass pot.
    Made by William Neal in Chester, 1900. Height 3.25" (8cm).
    Price 225.00