Fine Antique Silver & Objects of Vertu


  • The items below have been sold, and remain here for reference purposes only.

    No. P164
    George I Silver Rattail Mote Spoon
    London c.1725
    Price 395.00

    No. P232
    Dutch Silver Miniature Basket
    Made by Fredrik van Strant I, Amsterdam c.1715
    Price 1,195.00

    No. N066
    Scottish Three Prong Silver Hanoverian Table Fork.
    Made by David Mitchell of Edinburgh in 1723.
    Price 295.00

    No. D435
    George I silver miniature lidded tankard.
    Made by David Clayton in London, circa 1725.
    Price 2,250.00

    No. G124
    George I silver snuff box.
    Made by Paul Hanet in London, circa, 1721.
    Price 1,950.00

    No. K221
    George I Silver Miniature Cream Jug.
    Possibly made by David Clayton of London, circa 1725.
    Price 1395.00

    No. K081
    George I Silver 'Rat Tail' Mote Spoon.
    Made by Samuel Lee of London, circa 1720.
    Price 435.00

    No. I013
    Dutch Silver Miniature Wash Basin On Stand.
    Made by Pieter Van Somerwil I, Circa 1720.
    Price 1850.00

    No. G064
    George I Silver "Rattail" Mote Spoon.
    Made by Richard Scarlett in London, circa 1720.
    Length 6.25" (15.5cm).
    Price 435.00

    No. D845
    George I silver Hanovarian spoon.
    Made by Thomas Robinson in Chester, 1719.
    Length 8" (2.5cm). Weight 1.9 troy oz. (59g).
    Price 945.00

    No. F285
    Six George I silver "Hanovarian Rattail" tablespoons.
    Made by Charles Jackson in London, 1721.
    Length 8" (20.5cm). Total weight 14.21 troy oz. (442g).
    Price 1,250.00

    No. D434
    George I silver miniature tea kettle.
    Made by David Clayton in London, circa 1725.
    Height including stand and handle up 3.5" (9cm). Weight 1.22 Troy oz. (38g).
    Price 3,450.00

    No. 1735
    A George I silver chamberstick.
    Not marked, made circa 1720. Diameter 5" (12.5cm).
    Price 1,250.00